Okay, so are you going to be tiling your bathroomor kitchen? What is the best solution to get your grout joints watching awesomenice and evenand with out lippage? Personally, the great factor that you can do is use a tile levellingsystem, and the Tuscan kind Leveling procedure is without doubt one of the first-rate out there. So today Imgoing to exhibit you find out how to use their seam clips and their strapping cap system. So letsjump into the video proper now. So the primary process that had been going todiscuss is the cap and strap system. Comes with a cap; comes with a strap. Lovely easy.All correct guys, I threw collectively some inset. This is not excellent. It truely appears prettycrappy. You could inform theres now not plenty of insurance policy on the Kerdi board correct here. Andits lumpy, and its old thinset. So this isn’t a thinsetting tutorial. Sincerely thisis just for demonstration.So what you may do is place your tile onthe thinset. Now you additionally need to back-butter this. Like I stated this is relatively a bad mixfor thinset. So rather make this be significantly better if this was once for real. However again thisis for demo. All right, so we’ve got our 80% coverage here.So what you can do is position this down on the Kerdi board, or up on the Kerdi boardif this can be a shower, correct? So put this here. Then you can take your strap and cap, andyou would slide this beneath the tile. So you need to be about 2 to three inches awayfrom the threshold of the tile; otherwise, that you could ruin the tile, and that wouldnt begood. So you need to slip the strap beneath it. And you need to area the cap and strapsystem about 6 to 10 inches far from each and every different. So if we slide this over or removethis out, we put this over like that about 2 inches.Then we might slide this underneath likeso. All right, so had been 6 inches away. Had been 2 inches away or so from the threshold of the tile.Had been just right to go. Your next step is to position your next tile adjacentto the earlier tile. Now this strap is proper in the middle. And what you could do if youwanted to is location spacers on either part of it. Due to the fact this creates a 1/32 grout joint,that you would be able to truely put spacers in between. You are able to do that if you want to. You then positionyour different caps and straps. You might back-butter this tile, then you possibly can position it up againstthe caps and the straps like so.That you may slide the cap and strap down so that it locks ontop of the tiles like so. The Tuscan Leveling system requires an ergonomicgun like this one. This units the tension of the cap and strap. So on the back of it, thehigher the numberso it begins at 1, 2, 3, 4the greater the quantity, the more tensionyoure going to place down onto the tile. So the greater the tile, the better the tensionyou would want. So had been going to begin out with 2. What you do is you slide the gunover the strap, and you simply press it until it fairly ratchets down on the tile.So youdo that for all the caps and the straps. So as you can find, all the grout joints arenice and even. You probably have any thinset that squeezes through, you wipe it out using awire brush or a sponge. You definitely dont want this to established. So as you’ll discover, thereisnt any lippage, and thats precisely what you wish to have to achieve. No lippage andnice and even grout joints. That you could additionally use a handbook gun to tighten down on these straps.So again, what you may do is you could possibly slide this down; simply ratchet down on the strap.After about 24 hours or when the thinset units up, which you can snap the strap.And also you do thatby surroundings the ergonomic gun to S. So what you would do is slide the gun back overlike so with the gun on S. You can press down on the set off, and it breaks itloose. So you could possibly try this for every single cap and strap. And it leaves you with a perfectgrout joint. You should use the manual gun to break the strapsand the caps. Set it from inexperienced to purple. Again simply slide it over the strap and smash itoff. So the cool factor is that this, which you can actuallyreuse the caps. You cant reuse the straps. However you simply separate the cap from the strap,and you can use the cap up to about 25 times.What that means for a DIYer is that if youwanted to promote the caps, you might. If you’re a trades individual or youre a tile setter,you can use these caps, like I mentioned, as much as 25 occasions. Just purchase the straps.Admittedly the caps and the straps perhaps better for a person whos installing a lotof tile. So what if youre a DIYer? What should you decide upon? Good the seam clips areawesome. So my friend, Steve, who is a professional rest room remodeler, uses both techniques, andhe really just started to fall in love with the seam clip since its so handy to usewith tile. The seam clips are available three one of a kind colors:white, blue, and pink. And theres a motive for that. The white Tuscan seam clips arefor gauge tiles that variety kind 1/8 to not up to thick. The blue color is for tiles to less than 3/8 thick.And the crimson seam clip is for gauge tile thats three/8to thick. What that implies is you need measure your tile earlier than you buy the seamclips. So for instance, this tile here is set thick. So I must use the blue seamclip. You employ the seam clip similar to you wouldthe cap and strap. Slide it in about 2 to three inches from the edge, and you utilize at least2 per part. Now on this case this can be a very brief side, so Im simply going to place itinto the middle. This is the historic cap and strap procedure, so Im going to throw this in thebucket. Surely I forgot to do that for these, too.So Im going to take these out.So once more you simply need to place these 2 inches from the intersection like so. This tile shouldbe again-buttered. Situation it over the T thats within the cap and the strap. And thiscreates a 1/32 grout joint so in case you desired to, that you could put in some style of spacer. Hereyour tile is all set, and you without difficulty press down on the seam clip so you hear a click.So you do that for all of the seam clips.And there you go. Its really that simple.You get a first-class, even grout joint. And when youre finished, all you do is you’re taking a hammer,and you pound these out of the grout joint. What do you do for those who must take a breakbetween tiling? So we could say you only finished might be half of this wall, and you need to continueto use the cap and the strap or the seam clip. What you do is that this. You tuck the seam clipor the cap and the strap into the thinset, in between the tile and in this case the Kerdiboard. Create a void. You pull out the seam clip or the cap and strap and you leave thatvoid there.The next day, you fill in the void with extra thinset. And also you slide thecap and the strap or the seam clip in and use it where you left off.Good day guys, I desired to take this possibility to thank Duluth trading for aiding HomeRepair Tutor. They have got top notch shirts and pants and all different types of first-class stuff. Even undies.I love their undies. Its at ease. And thats some of the explanations why I wearit, and that i wore their stuff before they even sponsored residence repair Tutor.So this is the mens free-swinging flannel. Its made up of a hundred% cotton. 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