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Repair Intex Home Theater One Speaker is Giving Humming Sound-Home Theater से हुम्मिन्ग कैसे ठीक करे

Friend I Shahbaz Welcome you Electric PointIn this video i will show you to repair Intex music system one SUBSCRIBE of this music system functioning properly but second speaker is developing vibrating reverberate its PCB has three 2030 IC But the left IC has burnt as you can see in video now we are assured that this IC has been damaged due to high voltage so we will change this IC first of all but if you want to check this IC, you can click the video in description you have to check all the rectifier diode before superseding the IC2030 so detail you multimter to measure continuity all the rectifier diodes are ok so we can replace IC2 030 we have changed the IC but still we receiving very low volume now we will check its loudnes controller as we bypass the publication controller we received the sound at full volume now we will replace its volume controller too Dont forget to LIKE

Complete Home Theater Repairing Tutorial – Step By Step

Hello friends i am Shahbaz Malik and you are welcome at Electric Point In this video i will tell you step by step procedure to restore Home Theater I will interpret about every factor in Home Theater you can mend any faulting in Home Theater by going through this video so makes start the video first of all transformer coverts 220 V to 16 V it outputs in 3 cables dark-green cables contain 16 V and yellow cable contain 0V so mostly transformer alters 220 V to 16 0 16 voltage right two 2030 ICs is for speaker and left two 2030 ICs for woofer we have already made a video to check IC 2030( join is in description) but now you will learn a new method to check IC2 030 16 0 16 voltage from transformer will receive at IC2030 right IC4558 increase woofer bass whereas left IC4558 increase speaker sound same voltage from transformer 16 0 16 V are able to obtain at IC4558 this 16 V will go to mp3 placard by this wire.

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