Hi, Im Jeff Patterson with house RepairTutor, and on this video Im going to exhibit you how to replace a dimmer swap. So if youve received an old dimmer switch thatsmaybe from 1985, its dated, it looks like Doc Brown from back to the longer term would useit, then stay tuned considering Ive got a first-class video for you, and youll be equipped to updateyour dimmer switch in no time. So lets get to it.So heres the old dimmer switch in my mom-in-lawsdining room. As you will see here that the little dial ismissing, however it nonetheless works. It nonetheless dims the eating room light like Imshowing you right here. The first thing you want to do with any electricalwork is flip off the circuit breaker or put off the fuse to make sure that the sunshine doesnthave vigor running to it, which it doesnt. And then put off or loosen the 2 screws thathold the cover plate in situation. This will reveal the exact change body, likeyoure seeing right here. What I cherish to do is ranking between the switchand the wall in order that when you pull the change off, youre no longer going to tear off any latexpaint.So that you may eliminate the 2 screws and pullthe swap freely from the electrical box. Then use a voltage tester, like Im usinghere, to double determine to ensure that theres no electrical power walking to the wires. And for some reason, I dont understand why, thereis painters tape holding the wires collectively. Thats a colossal no-no. There must be wire nuts there. However there are only two black wires and whatI consider is a neutral wire connecting the swap to the electrical box. And what I like to do, and this can be a hugetip, is take a photo of the wiring. That method, you might have a reference.So I just tore the wires apart the painterstape came off effortlessly. And i constantly wish to investigate that the wiresarent nicked or damaged. So perpetually check out the bare copper wire. So heres the bottom wire. It was painted over. What Im going to do is use some emery clothand scrape off the ancient paint. After which Im going to trim the section thatI dont want seeing that there was once a ton of ground wire.So as you will see that here, I got a satisfactory, barecopper floor wire. The swap I selected was the C-L dimmer switchby Lutron on the grounds that you can use it for a single pole change or a three-way swap, which is prettysweet. And which you could dim LEDs, CFLs, halogens, andincandescent gentle bulbs. Heres what the swap appears like, and theresa cover plate on it. There are four tabs on the again of the switchthat you ought to depress with the intention to get rid of that quilt plate. So i take advantage of a flathead screwdriver to do that. And then the plate pops off like so. And thats what the swap looks like withoutthe quilt plate. If youve obtained any questions, too, aboutthe wiring, that you would be able to name Lutron. There are four wires. Theres a floor wire, a pink and white wire,a black wire, and a straight up red wire to the swap.So what I do first and i do this all thetime is I wire the bottom wires collectively. Continually begin with the ground wires. And that i cap them utilizing a nut alternatively of tape thats only a unhealthy proposal. And on this case, I capped the pink and whitewire with a blue wire nut. Then I delivered the white wire to the pink wire. The white wire on this case is clearly hot. Its not impartial. After which I capped each black wires together. Thats how I wired this electrical field. Stuff all of the wires again in. And then screw the dimmer change to the wallwith the screws that include it. After which what I like to do before I put thecover plate on, is turning electrical power again on at the electrical field or fuse panel, andtest to make sure that the switch works, and it did.And so then you could put the cover plate backon. So heres what it appears like. Beautiful candy, proper? Not too bad, correct? Thats the way you exchange a dimmer switch. And take into account, when you get into concern andyou dont comprehend how one can wire up the brand new swap, that you can normally name the Lutron or whoeverthe manufacturer of your dimmer swap, and Im certain theyll be joyful to aid youout. They had been in my case, and Im so stokedbecause now i do know if I run into any problems, i will name them.So i’m hoping that you just preferred this video. In the event you did, click on the subscribe button becauseyoull get the new video that comes out each single Friday. And if you have a house, you ordinarily haveall kinds of DIY initiatives that need to be performed, and ill support you with that. So thats a good purpose to subscribe. Thanks for joining me. I relatively admire your time. Take care. Sick see you within the next video..