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Vet Home Repair Pt.2

Served our nation and at present volunteers are teaming up to do some dwelling enhancements for one neighborhood veteran Gina comfort reside in Sacramento with a seem on the development just right morning good morning so I had an completely special phase planned for you for this special moment in time but you already know what simply occurred what simply occurred what is best than one Cleo to Cleo’s look what they just found inside a Cleo’s backyard Leo and what’s your title Adrian Adrian and you’re gonna take lo Cleo dwelling and of path she had to identify it Cleo right I imply that is so fitting hahaha ok thanks a lot for letting us see you have to come get closed Abe can you come get towards your little kitten Cleo i do know we chatted about what is going on on at your residence but did you know you had some kittens residing within the outdoor no we have 35 volunteers with house Depot Habitat for Humanity is right here and what’s going on within the outdoor is in order that amazing but that is where they observed this little cutie back within the fence real speedily simply take me back to the fact one other time the years you served Cleo and how glad you might be to see your house getting remodeled to support suit your wants after I was in the provider again in 1979 1985 when I used to be within the Marine Corps all right now it can be just robust Mia what all these folks are doing you recognize I just failed to anticipate all of this and nonetheless you recognize I just suppose good inside just right well we are so glad to hear you’re feeling excellent inside of looking at all this watching at all of them appreciated greater than ever seen good we are gonna tell you you deserve this greater than you suppose that you simply recognize it sir you deserve this for the time you’ve served and what you’ve got achieved for our nation and to your family I additionally need to speak to Habitat for Humanity Lane is with us this morning as good speaking about simply the scope of this project so come on over there are such a large amount of people right here so many shrunk positions as well what exactly is going on inside and external so in these days is day one in all our vital restore mission for Clio we’re calling it Cleo’s return house challenge so we’re demoing they’re doing a ton of landscaping casting off partitions with this assignment Clio hasn’t been competent to reside in his dwelling due to the fact of the shortage of accessibility and some beautiful significant deferred important renovation problems and so we brought a quantity of partners to the desk some really powerful other housing nonprofits step ahead in order that we might achieve this carry because it’s this type of enormous-scale challenge so rebuilding collectively and cuny useful resource venture and neighbor works and then residence Depot of direction has are available as an extremely powerful companion they usually’re right here at present with dozens of volunteers helping us this task it is just wonderful to see what number of individuals are here volunteering their time and again Clio is wheelchair sure and he mentioned you already know there used to be a lot of carpet in this residence there’s home he did aid build a very long time ago about 30 years in the past nevertheless it wanted some big repairs that needed numerous refreshers and so he’s getting a manufacturer-new kitchen a brand new rest room it can be just some thing that is certainly so wanted and needed for him and his loved ones he is now got grandchildren who he is gonna expectantly make some new recollections within this wonderful new residence with Habitat for Humanity and all of the other volunteers making that possible so once more that is what’s taking place here in Del Paso this morning and Clio instances – that’s so exceptional – thanks Tina the

DIY Home Repair: 5 Tips and Tricks (Fox News) | Mr. Handyman

Newscaster 1: There are a number ofprojects you can pull off for your own and save some money in the process. Newscaster 2: You would suppose the homemade craze just is not for you. Do you want you had been a DIY-er? House owner: No. I want I might have the funds for tohave an individual else do it. Newscaster 2: might be you’vehad bouts of DIY anxiety. Homeowner: Plastering, fillingin holes if they may be being… Normally get variety of messy. Newscaster 2: Fueled by using high-priced errors inthe prior, when confidence looked as if it would exceed your skillset… Home-owner: So, that was a thousand- dollar mistake. Newscaster 2: There are some residence repairs, although, each single one ofus must be ready to do without calling within the professionals. Mr. Handyman owner, Alan Rachan, shareshis high 5 DIY dwelling repairs: First: Now you get calls the entire timeabout garbage disposals being jammed. Alan: sure. Newscaster 2: right. Ok. And so, and there’s areally a usual fix for it. And an effortless fix. Alan: yes. Newscaster 2: make sure the vigour is off,then are trying the reset button on the backside, or…Alan: there is a gap right right here. And there’s a key that appears like this. When you see this in yourdrawer, don’t throw it away. And truly it matches right right here. And then you definately just turn it. After which if it can be, if that all doesn’twork, then you definitely typically have to change it. Newscaster 2: quantity two: Weatherstrippingis a kind of initiatives that you are able to do yourself. Alan: yes. Newscaster 2: It must be replacedwhenever there’s a tear to avoid wasting vigour.Alan: And basically it just, itjust pulls out of the groove. Newscaster 2: cut the brand new one to size, push it again within the groove. That is all you have to do. You don’t ought to attachit with anything, correct? Alan: No, ma’am it suits proper in the groove. Newscaster 2: In only a few minutes, task complete. Alan: Or get my honey do’s finished. Newscaster 2: next, take hold of your drill. One factor that you have been getting a lotof calls on are kick-ins and burglars breaking down the door. Alan: Most of these break-ins is becausethe door’s now not relaxed and then they are really easy to break in. Newscaster 2: A steel plate screwed tothe door jamb helps maintain the door shut. The secret is to make use of longer, three-inchscrews so burglars have a more challenging time. Alan: Put all 10 of ’em in andthat, that’ll preclude a ruin-in.Newscaster 2: number four: if your homeis being attacked by using mildew, Alan recommends spraying a simple homemade solution on it. Alan: And it’s about 75%water and 25% Clorox. Only one time. One time’ll get it executed andnext yr it’s going to come again. Newscaster 2: ultimately, number 5: Ahole to your drywall is just not the tip of the arena, and this is somethingthat people can do themselves, if it can be a Alan: small gap. Yeah, they may be able to do it themselves. Newscaster 2: Put a metallic tape patch overthe gap and cover absolutely with a thin coat of mud. Alan: And uh, we will shake this up. Newscaster 2: as soon as dry, sand down with asponge and spray something texture you wish to have on the wall. Alan: One factor you want to ensure isafter this dries, before you paint it, you wish to have to ensure you place a primercoat on it after which paint over it.Newscaster 2: DIY is usually a wise,cash-saving transfer until you want some rescuing from your renovation. Are there some tasks that youjust would no longer touch your self? Home-owner: Oh, certainly. Most likely it can be because i don’t likeelectricity ‘purpose it bites. Newscaster 2: the pros say he’s right, that to go away electricaland plumbing problems to them. Sally McDonald, Fox 26 information..

Fix a Running Toilet…Fill Valve Replacement — by Home Repair Tutor

In this video were going to exhibit you howto fix a jogging toilet via changing the fill valve.The 400H replaces a form of different fill valves, which you can find on the part of thebox. Again, that is the 400H-002. When you open the field, there are only some objects inthere. Its simply the fill valve, the instructions, and then some extra constituents, which weregoing to exhibit you the best way to use just a little bit later within the video.These 400 series fill valves were round due to the fact that the 1950s, so theyve been aroundfor a long time.First step is to show the water off with theshut off valve. When you’ve got an historic shut off valve, I totally advise the SharkBite fittings.Theyre best. Simply just slide onto a piece of copper pipe. You have to prep thepipe a little bit bit earlier than you do this. We even have an pleasant video that indicates you howto use these. In order that , the SharkBite fitting will spin on the copper.The next step is to flush the bathroom and to dispose of the toilet tank lid to see how muchwater is left in there. Pull down on the lever of the bathroom tank until most of the wateris removed from the tank. And then you should utilize a sponge or a fabric to cast off the excesswater from the tank. This best takes a minute or two. Tremendous easy.Then dispose of the water provide line thats linked to the historic fill valve, and itsgood to have a bucket for this. Get rid of the nut from the old fill valve, after which takeoff the hose and get rid of the fill valve from the historical toilet tank. Inspect the gasket onthe new fill valve.Its probably within the correct function, but just double assess thatthats the case. After which insert the 400H down into the tank and dry match that hosethatsgoing to be foremost. We must measure the height from the highest of the flush valveto the top blue cap of the fill valve. That desires to be three inches. So thats goingto be a particularly important factor to this installation.The opposite thing is, the highest of the flush valve wishes to be one inch beneath the tank leverlocation. Were going to unscrew the fill valve. Weregoing to make it bigger in order that when we go to dry fit it, we now have the three inches betweenthe high of the flush valve and the top of the blue cap there.Now, this little clamp goes on high of the flush valve, and have been going to cut ourrubber hose to the right measurement so that it wont be interfering with the backside of the tanktop.So again, have been simply putting that hose over into the slot of that little clamp. Andwere simply dry fitting it. Now, this nut is for the new fill valve. Weregoing to place that on like so. You need to make certain that that is tight due to the fact that you dontneed some other instruments to tighten the fill valve. After which have been going so as to add the supply lineto the bottom of the fill valve.Once more, were just going to be hand-tightening all of theseparts. You shouldnt want any variety of tool. Then, had been going to show the water on, andwere going to let the water upward push and see how excessive it goes to the highest of the flush valvepipe. Now, on this case, theres a bit of knobfor each the bowl water and the toilet tank water. We want to be certain that the waterheight is set inch from the top of this pipe.So that you may make a mark on that. Andthen which you can turn the little lever to adjust the height. So on this case, if youre turningit clockwise, youre going to raise the peak in the bathroom tank. You simply need toflush it one more time and let the water upward thrust back as much as make sure that its about inchbelow the top of that pipe. Now, had been going to verify the water in thebowl. Make a mark on the inside of the bowl with a pencil. The pencil mark should be justabove the water line. Then pour one gallon of water into the toilet bowl, but be careful.Dont do that too rapidly or itll flush the toilet, which isnt excellent. So you wantto pour the one gallon of water in slowly until it fills the bowl.Now, flush the toilet and notice where it refills within the bowl. If the water line is above yourpencil mark, theres an excessive amount of water within the bowl. If its under that mark, therestoo little.And which you can regulate the height of the water within the bowl with this blue knobthats hooked up to the 400H. It should handiest take ten to fifteen minutesto install this new 400H fill valve, and itll make your toilet run a lot quieter and havea extra powerful flush. All the presents that we used for this tutorialare down within the description. And if in case you have any questions about Fluidmasters 400H,consider free to ask. Im comfortable to help you out. Ive been utilising Fluidmaster productsfor years now, they usually most likely support you are making your project much, much less difficult.Thanks for staring at todays video, and well see you in the subsequent one..

Schluter┬«-DITRA Over Wood in a Bathroom (Part 1) – by Home Repair Tutor

Earlier than I head within, let me explain whatwere going to be doing here. Have been going to exhibit you the way to set up Schluter DITRAon wood plywood. So in this video youre going to get all of the tips and methods thatyou need to do this your self. And eventually, weve obtained a quite cool present for you ifyoure going to be remodeling your bathroom. So stay tuned unless the end due to the fact I thinkyoure quite going to love what we ought to tell you. All right, lets dive intothe tutorial right now. Were going to go ahead and install theunderlayment for tile on a wood subfloor.Considering the fact that Ive been utilizing this method no longer onlydoes it make the floor water-resistant, however its significantly turbo and easier. And the technologybehind this product ensures that your tile isnt going to be subjected to expansionand contraction of the wooden youre going over.Now there are some matters you ought to don’t forget earlier than installing any tile and knowing whatyour joint spacing is, realizing the thickness of the wood that youre applying it over.Ideally, if its plywood you need to be as a minimum thick. Now there are some engineeredspecs. If youre going out 24 on-middle and youre utilising stone, youre going tohave to thicken that subfloor for deflection. But on a natural set up, if youre doingporcelain tile, subfloor or general 16 on-middle joint, this product is goingto be best for you. It makes it very easy. Its known as Schluter DITRA.And basicallythis is simply an uncoupling membrane that ill be adhering directly over the plywood, andthen the tile will likely be hooked up over top of this. Thinsetting this to the ground, and thenthinsetting the tile to this. And the ideatheres numerous concept and technological know-how and engineeringput into this productbut the basics are that this separates the plywood layer fromthe tile and allowing just common expansion and contraction of that wooden to not transferthrough the tile. So its higher than striking a cement boarddown.At the present time if you put cement board down, youd almost want to nonetheless put this overtop of it. But now not simplest does this help maintaining that switch of enlargement and contraction,however it is also water-proof. I mean, whats higher than that? I imply you could have your toiletoverflow or children are making a lot of splash within the tub, having this water-resistant gives youconfidence and peace of mind, and its now not going to wreck whatever under it. Theresway too commonly that I pull up a toilet and that i see the timber wholly rotted round thatwhole field. Now granted it customarily has to do with a variety of the bathroom leaking itself,however for those who used a product like this thats going to keep that from happening.So theres quite a lot of benefits of doing it.For me in my opinion, its so handy andlight. I will be able to reduce it with a utility knife. Im not inhaling any dust with the aid of reducing allthat concrete board. I dont have got to screw some thing down; Im just thinsetting it.So its an extraordinarily handy product to put in. So theres a few add-ons that gowith it. Its the precise membrane itself, and these are available all distinct dimension rolls.For this little bathroom discipline, that you could regularly just get a 50-sq-feet roll and be excellent.It comeswith the KERDI Band. This is precisely the equal stuff that we used for across the tub surroundto waterproof the joints of the KERDI Board. So you wish to have to place this over any seam in thecorners of the room and wrap that up the wall so that you’ve a excellent, water resistant, tightfloor. And you want to use the KERDI fix. That is in particular to fill the gap betweenthe tub and DITRA. So well show you find out how to set up that. And then id say one ofthe very fundamental facets of that is using the right notch trowel. Schluter makes a trowelspecifically for DITRA. Its 1164; its essentially 3/sixteen rectangular notch trowel. Thiswill make adhering this down to the subfloor the appropriate thickness.And another exceptional thingabout it’s if youre utilizing a right notch trowel, now not handiest do you get a best, flat surface,however you can instantly set up tile over high of this in case you wanted to or try to attemptto install tile the identical day you place the underlayment down. Most different products youre just notgoing to be equipped to have the time to try this, chiefly if you use cement boards. Itsgoing to take you half a day to install that. And by the time you get to doing the tile,its generally previous the time you need to work. So good go ahead and put this down. Itsa high-quality product, and well exhibit you the way handy and simple it is to do your self.So the first thing you need to do is just todry match this down.And the guideline of thumb is clearly seeking to keep a expose betweenthe edge of the floor and the DITRA. And Schulter recommends thisand that is peculiarly importantto keep inside their warrantyyou want to have a spread joint between the threshold ofthe floor and the DITRA itself. So when youre dry fitting, simply keep that in intellect; and thatsaround all areas. In opposition to the tub as good. Maintain a hole between the bathtub and the DITRA.Now Im simply going to hard cut this before applying thinset.Ok, so the primary you wish to have to do after getting your first piece dry outfitted, is to makesure your surface is all smooth. Take any of the drywall mud that perhaps caught to thefloor. Some thing that can in all likelihood jeopardize the thinset thats going to adhere to theactual plywood. So ensure your surface is smooth and dust proof. I imply dust can actuallykeep that thinset from bonding to the the plywood.And what you need to do to use the DITRA to your timber subfloor is utilizing modified thinset.So ensure something you buy or whatever youre looking at buying, that itsgoing to be modified.Now thats what you wish to have to stick right down to the subfloor. And tokeep that layer of thinset from right away getting dried out from the plywoodbecauseplywoods most likely wood, I imply its certainly wood, however its dry. And as quickly as you putdown that thinset, you dont want it to suck the moisture out of the thinset too speedily.So simply take a humid sponge; it doesnt must be soaking moist. Good just wipe downyour subfloor, within the areas that youre going to be striking this DITRA. So this willalso take any dust off. You just do a rapid as soon as over prior to installing the DITRA.Okay, so after I combined this thinset, I made it very loose.It desires to type of fall offthe trowel. You want to try to use the maximum amount of water to your thinset says thatit can do considering that you want to have this very thick. Simply enabling it to unfold this outand be equipped to stick it to the DITRA properly. So Im going to position a bunch out right here.Step one like all tile surroundings is to organization the thinset into the gentle floor.Sojust taking the flat surface of your trowel and simply working it into the plywood. I usuallyjust do an field of arms length in to get that full discipline. Slightly more. So simply getthat layer thinset down, and take a look at to brush everything in the equal course. And then, make sureyou have that reveal. I simply have a general grout drift that i exploit to use pressureto it and put it in position. First time youve accomplished it, I mean youre going to consider forit. For those who use the proper inn trowel and also you simply did what I did, you get rapid insurance policy.You will see that about eighty% of this protected, and thats what youre watching for. So justmake definite you have good insurance plan. We mentioned eighty% coverage within the video, but tryto shoot for 100% if you can. That simply ensures that the DITRA is utterly embedded in thethinset. Okay, so with the right motel trowel, usingtheir DITRA trowel, which you can stroll on this afterwards.It wont indent. Usually in case you kneelon it somewhat bit, that you may in some areas. But if youre using the correct resort trowel,its not going to sink too much. And absolutely for floors beautiful level, its meant to bewalked on immediately afterwards. Do the equal thing on the as you proceed.You probably wondering what Steve is doing here. Hes pounding in any loose ring shanknails. Continuously a just right idea to try this. Okay, so that you just wish to butt this straightup in opposition to the opposite piece of DITRA as close as which you can; it doesnt need to perfect.But stay with that hole across the room here.Its slightly tight around the corner right here, so Im just going to take out a little bitof DITRA to get that expose. And again, that you can just pull a few of this out and makesure youre getting the right amount of insurance policy.Actually, I feel we have a blindspot proper there. So I need to be certain i’ve.Then that you could just use whatever you have left, too. I imply it doesnt must be a fullpiece. Which you could put as many pieces collectively as you need.So on this little mock-up that now we have right here, absolutely we dont have a toilet flangewhere we want the toilet. So on account that this is the mock-up, and its simply the elemental product,we didnt have that put in here. However relatively that is just so simple as cutting round thatflange, retaining that equal expose around the flange. After which youll be able to usethe KERDI repair to go round that lavatory flange, and itll maintain everything water-resistant upthe rest room flange. Now absolutely, I mean, that is waterproofto a point. In case your toilet does overflow, theres absolutely areas around the place yourbolts join and the whole thing that water can get down and under the pipe.So this isntmeant to always be able to take a shower in this room, however its going to keep themajority of the water from splashing out of the bathtub to a few basic water problems from absorbinginto the plywood. All proper. So that is how you put in SchluterDITRA on a timber subfloor. That is truly a component 1 of two video. You can watch the secondvideo right here, and that will exhibit you the best way to totally water-resistant the DITRA in a toilet.Now right here what I desired to let you know about. We’ve got a free video sequence for you if youregoing to be beginning a rest room transform. You can assess that out correct right here, and wellshow you the right way to demo a toilet, put in a brand new bathtub, put in the plumbing, and so muchmore.So once more, examine that out right here. But for at present, when you have any questions aboutthis tutorial, ask them down in the comments. So once more, ask them down in the feedback; wedbe greater than completely satisfied to help you out. And as ordinary, you can constantly click on the subscribebutton if you wish to watch our movies over here on YouTube. They come out each singleTuesday. So thats it for today. Sick see you inthe comments. Take care. Have a good one. Feel it or no longer, its January in Pittsburgh,however its 60, right Kate? No better time to follow delicate ball..

Fix a Running Toilet…Fill Valve Replacement — by Home Repair Tutor

In this video have been going to exhibit you howto fix a strolling rest room by means of changing the fill valve.The 400H replaces a variety of exceptional fill valves, which you’ll find on the side of thebox. Once more, that is the 400H-002. While you open the box, there are only a few items inthere. Its just the fill valve, the instructional materials, after which some extra elements, which weregoing to exhibit you learn how to use a bit bit later within the video.These four hundred sequence fill valves had been round considering that the Nineteen Fifties, so theyve been aroundfor a long time.First step is to turn the water off with theshut off valve. You probably have an historical shut off valve, I tremendously endorse the SharkBite fittings.Theyre excellent. Without difficulty simply slide onto a piece of copper pipe. You must prep thepipe somewhat bit earlier than you do this. We also have an quality video that suggests you howto use these. Simply so you realize, the SharkBite becoming will spin on the copper.The next step is to flush the toilet and to cast off the toilet tank lid to look how muchwater is left in there. Pull down on the lever of the toilet tank except most of the wateris eliminated from the tank. After which you should utilize a sponge or a material to get rid of the excesswater from the tank. This simplest takes a minute or two. Tremendous effortless.Then cast off the water deliver line thats connected to the old fill valve, and itsgood to have a bucket for this.Eliminate the nut from the old fill valve, after which takeoff the hose and get rid of the fill valve from the historic rest room tank. Inspect the gasket onthe new fill valve. Its on the whole in the right position, but just double examine thatthats the case. And then insert the 400H down into the tank and dry match that hosethatsgoing to be foremost. We have got to measure the height from the top of the flush valveto the highest blue cap of the fill valve. That wishes to be three inches. So thats goingto be a fairly fundamental element to this set up.The opposite factor is, the highest of the flush valve desires to be one inch below the tank leverlocation.Had been going to unscrew the fill valve. Weregoing to make it greater in order that when we go to dry match it, we have the three inches betweenthe high of the flush valve and the highest of the blue cap there.Now, this little clamp goes on prime of the flush valve, and had been going to cut ourrubber hose to the correct size in order that it wont be interfering with the backside of the tanktop. So once more, were simply putting that hose over into the slot of that little clamp.Andwere simply dry fitting it. Now, this nut is for the brand new fill valve. Weregoing to place that on like so. You wish to have to be certain that that is tight on account that you dontneed some other tools to tighten the fill valve. And then had been going to add the supply lineto the backside of the fill valve. Again, have been simply going to be hand-tightening all of theseparts. You shouldnt need any kind of tool. Then, had been going to show the water on, andwere going to let the water upward thrust and notice how high it goes to the highest of the flush valvepipe. Now, on this case, theres slightly knobfor each the bowl water and the toilet tank water. We wish to ensure that the waterheight is ready inch from the top of this pipe.So you could make a mark on that. Andthen which you can flip the little lever to regulate the height. So in this case, if youre turningit clockwise, youre going to raise the height in the toilet tank. You simply need toflush it an extra time and let the water rise back as much as be certain that its about inchbelow the highest of that pipe. Now, had been going to examine the water in thebowl. Make a mark on the inside of the bowl with a pencil. The pencil mark must be justabove the water line. Then pour one gallon of water into the toilet bowl, but watch out.Dont do that too swiftly or itll flush the toilet, which isnt good. So that you wantto pour the one gallon of water in slowly unless it fills the bowl.Now, flush the bathroom and spot the place it refills within the bowl.If the water line is above yourpencil mark, theres an excessive amount of water in the bowl. If its beneath that mark, therestoo little. And that you can regulate the height of the water in the bowl with this blue knobthats hooked up to the 400H. It will have to handiest take ten to fifteen minutesto set up this new 400H fill valve, and itll make your bathroom run so much quieter and havea more robust flush. The entire supplies that we used for this tutorialare down within the description. And if you have any questions about Fluidmasters 400H,feel free to ask. Im completely happy to support you out. Ive been making use of Fluidmaster productsfor years now, they usually without doubt aid you are making your assignment much, a lot less difficult.Thanks for looking at todays video, and good see you within the next one..

How to Replace a Cracked Tile — by Home Repair Tutor

Hi there. I am Jeff with home repair Tutor.And on this video, i’ll share with you how one can exchange a cracked tile. So when you’vegot porcelain or ceramic tiles in your kitchen, rest room, or maybe on your laundry room andone of them has come free or it’s cracked or broken, this video is going to walk youthrough the best way to change that tile step-by-step. So keep tuned. I’ve acquired a lot of first-rate tipsfor you. And you’re going to save lots of yourself some money by DIY-ing this yourself. So let’sget to it. I know it’s tough to tell but this tile isdamaged and i need to remove it. However the first step is to cast off all of the grout that surroundsthe perimeter of the tile. There are a mess of tools that you can use to dispose of the grout.You may have got manual grout saws like these.You actually have a carbide tip knife, like this onehere, you should utilize to attain the grout. However my ultimate favourite instrument is an oscillatingmulti-instrument like this one here through Bosh with a grout removal attachment on it. This isthe quantity one method to eliminate grout. However in case you are not able to come up with the money for this or in the event you do not haveone, no longer a enormous deal. It’s just going to take a little bit longer making use of these tools.Now earlier than you do away with a cracked tile, you’ve got bought to take some safety precautions. So protectyour eyes with either goggles or safeguard glasses like these ones. Put on some gloves. And weara lengthy-sleeved shirt considering while you smack a tile, shards of it go in every single place and wherever,and the shards will cut your dermis.So protect your epidermis. And in addition preserve your lungs bywearing a respirator like this one. Now i’m going to show you why i admire oscillating multi-toolsfor eliminating grout. Oops! I nearly forgot another protection precaution,and that is hearing protection. If you’re going to use an oscillating multi-tool, make sureyou put on some listening to security ’cause it gets loud speedy.Discover how the multi-instrument turns the grout into a first-rate powder. It does an extraordinary jobof eliminating the grout. And if it gets too dusty, you should utilize a vacuum at the same time you are usingthe multi-tool. Or that you would be able to activate the bathroom air flow fan to support out with the dust.It took me about 5-7 minutes to cast off all the grout around this tile utilising the oscillatingmulti-software, and that’s why it’s so tremendous.Anything device you employ, just be careful notto gouge any of the neighboring tiles. What you ought to do subsequent is drill some pilotholes into the center of the tile. You should use a " carbide-tipped ceramic drill bitfor this job. Now what I cherish to do is position some blue painter’s tape into the core ofthe tile so that the drill bit can grip into the tape and go down by means of the glaze thatis on the ceramic or porcelain tile.I am most effective drilling about a " down through the tilebecause the tile itself is simplest ". You can take your hammer and which you can takea chisel. Now in this case, it is a 3/eight" chisel. And what i will do is poundit down into these holes and pry up the tile from the inside working my method to the outsideperimeter. That way i am no longer going to damage the surrounding tiles. So again, begin inthe holes that you simply simply drilled. Oh, and leaving the blue tape on helps decrease the splinteringof the tile. Once you get a large ample gap, that you can switchfrom the smaller chisel to a higher chisel. Now the opposite factor that I wanted to tellyou about is you already know you’ve gotten long past deep sufficient when you start to look ridge marks within the substrate.The ridge marks are from the skinny set mortar that was once used to adhere the tile to the substrate.So that’s whilst you understand you have got long past some distance sufficient and you do not need to go any deeper.And for those who relatively want the approach to be loads turbo, that you can go with a chisel of thissize, ok? And this may increasingly help particularly chip into the tile and do away with colossal chunks of it.Historic thin set on top of cement board or some thing back or substrate you may have needs to be removed.Or else, your tile won’t sit even with the encircling tiles.So that you may both chiselit out utilising a hammer and chisel , or which you could try to use the reverse finish of your hammerto pry if off. I will be frank with you. Attempting toget the mortar out is an actual suffering within the you-know-what. However you are able to do it, and whenever you get to thepoint whereby you feel you’re able, you should dry-fit the tile after vacuuming intothe space. That appears to be lovely just right. You must take one additional step. Use a level.So place the level on the tile and be certain that the tile itself is pretty stage and justslightly depressed such that it can be cut down than the adjacent tiles considering whilst you go toput the thin set mortar on below the tile, it’s going to raise the tile up only a slightbit.So you always want the brand new tile to be relatively minimize than the encircling tiles.Now that i’m sooner or later achieved smacking that tile to pieces, i can roll my sleeves up and applysome mortar to the bottom that we will put the tile on. Unfortunately, you mightdig out some divots within the cement board. So no large deal here. I imply, obviously you wouldprefer now not to try this.However what you can do is put some mortar in its place and also you shouldbe good to move. With the intention to furnish a best substrate for the tile to rest on. So what I did wasmix up some mortar utilising a margin trowel, k? And you wish to have the consistency to be prettythink like so. It has to barely fall off the trowel. And what i’ll do is placesome of this mortar into the depressions that I made with my chisel. So i am simply going toreplace the cement board that I broke aside. In an ideal world, i’d let this mortarsolidify. But given that it’s a bit bit tricky exchanging a tile, I need to really now not dothat. And i’ll trowel some more thin set on utilizing a " x " trowel. What thatmeans is the space in between the notches is " and the depth is ".And i’m usingthis type of trowel since the tile i am utilizing is " excessive or " deep.So along with your trowel at a 45 perspective, that you may move it across the mattress and create these ridges.Admittedly, the ridges in the core are usually not that great so I have got to go back over that.However the ridges should rise up on their own. That’s how you understand that you’ve combined yourthin set the correct approach. Now the opposite factor that you are able to do to ensurethat your tile is not going at any place is again-butter it. What this means is solely without difficulty applyinga skinny coat of the mortar to the again of the tile.With the tile back-buttered and my mortar in location, i will set the tile. While you havethe tile set. You will have to dispose of any mortar that oozes up out of the grout joints becauseit is an actual agony within the rear end to get it out once it dries.So you can use any kindof device. You should use a screw driver. You could use whatever you need to dispose of that mortarbut ensure you get it out instantly after you set the tile. Then you should utilize a papertowel to only get the rest of the mortar off the tile.And the final thing you must do is be certain all the corners of the new tile line up. Andyou can use tile spacers for this. Even though in my case, i am just going to eye it becauseI best have one tile to interchange. However again make sure all four corners are lined up evenwith the opposite grout joints. After waiting about 2-3 hours for the thinset mortar to installed, now it is time to add grout. And you need your grout to have theconsistency of thick peanut butter. What I like to do is to scoop the grout ontothe tile. Right here you go. Then you need to use a rubber drift like this one right here to spreadit into the joints. Oh and by the way, if you are not certain whatcolor grout to use, that you would be able to take a pattern of the existing grout to the store and theyhave these little grout samples.That you could try to suit it up based on the samples. And that’exhibit I did it for the grout that we now have right here in the toilet. And continually wear chemicallyresistant gloves when you’re spreading the grout ‘rationale it will possibly dry out your palms.Now due to the fact that this is just one tile, what i will do is clearly smoosh the groutinto the grout line. And then, i’m going to transfer the grout float at a forty five attitude acrossthe grout line. And to be able to add the mild despair within the grout that i want and removea just right part of it off the surface of the tile.If you want to entirely get a niceclean sweep, that you could maintain the grout go with the flow at a ninety perspective.Let the grout established in line with the instructional materials on the bagso anywhere from 15-20 minutes,most often. You’ll be able to boost a haze on the top of the tile, which you’ll be able to then do away with, andI’ll exhibit you that next. Once the grout has installed, it’s time to usea sponge, like this one here, to clean it up. So take a bucket of water. Dunk the spongein. Wring it out. And wipe off the outside. And normally what I find irresistible to do is device thegrout strains so they are a little bit bit concave with the grout sponge. And it’s super importantto get all of the grout off the tile. Or else, if it dries, it’s a multitude ‘purpose certainly,grout hardens up lovely good. Do get the grout off any of the tile surface.And dry it off.After waiting about 60 minutes, what you must do is buff the surface of the tile. And whatI like to make use of is a microfiber fabric. You can also like something else a little bit better. Butin my experience, microfiber cloths are great. And so they do a pleasant job of cleaning off glazedsurfaces like this tile. And the ultimate step is so as to add grout sealerto the grout. All correct. That’s the way you exchange a crackedtile. It wasn’t that dangerous, right? And these ability sets will serve you good to your homeownership journey, proper? So saving yourself $50 here, $seventy five there, it adds up over 30 years,proper? So in case you bought any questions about this particularproject, please let me know in the feedback. Identity’ be more than happy to aid you out. Andremember, if you haven’t already accomplished so, which you could signal up for my electronic mail e-newsletter bygoing to HomeRepairTutor.Com. You can get new guidelines that’ll help prevent money, time, andmake you consider much less overwhelmed with all of the initiatives that you’ve. Every single week,get these pointers each Friday. So signal up for the e-mail newsletter.And that you could additionally subscribeto my YouTube channel over on YouTube. So that’s it for at present. Thanks so muchfor losing by using. I fairly admire it. And i’m going to see you within the subsequent video..

Tiling Tips and Techniques for Bathroom Remodeling (Quick Tips) — by Home Repair Tutor

K, so at present were going to be talkingabout some random tiling guidelines and tactics. So why do you need to watch this video? Youwant to watch your video if youre going to be redoing your toilet and striking tileon the shower encompass or youre going to be putting tile on the ground, even in thekitchen. If youre going to be tiling the kitchen, have been going to provide you with guidelines onthe form of tile to use on walls and flooring, what kind of thinset to make use of for massive formattiles so they dont slide down the wall, what sort of instruments will help you out, andso much more. So it this a comprehensive video? It’s not. Is it a video thatll make yousmarter in relation to tiling? I definite hope so. Due to the fact these are pointers that Ive learnedover the final twelve years remodeling my own condominium houses here in Pittsburgh and tipsthat Ive learned from my chum, Steve White, who is a reputable grasp rest room remodeler.So hold on. Had been going to offer you some splendid recommendations right here. Lets jump into thevideo right now.The first tip that I desired to offer you hasto do with the tubs and showers. Now my individual preference is to have massive format tile. Sothese tiles right here are 12 x 36. Theyre beautiful gigantic. And incidentally, anythingthat has it longer than an 18 edge to it’s regarded a huge layout tile and needsspecial thinset such that it wont slide down the wall each time you go to stick it.Why do i like giant format tiles? Theyre method less difficult to wash, principally if you getlarge layout tiles which have a sleek surface to them.You just squeegee them down, youregood to move. You can also disagree with me on this, and that i wholly get it, that its an aestheticthing, and possibly you adore subway tiles, so go for it. In case you like subway tiles, go forit. However in my expertise, in case you hate cleaning up the lavatory, significant structure tiles are theway to head. What about flooring? Whats a good tile forthe flooring? Specifically in the bathroom? My individually preference for flooring tiles in bathroomsare tiles that have a little bit bit of grip to them. That method, while you step out of the showeror the bath, youre not going to slip and fall to your rear end. And thats whatthese tiles have. Theres some special grip to it. And i entirely get you can also no longer likethis on the grounds that you would make the argument that youd ought to smooth them somewhat bit more,and thats totally proper.However I suppose its now not a bad inspiration to have grippiness to the tilesso you dont slip and fall. In any case, the lavatory is going to be moist. Equal factor goesfor the kitchen or mudroom. So just preserve that in mind when youre opting for your tile.One other high-quality, stable tip is every time youre tiling in the bathub or the bathe, make sureyou tile the entire way up to the ceiling. Now why do you want to try this? You want to dothat considering that it actuallyagain, that is simply my opinionis extra work to go away thatsection of drywall going around the top of the bathtub or the bathe. Plus, drywall isntwaterproof. Although you set a latex layer of paint over high of it, it’s going to still bubbleup over time chiefly if youre taller and the entire water splashes off of you andgoes onto the drywall.So spend the extra $50, $one hundred, $150 to buy the tile for the tophere for the top element of your tub or your bathe.Now Im going to offer you a technique to avoid wasting money to your tile. Keep on one secondhere, I wish to exhibit you anything. So this tile here has a steel profile that appears justlike this before you place it behind the tile, and this is made by way of Schluter.Schluter makesa ton of profiles like this one in many exclusive colours, and its way more rate effectiveto use this than pencil-trimmed tile or bull nostril tile. So hold this in mind whilst you wantto do a tile in your bathe or your bathtub. Now I wish to provide you with some accent tile guidelines.Its consistently just right to select an accent tile that is the particular identical thickness because the surroundingtile. So with the aid of that I imply this tile, as you’ll find right here, is set thick. This tileis thick. When you go to place each tiles in your waterproofing membrane or waterproofingboard, that means theyll be exactly the equal thickness. Itll be first-rate and flush. Thiswont be sticking out. Now if this tile is thinner than the encircling tile, whatyou do is put a bit of Schluter DITRA at the back of it since the DITRA is only about 1/8thick. So you set this in the back of the accent tile, and in an effort to pull the accent tile out tomake it flush with the encompassing tiles.So now Im going to give you three tipsthatll give you high-quality watching grout joints. Tip # 1 is to use a excessive great thinset mortarfor vertical tile, specially in case your vertical tile is a enormous layout tile. Which thinsetsdo we like? We like Ardex X 77 especially for significant format tiles when you consider that it preventsyour huge tiles from sliding down the wall, squooshing your tile mosaic. We also likeMapeis Kerabond considering that its a first-rate thinset on your tile flooring. And these thinsetscombined with horseshoe shims and the Tuscan Seamclips will support you get effective lookinggrout joints.You want to use horseshoe shims in between your tile mosaics. Positioningthem in between the tile mosaic grout joints to preclude those tiny little grout jointsfrom being smooshed. That you can also use these in between tiles. The Tuscan Seamclips areused to avert tile lippage. That is particularly foremost both on vertical surfaces and onhorizontal surfaces. So examine them out for your self. These are 1/16 horseshoe shims.You can combine two of them to give your self an 1/eight grout joint, which is the size ofgrout joint i admire on the grounds that its small sufficient that its not too seen, but no longer toobig that it appears weird and itll accumulate grim and dust and all that jazz. So the smallerthe grout joint, in my view, the you might be. Tuscan Seamclips, be certain youchoose these based upon the thickness of your tile. In poor health put a link down within the descriptionso that you would be able to investigate it out for yourself. Or which you can take a seem at this video proper here,which I made on the Tuscan Seamclips and the Tuscan system mostly.I almost put out of your mind, you should utilize the Tuscan Seamclips both on vertical tile surfaces and horizontalsurfaces, like floors.Do the precise identical factor with the horseshoe shims.This subsequent tip is concerning the design of giant structure tiles, in particular elongated tiles.These 12 x 36 tiles, we staggered them in thirds and the purpose why, for those who dontdo that youll get tile lippage, and thats now not just right. You need to do the unique identical thingwhen it involves 12 x 24 tiles or tiles which can be elongated on the floor. You wantto stagger them with the aid of thirds in order that, again, you dont get tile lippage and stub yourtoe on the tile. So what about grouts? What are a few of thegrouts that would make your existence loads simpler? Well one in all them is known as QuartzLock.Thisis by way of Bostik. And whats great about it is its a urethane-based grout. Its alreadypre-blended, so that you dont need to mix it. Its obtained special colour consistency. Andits going to last for a year or two to your garage. So in case you ever have a challenge,which you could at all times simply fill it in with this.Thats the other first-rate thing. While you useBostiks QuartzLock, when you leave out a spot, that you can simply take some and fill it in andwipe it off. Now you must work speedily with a urethane-established grout. However now not onlyis the color consistency there, it’s stain-resistant. You dont have got to seal it. And also you donthave to mix it up. So thats lovely wonderful. One more style of grout that you simply must checkout is by Ardex. Ardex, spelled A-R-D-E-X, they make best sanded and non-sanded grouts.So verify out the Ardex line of grouts. That is what some professionals like to make use of. Butagain, you determine out Ardex. That you may examine out Bostiks, spelled B-O-S-T-I-okay, groutline and notice which one will suit your needs. You constantly want to use silicone sealant ifyou can within the corners of your shower or bathtub. The purpose why is this corner is subjectedto growth and contraction.So if youre now not using silicone and you utilize grout, thegrout will ultimately pop and crack over time, which isnt just right. So in the corners, usesilicone. And likewise, when it comes to bathtubs, itsgood to position one hundred% silicone between the bathtub and the backside of the primary tile.All correct, so those are the recommendations and techniques on tiling for today. I completely get that thisis not comprehensive. Its extra common to get your brain style of churning and get yousome suggestions in an effort to support you out together with your possess tiling project. If youre planning yourown DIY rest room transform, you must investigate out BathroomRepairTutor.Com, especially ifyoure looking to tile a ground, a shower surround, put in the bathtub and do the plumbing,and a lot more, well aid you out with that.Just discuss with BathroomRepairTutor.Com.That is it for today. Sick see you down in the feedback. Identity be completely satisfied to answerany questions you could have. Take care. Well talk to you soon.Man, we dont get too many days like this in Pittsburgh. It is out of the ordinary. I figuredId show you what its like. Its March. Its just about 70 external. Topnotch!.

How to Waterproof a Shower (Hydro Ban Board) — by Home Repair Tutor

At present have been going to show you the best way to waterproofa shower utilizing HYDRO BAN Board. That is exceptional seeing that: quantity one, its super mild. Thisis a three toes through 5 feet via inch thick piece of HYDRO BAN Board. The froth core is completelywaterproof. So in the event you accidentally pierce the fleece, you dont go the whole approach by means of,the board is going to remain water resistant. You simply want three things to water-resistant a showersurround: you need the boards; you want the ceramic coated screws; and, you want the HYDROBAN sealant. That is it. Obviously you need some common tools, however well share this withyou in todays video, and have been also going to show you tips on how to create a custom showerniche, which is the whole width of the back wall, in this tub/bathe combo.When you put backer board up on a tub with a flange, you cant just put it down overtop of this flange due to the fact that it bellow out the board.So everything needs to be flatagainst the studs for the reason that the bellowing out part goes to be a problem whilst you tile.Youll see the whole thing exceptional and straight right here, and youll see it style of curb out.And itll make the whole thing a nightmare so far as tiling. You quite want a flat, straightsubstrate all the method right down to the bathtub. So two ways you are able to do it: you could sit the boardjust sitting on top of the flange and then fill within the discipline beneath; or that you may fur outthe wall out a quarter inch so that board can slide straight down onto the bathtub. So weregoing to do a blend of the both on this problem. Our walls already have half of inchdrywall up, so have been form of dictated to that thickness.So weren’t going to beable to fur this out and allow that to move over the tub. Were just going to have tokeep it above the bathtub deck and fill in that void. But on the again wall, itd be realeasy simply so as to add some furring strips to this after which permit that backer board to head on.And clearly what Im going to be utilizing is just a piece of plywood that I ripped downtwo inches. I to find it essentially the most affordable to purchase anything like this. Its quarterinch plywood; its customarily $20-$25 a sheet. You rip it down and have a lot of furringstrips. Okay, so have been simply going to place this rightover our framing. As you will see that, we now have an exciting layout for a niche. Werejust going to move from wall to wall. The best way have been able to try this is that this is abasement, and none of this framing is load bearing in any respect. So preserve in intellect to do somethinglike this, its really going to require a non-load bearing wall to be equipped to createa niche like this.Im now not pronouncing you cant do it otherwise; youll simply have a lotmore framing and a header to support the whole thing. So this exciting tile niche cant reallybe executed. In particular if its an exterior wall, it simply cant be accomplished, you know. Itsnot going to be a excellent proposal to have a niche on that again wall.However in actual fact simply putting these furring strips even with my boards. And Im just goingto use a roofing nailer.Which you can most likely just screw everything collectively.So again, we simply added the inch plywood to all of the studs on this main bathe wall.That allowed us to drop the first piece of HYDRO BAN Board over high of the bathtub flange.So Im just going to reduce this down to twenty-two and a half of. Allow this to prolong over theniche a little bit bit, and then sick reduce these even with these studs.So we simply snapped a chalk line here to get our measurement for this first board and simplyused a utility knife to cut via the HYDRO BAN Board. Its relatively, particularly effortless to cutand work with. So we need to do some little bit of a notch forthis flange just to get this to slip down.You need to position a bead of this Laticrete sealagainst the bathtub deck so it helps cozy the board but additionally make it water resistant.Maximum stud spacing must be sixteen inches on middle, and the highest screw spacing is 12inches on core. Now, we used the 1-5/eight Laticrete screws for this assignment and counter-sunkthe screw heads in order that they were flush with the highest of the boards. And then we used ourFein multi-device to decrease the HYDRO Board and make it flush with our bathe area of interest framing.This rather helped out fairly a bit of. And we just received our second size for the topboard, after which we have been equipped to reduce that down to measurement utilizing a utility knife. That you could seehow convenient it is to use these boards for our customized shower.One high-quality thing about this foam board is that its very convenient to scribe cut and to getit into situation in comparison with a cement board. For the highest board, we use the screws every12 inches, and be aware you dont want any sort of washer for the wall panels.So once more, wejust used a utility knife to cut the back facet of this HYDRO BAN Board, after which thefront aspect too. And then had been going to be utilising our Fein multi-device to reduce this downand to shape it and make it appear good. Now, the cool factor about HYDRO BAN Board is youcan also use it to type the niche. It continually makes sense to do the bottom first,type of like flashing the window. And you wish to have to only make certain that that is slopingtowards the shower. You dont need to have this leaning in given that certainly a lot watercan simply sit here on this wall.Have been about level, so what Im going to do is add alittle bit of sealant underneath the again edge of this in order that i can pitch this. Youcan additionally use thinset if in case you have thinset blended up.So you need to move on your high front aspect first. And Im just going to place a bead again herejust to aid supply a bit bit of slope to it.So its fairly primary that while you use the HYDRO BAN Board within the bathe area of interest, youcompress it up towards the sealant.Then you use the screws to connect to the wooden stud.Good be waterproofing these screws later. Like I stated, you dont want lots. Justmake certain that that bubbles on the back aspect of the niche all of the approach along. As youcould see, id say thats typically a few quarter inch fall there. So simply the lastthing you need to do is have your waterproofing sloping closer to the again wall. So as to bekind of a nightmare on this trouble. And again, right here had been utilizing our Fein multi-toolto reduce out the HYDRO BAN Board and to shape it and make it nice and flush with the boardthats under the area of interest.And then well get our size for the again wall, cuttingthat to measurement making use of the chalk line and utility knife. Then were going to place that alongthe again wall making use of the sealant. So considering this is a drywall wall, I obviouslycant get any screws into this or sick be poking outside of my wall. So have been basicallygoing to be simply sealing this whole thing with the Latasil sealant, and thats basicallyhow its going to be adhered along with the facet boards conserving it in place.Use a lot of sealant if youre constructing a identical niche, after which compress the boardinto that considering the fact that you need the board to be satisfactory and plumb.And any sealant that oozesout, soft it utilising a putty knife. Here were making use of more sealant to the highest of that boardand to the bottom of the top board, after which had been going to place our piece over topof all that sealant and screw it in place. One can find how quick it is to build a customshower niche utilizing HYDRO BAN Board.So on this one, its going to be a littleunusual in view that of the best way our niche is, however I want to have this board slide into the niche.So had been going to measure from the area of interest over to our wall here. So we acquired 33 andscribe reduce that. My drywalls slightly bit uneven. Had been hanging this board correct ontop of that bath flange, so well go 20 3/eight and 31 . This is going to enter our niche.Three and seven/8. We can just chalk this all the approach down, and then we reduce out these sections.And well measure over to our spout. So 14 . And off our flange, which is best aboutan inch and 7/eight.Im simply going to make use of a spade bit for that hole. In order that gets ourspot for our Moen valve. You dont want to have whatever better than 4 inches,so were simply going to make use of a four inch bore bit. However you would reduce this out with a utilityknife when you desired to. Before we set this in position, pull this backout and get our sealant. On this case, you wish to have to have a just right quantity within the nook,after which i try to go on high of this flange as good. Its no longer a foul thought to check out to sealit to the highest right here.Surely in the area of interest. Round. And truly in the corner. Okay,now we can scribe cut against our drywall right here.We utilized sealant to the bottom of this board in view that its a lot simpler than applying itto the top of the other one. As one can find, were applying a lot ofsealant to the brink of the board and within the shower niche. So were doing this forthe top board as well.And along the tub lip for this bathtub/bathe combo. That manner when youadd the board, youre going to be sealing it to the sealant.You just want to make sure this is sitting above the flange thats not bellowing out.So once more, had been applying sealant to the backside of this little piece in view that itsmuch simpler than having it to the top of the board and simply screwing it in location.So, well go forward and deal with the entire seams in the corners. I most commonly like to begin inthe corners just for the reason that that used probably the most of it.This corner trowel fairly is available in helpful this tub/bathe comboreally any bathe. If youcan get your fingers on one, its first-rate. You definitely want to observe copious amounts ofsealant to the corners and use that trowel to unfold it.When youre making use of this corner trowel, just pay attention to creating the whole thing as tightas viable. Due to the fact that as soon as this Laticrete dries, these things is fairly difficult stuff. So yourejust fairly paying concentration to retaining the whole lot smooth and flat in the corners.So wellgo forward and do the niche right here, too. Go across our seams.All HYDRO BAN Board seams must be sealed with the sealant, together with the alternate ofplane in the shower niche. So you just want to use a putty knife to do this. Were alsogoing to be sealing all of the screw heads, but smoothing out the seams is really major.Anything you’ve gotten extra, be certain you use each bit of that and go over any screw heads.That you could simply apply a dab of sealant over high of the screw heads and simply use your puttyknife to fill in any closing heads that arent sealed. This is particularly convenient to do,and its instead speedy. K, so around this pipe flange, this iskind of pleasant. That you could simply use this and seal throughout that pipe. Id say that one ofa complex field for waterproofing is that this pipe flange. So being ready to seal againstthere if any water gets in the back of that bathtub spout, which it is going to.Considering that on a bath spout therereally is no seal that goes in opposition to the tile or the wall. The most you would do is silicone,which appears pretty ugly. So being competent to seal around that’s going to make sure that thatstay waterproof. So now for the bathtub flange to fill this areain, had been just going to be striking an actual beneficiant quantity of this, truly fillingthis whole field with it. Sick simply use the surplus and throw it on this side so I wontwaste any of this. And i additionally like to fill in this whole subject towards the tub; this isanother complex field. So in filling this entire discipline in opposition to thistub flange, its a just right thought to have water resistant material sitting in contrast bath. When Ihave this feathered out pretty much, Im going to must like tile this, Im goingto need to come to be drywall mudding over a few of this.You could simply fill this discipline in.The final step used to be to apply the sealant betweenthe HYDRO BAN Board and the drywall. This just waterproofs that transition and givesyou a bit of more insurance that water wont ruin the drywall. Now if youre curious,this is what the finished challenge appears like. And if youre doing a similar bathe, HYDROBAN Board could definitely be a massive help. It only took us a couple of hours to waterproofthe bathtub/bathe combo in todays video. We in reality began tiling on the equal day. Soif you wish to have to speed up your shower building method, HYDRO BAN Board is a excellent choice.And its budget friendly versus the opposite foam boards that are out there.So makesure you name your Laticrete vendor to assess out the rate; I dont suppose youll bedisappointed. We definitely were not. Now if youre building a bath/bathe comboin a basement toilet and you wish to have our checklist, and you need entry to the first few modulesof our on-line path, click on right right here, add your title and e mail address when you go overto our internet site. Well ship you the checklist, and youll be in a position to peer the first severalmodules of our new direction, which is super. Thanks for looking at todays video. We hopeyou acquired some excellent guidelines, and good see you in the next one..

Home Improvements & Maintenance : How Do Refrigerators Work?

Hi, i am Tim Gipson, i’m going to speak to youabout how fridges work. Now refrigerators work very like an air conditioner, simplest anair conditioner that simply cools the within of the refrigerator. Now what it has is ithas a condenser motor within the base of the fridge and it is going to be within the back right here. And whatit does is it takes a refrigerant and it circulates it over through some evaporator coils so thatthe warmness is released and because the warmth is released, the refrigerant gets very cold and you’llhave a fan so you’ll be able to hear your refrigerator and absolutely you’ll be able to hear it strolling and there’stwo matters doing. There’s a fan that is drawing some air in after which there’s additionally a compressorthat’s taking that refrigerant and because it goes via the process, it’s compressing it backso that as it comes back and expands again it releases it can be warmth, becomes very bloodless andit can genuinely circulate by way of the fridge and make the fridge cold.And that aircirculates from the front right here circulates by way of and out the back and then inside of therefrigerator and primarily at present, you have a variety of electronic controls the place you canactually set the specified temperatures after which because the air blows over the coils and will get verycold, then it is blown into the refrigerator box and maintains certainly cold air circulatingin right here to whatever temperature you want to your fridge or in your freezer. SoI’m Tim Gipson and that is how a fridge works..

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