At present have been going to show you the best way to waterproofa shower utilizing HYDRO BAN Board. That is exceptional seeing that: quantity one, its super mild. Thisis a three toes through 5 feet via inch thick piece of HYDRO BAN Board. The froth core is completelywaterproof. So in the event you accidentally pierce the fleece, you dont go the whole approach by means of,the board is going to remain water resistant. You simply want three things to water-resistant a showersurround: you need the boards; you want the ceramic coated screws; and, you want the HYDROBAN sealant. That is it. Obviously you need some common tools, however well share this withyou in todays video, and have been also going to show you tips on how to create a custom showerniche, which is the whole width of the back wall, in this tub/bathe combo.When you put backer board up on a tub with a flange, you cant just put it down overtop of this flange due to the fact that it bellow out the board.So everything needs to be flatagainst the studs for the reason that the bellowing out part goes to be a problem whilst you tile.Youll see the whole thing exceptional and straight right here, and youll see it style of curb out.And itll make the whole thing a nightmare so far as tiling. You quite want a flat, straightsubstrate all the method right down to the bathtub. So two ways you are able to do it: you could sit the boardjust sitting on top of the flange and then fill within the discipline beneath; or that you may fur outthe wall out a quarter inch so that board can slide straight down onto the bathtub. So weregoing to do a blend of the both on this problem. Our walls already have half of inchdrywall up, so have been form of dictated to that thickness.So weren’t going to beable to fur this out and allow that to move over the tub. Were just going to have tokeep it above the bathtub deck and fill in that void. But on the again wall, itd be realeasy simply so as to add some furring strips to this after which permit that backer board to head on.And clearly what Im going to be utilizing is just a piece of plywood that I ripped downtwo inches. I to find it essentially the most affordable to purchase anything like this. Its quarterinch plywood; its customarily $20-$25 a sheet. You rip it down and have a lot of furringstrips. Okay, so have been simply going to place this rightover our framing. As you will see that, we now have an exciting layout for a niche. Werejust going to move from wall to wall. The best way have been able to try this is that this is abasement, and none of this framing is load bearing in any respect. So preserve in intellect to do somethinglike this, its really going to require a non-load bearing wall to be equipped to createa niche like this.Im now not pronouncing you cant do it otherwise; youll simply have a lotmore framing and a header to support the whole thing. So this exciting tile niche cant reallybe executed. In particular if its an exterior wall, it simply cant be accomplished, you know. Itsnot going to be a excellent proposal to have a niche on that again wall.However in actual fact simply putting these furring strips even with my boards. And Im just goingto use a roofing nailer.Which you can most likely just screw everything collectively.So again, we simply added the inch plywood to all of the studs on this main bathe wall.That allowed us to drop the first piece of HYDRO BAN Board over high of the bathtub flange.So Im just going to reduce this down to twenty-two and a half of. Allow this to prolong over theniche a little bit bit, and then sick reduce these even with these studs.So we simply snapped a chalk line here to get our measurement for this first board and simplyused a utility knife to cut via the HYDRO BAN Board. Its relatively, particularly effortless to cutand work with. So we need to do some little bit of a notch forthis flange just to get this to slip down.You need to position a bead of this Laticrete sealagainst the bathtub deck so it helps cozy the board but additionally make it water resistant.Maximum stud spacing must be sixteen inches on middle, and the highest screw spacing is 12inches on core. Now, we used the 1-5/eight Laticrete screws for this assignment and counter-sunkthe screw heads in order that they were flush with the highest of the boards. And then we used ourFein multi-device to decrease the HYDRO Board and make it flush with our bathe area of interest framing.This rather helped out fairly a bit of. And we just received our second size for the topboard, after which we have been equipped to reduce that down to measurement utilizing a utility knife. That you could seehow convenient it is to use these boards for our customized shower.One high-quality thing about this foam board is that its very convenient to scribe cut and to getit into situation in comparison with a cement board. For the highest board, we use the screws every12 inches, and be aware you dont want any sort of washer for the wall panels.So once more, wejust used a utility knife to cut the back facet of this HYDRO BAN Board, after which thefront aspect too. And then had been going to be utilising our Fein multi-device to reduce this downand to shape it and make it appear good. Now, the cool factor about HYDRO BAN Board is youcan also use it to type the niche. It continually makes sense to do the bottom first,type of like flashing the window. And you wish to have to only make certain that that is slopingtowards the shower. You dont need to have this leaning in given that certainly a lot watercan simply sit here on this wall.Have been about level, so what Im going to do is add alittle bit of sealant underneath the again edge of this in order that i can pitch this. Youcan additionally use thinset if in case you have thinset blended up.So you need to move on your high front aspect first. And Im just going to place a bead again herejust to aid supply a bit bit of slope to it.So its fairly primary that while you use the HYDRO BAN Board within the bathe area of interest, youcompress it up towards the sealant.Then you use the screws to connect to the wooden stud.Good be waterproofing these screws later. Like I stated, you dont want lots. Justmake certain that that bubbles on the back aspect of the niche all of the approach along. As youcould see, id say thats typically a few quarter inch fall there. So simply the lastthing you need to do is have your waterproofing sloping closer to the again wall. So as to bekind of a nightmare on this trouble. And again, right here had been utilizing our Fein multi-toolto reduce out the HYDRO BAN Board and to shape it and make it nice and flush with the boardthats under the area of interest.And then well get our size for the again wall, cuttingthat to measurement making use of the chalk line and utility knife. Then were going to place that alongthe again wall making use of the sealant. So considering this is a drywall wall, I obviouslycant get any screws into this or sick be poking outside of my wall. So have been basicallygoing to be simply sealing this whole thing with the Latasil sealant, and thats basicallyhow its going to be adhered along with the facet boards conserving it in place.Use a lot of sealant if youre constructing a identical niche, after which compress the boardinto that considering the fact that you need the board to be satisfactory and plumb.And any sealant that oozesout, soft it utilising a putty knife. Here were making use of more sealant to the highest of that boardand to the bottom of the top board, after which had been going to place our piece over topof all that sealant and screw it in place. One can find how quick it is to build a customshower niche utilizing HYDRO BAN Board.So on this one, its going to be a littleunusual in view that of the best way our niche is, however I want to have this board slide into the niche.So had been going to measure from the area of interest over to our wall here. So we acquired 33 andscribe reduce that. My drywalls slightly bit uneven. Had been hanging this board correct ontop of that bath flange, so well go 20 3/eight and 31 . This is going to enter our niche.Three and seven/8. We can just chalk this all the approach down, and then we reduce out these sections.And well measure over to our spout. So 14 . And off our flange, which is best aboutan inch and 7/eight.Im simply going to make use of a spade bit for that hole. In order that gets ourspot for our Moen valve. You dont want to have whatever better than 4 inches,so were simply going to make use of a four inch bore bit. However you would reduce this out with a utilityknife when you desired to. Before we set this in position, pull this backout and get our sealant. On this case, you wish to have to have a just right quantity within the nook,after which i try to go on high of this flange as good. Its no longer a foul thought to check out to sealit to the highest right here.Surely in the area of interest. Round. And truly in the corner. Okay,now we can scribe cut against our drywall right here.We utilized sealant to the bottom of this board in view that its a lot simpler than applying itto the top of the other one. As one can find, were applying a lot ofsealant to the brink of the board and within the shower niche. So were doing this forthe top board as well.And along the tub lip for this bathtub/bathe combo. That manner when youadd the board, youre going to be sealing it to the sealant.You just want to make sure this is sitting above the flange thats not bellowing out.So once more, had been applying sealant to the backside of this little piece in view that itsmuch simpler than having it to the top of the board and simply screwing it in location.So, well go forward and deal with the entire seams in the corners. I most commonly like to begin inthe corners just for the reason that that used probably the most of it.This corner trowel fairly is available in helpful this tub/bathe comboreally any bathe. If youcan get your fingers on one, its first-rate. You definitely want to observe copious amounts ofsealant to the corners and use that trowel to unfold it.When youre making use of this corner trowel, just pay attention to creating the whole thing as tightas viable. Due to the fact that as soon as this Laticrete dries, these things is fairly difficult stuff. So yourejust fairly paying concentration to retaining the whole lot smooth and flat in the corners.So wellgo forward and do the niche right here, too. Go across our seams.All HYDRO BAN Board seams must be sealed with the sealant, together with the alternate ofplane in the shower niche. So you just want to use a putty knife to do this. Were alsogoing to be sealing all of the screw heads, but smoothing out the seams is really major.Anything you’ve gotten extra, be certain you use each bit of that and go over any screw heads.That you could simply apply a dab of sealant over high of the screw heads and simply use your puttyknife to fill in any closing heads that arent sealed. This is particularly convenient to do,and its instead speedy. K, so around this pipe flange, this iskind of pleasant. That you could simply use this and seal throughout that pipe. Id say that one ofa complex field for waterproofing is that this pipe flange. So being ready to seal againstthere if any water gets in the back of that bathtub spout, which it is going to.Considering that on a bath spout therereally is no seal that goes in opposition to the tile or the wall. The most you would do is silicone,which appears pretty ugly. So being competent to seal around that’s going to make sure that thatstay waterproof. So now for the bathtub flange to fill this areain, had been just going to be striking an actual beneficiant quantity of this, truly fillingthis whole field with it. Sick simply use the surplus and throw it on this side so I wontwaste any of this. And i additionally like to fill in this whole subject towards the tub; this isanother complex field. So in filling this entire discipline in opposition to thistub flange, its a just right thought to have water resistant material sitting in contrast bath. When Ihave this feathered out pretty much, Im going to must like tile this, Im goingto need to come to be drywall mudding over a few of this.You could simply fill this discipline in.The final step used to be to apply the sealant betweenthe HYDRO BAN Board and the drywall. This just waterproofs that transition and givesyou a bit of more insurance that water wont ruin the drywall. Now if youre curious,this is what the finished challenge appears like. And if youre doing a similar bathe, HYDROBAN Board could definitely be a massive help. It only took us a couple of hours to waterproofthe bathtub/bathe combo in todays video. We in reality began tiling on the equal day. Soif you wish to have to speed up your shower building method, HYDRO BAN Board is a excellent choice.And its budget friendly versus the opposite foam boards that are out there.So makesure you name your Laticrete vendor to assess out the rate; I dont suppose youll bedisappointed. We definitely were not. Now if youre building a bath/bathe comboin a basement toilet and you wish to have our checklist, and you need entry to the first few modulesof our on-line path, click on right right here, add your title and e mail address when you go overto our internet site. Well ship you the checklist, and youll be in a position to peer the first severalmodules of our new direction, which is super. Thanks for looking at todays video. We hopeyou acquired some excellent guidelines, and good see you in the next one..