Hello, buddies. Its Jeff with home RepairTutor. And today Im going to share with you the way to make stronger an entry door and makeit burglar proof. So why do you need to do this? Well, hey,any one can kick open this door and literally come in your residence and take your laptop, youriPod, your iPads in lower than 5 minutes. And theres no approach the police are going to gethere that rapid. So anyways, thats why you need to reinforceyour entry door and think so much safer about your dwelling. So lets get began.So heres the deal. I’m going the convenient Armor door reinforcement package.And it was once a littlebit expensive, its like $60 or $70 at Lowes. However it comes at three exceptional varieties of shieldsalong with the entire screws that you just have got to make your door impenetrable and quite toughfor even the splendid Hulk to kick in. So let me exhibit you these ingredients before we getstarted. Here are the three distinct types of shields.Youve got the door shieldyouve got two: one for the useless bolt, one for the lock.Then you have got two hinge shields that go overtop your hinges. You dont must remove thehinges in any respect. And then, the ultimate and most important thing is this giant piece proper herethat is the jam preserve. And its obtained all kinds of knockouts in it so that you would be able to line itup with your jam and the straight plates for your jam. So ill show you the way to installall these items.And they supply youthe cool part isthey should provide you with these screwsfor $60 or $70. But they give you all of the screws that you simply ought to screw these into position.So unwell exhibit you the way to do that right now. So before you do anything, you wish to have to takethe hinge shield. You need to stick it in between the door and the jam. And make surethat it fits because this hinge shield is the identical width as the jam preserve. You justwant to make certain that it fits alongside that area. And certainly it does here becauseI have more than 1/8 of area between the door and the jam. And this safeguard is probablyabout 1/16 wide. However do that in your door. If this doesntfit, if this is too tight, then possibly this product isnt the proper one for you andyou can take it back. That is the core hinge, okay? And this isthe hinge you want to work on. You want to cast off these two screws which might be closest tothe insulation strip right here.So remove this one.First of all guys, appear how small this screw is. Oh my gosh! Its like – inlength. Its pathetic. Now someone obviously knew that they wantedto give a boost to this hinge in view that this ones about 2-2 long. But however, youwant to take away these two screws. Your next step is to take a three lengthy screwthat they furnish, okay? And screw that via the hinge into the jam and into the supportinglumber behind this jam. Now they say to pre-drill, however considering that Imusing an affect driver, I dont must try this, ok?The following thing that you simply do is line up the hinge defend in order that the hole that’s leftbehind thats within the hinge is printed. You are taking one more three screw, all proper,and also you drill that into location such that its flush as a lot as feasible.Your next step is to install two extra three screws within the hinge shieldone at the prime,and one at the backside.Now again, that you could pre-drillIm now not going tobut you canpre-drill if all you have is a common drill, no longer an impact driver. Make certain that screwis flush both on the highest and on the backside. Next factor that you want to do is shut thedoor and be certain that this doesnt avoid the door from closing correctly. Now one thingI will observe on this door, considering that its a little bit less expensive, is they did not grooveout a mortise such that the hinge can take a seat inside that mortise and flush with the doorframe itself. In order that might be an obstacle for you. It might be an limitation for me right here. Butlets see if itll shut. So it shut. No problem. Im just right to head.And i dont must groove out a mortise on the jam either. You just put this hingeshield overtop your existing hinge. The next move is to do the identical thing forthe bottom hinge.Once more, check to look if the door will shut. Boom, it does! All right,all right! So now Im going to install the jam protect.And what you have to do is notice the role of your strike plates. Heres the dead boltstrike plate. Heres the door lock strike plate, k? So there are numerous distinct knockoutson the jam protect. And so what you wish to have to do is make certain that you locate a knockoutthat corresponds with every strike plate. So look, Ive got this one and this knockoutthat i will be able to quite simply eliminate with my thumb, k? All right.All proper. So now that i know i’ve the whole lot lined up, you wish to have to shove within the jam shieldas a ways as feasible so it virtually fits behind this insulation strip, okay? And then whatyou do is mark holes with a pencil like so.So I get a gap right here and here and up here.And that you could pre-drill or use an influence driver to get screws into those marked holes.Alternatively of pre-drilling, Im simply going to put this screw in right here perhaps about and backed it out, okay? Then what Im going to do is slide the jam preserve again into placeand stick a screw in right here.And once more, this is a three screw, all correct?K, there are two more spots on the backside right here that have to be secured with screws.And there are two more holes on the prime of the jam plate. Again, comfy them with two3 screws. And then once youre executed, simply examine tomake definite that the door closes with limited interference.Not unhealthy. No longer unhealthy.When you line up the strike plate on the existing dead bolt or door handle, make sure that thisslot lines up with the slot on the handy Armor plate, okay? Otherwise, the door won’t closeproperly. Which you can set up these door shields over thedead bolt and the normal door lock right here, ok? Now earlier than you do this, I enormously recommendthat you test to peer whether or not or now not this may clear the door jam.Now what I did first used to be I put the jam safeguard on. With the jam shield in situation, what youwant to do is slide this door look after over the lifeless bolt and notice if its going to clear.And it doesnt on this case.So theres now not adequate room, and Im no longer going to beusing these, all correct? Nonetheless, as a last hotel, we will do is takeout the tiny screws that maintain this in placeboth these locks thats in placeand use the2 screws that include the convenient Armor package that have been supposed for the door look after, ok?So easily just take out these screws, ok? Take out both of these tiny screws and installthe 2 screws. Do the same thing down here.All correct. Thats it. Thats how you put in the easy Armor door reinforcement kit. I hopethat this video helped you out. Let me understand you probably have any questions in thecomments part. Identity be more than completely satisfied to aid you together with your possess assignment.Visit HomeRepairTutor.Com. 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