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How to Install a Garage Organization Wall System

Good day, pals. Its Jeff with house RepairTutor. And today Im going to share with you the best way to organize your storage and make itinto a dream house. And have been going to be doing that utilising the Kobalt garage OrganizationalWall Mount method, okay? So had been going to get all of your litter off the ground, outof the way, onto the wall, and before you comprehend it, your garage is going to seem likea dream. So lets get began. Ive acquired a ton of hints for you.All proper, neighbors. So that is what the finished product appears like. You might have your okay Rail installedon the wall. Then you’ve your whole special add-ons on that. So have been going to getyou to that point.And the first thing that you simply ought to do is investigate the design ofthe ok Rail. While you get a record, what you have got to buyis the Kobalt k Rail. Now it comes with 50 sections. Youll must verify how muchK Rail you want. But just about, that is what you hang for your wall with screws. Andthen youll put hangers on it like so, k? So you cling the hangers on the okay Rail.Now if youre like me and also you must screw into cinder block, youre going to haveto purchase Tapcon concrete anchors or some type of concrete anchor. The opposite instruments that youshould use are a bevel, a measuring tape <duh>, some earmuffs, a hammer drill if you happen to needto go into cinder block or just a commonplace drill if youre going into wooden, a laserlevel if in case you have one but you dont necessarily need it, a combination square, and a Sharpiemarker.Thats typically the whole lot that you simply ought to install the k Rail.Youre going to need to mount the k Rail on the wall, ok? So as a way to do this,the first step is to drill holes into it. Im going to drill two holes on every edgeof the ok Rail 2 in. The next two holes are going to be 25 in from the brink sincethe k Rails a total of fifty lengthy. So one here and one right here.Role your ok Rail on the wall, k? And use both a laser level, like Im usinghere, or a typical level like this one, k? Just make sure <whoa!> that the KRail is where you wish to have it to be.Use your degree, ok? Make sure that the bubble islevel. And that you could draw a line throughout your wall. Once you have that line based,find the center high gap and make a mark in your line that corresponds with that gap.The next move is to take your Tapcon drill bit and set it in order that its longerthan the depth of your Tapcon screw. Set your hammer drill to the hammer drill setting.Stick it on the mortar joint over your cinder block and drill away. Put your Tapcon screwin the core gap that you simply made within the okay Rail. Dril by way of probably about . Setit within the gap that you made within the cinder block, again making certain that this is degree,all right? Both use your laser stage or set your level on prime.Im utilising a pressure right here. Ratchet down on the Tapcon screw. The subsequent thing that you simply do is use your hammerdrill to drill a gap into the cinder block in the bottom gap of your ok Rail. Take asecond Tapcon, slide it into the gap that you just made, and ratchet down on in. Andyou do the equal approach for the holes on the ends of the ok Rail.The hooks are particularly easy to put in on the ok Rail method. So what you do is you lookfor the J form, hold it over the ok Rail, and snap it into position. And then in case you wantto, that you may transfer it from side to side. Simply slide it from side to side.If you wish to take an accessory off you can either bend it up and out or slide it offthe finish.Simply that handy. All correct every person, thats how you do it.Thats the way you prepare your garage and make it look amazing. I will be able to tell you thatmy wife is tremendous blissful. And there shes standing right at the back of the digicam. So I cansee her smile, right? So in case you have any questions, let me recognize.Identity be more than completely satisfied to support you out with your own task.And undoubtedly visit HomeRepairTutor.Com,sign up for my email newsletter considering the fact that youre going to get a ton of extremely good guidelines. Andyou can go there and consider more movies. So except subsequent time, take care. Have a greatday! [Outtakes]simply to galvanize upon my spouse how robust these are, check this out! Relatively robust! Ow! Ipulled a hammie! Just a little bit.

Stop Mold & Mildew with Wet & Forget Indoor

Hey, DIY Nation! It is Jeff with HomeRepairTutor,and at present I’ve acquired a brand new product for you. It can be referred to as moist & forget Indoor mold+ Mildew disinfecting cleaner. I conducted a 3 week scan making use of pumpkins, ofall things, and the outcome are extraordinary! So i will share that with you. Any placethat you’ve gotten bought moisture like exterior walls or bathrooms or kitchens, this product isgoing to help you out. So keep tuned and i’m going to show you the place you should utilize it. Oh, and that i’llshow you these pumpkins. All correct, my pals. As you will see that hereon my iPhone, it is Thursday, November twenty first, at 9:22, and these are the pumpkins. (Letme simply center of attention in right here.) These are the pumpkins that we carved over 24 days in the past on October29th. And the cause why i am displaying you these pumpkins is that they should be totally disgusting,but they are no longer.And it is considering that I sprayed them with moist & fail to remember Indoor. So let’s takea nearer seem here. All correct. So, here you go. This pumpkin wasactually eaten by using deer earlier this morning. They ate all around it. You may expect after24 days, this pumpkin will seem just definitely horrible. So that’s the one that the deerate. After which that is the one who they failed to consume. So yeah, there’s somewhat bit of moldon the within that i could not spray. I couldn’t attain this. All I did was spray the actualback of the pumpkin and backside.But as you will find right here after 24 days, there isn’t a moldor mildew on the within of this organic gourd. So if wet & forget Indoor can do this fora pumpkin, simply imagine what it may possibly do to your condominium.Wet & disregard Indoor is best for kitchen garbage cans and recycling bins. All of us knowhow gross and disgusting the backside of these containers can get. And it’s a perfect breedingground for micro organism and mould development. So spray the bottom of the rubbish can or your recyclingbin.Let it sit for 10 minutes. Wipe it down or let it air dry. Then which you can put in yournew rubbish bag or as many beer cans as you want.And making use of wet & fail to remember Indoor on the outside garbage cans customarily isn’t a bad idea.In the event you reside with a man within the condominium, you know that this field of the toilet gets lovely dangerous.So what you could do is comfortably spray it down, and clean it off after 10 minutes.And the back of the bathtub is ripe for mould growth. So spraying proper here is a greatoption. Biofilm is what creates that pungent, nastysmell that emanates from your sink drain. What you would do is spray down the drainthe great which you could with moist & overlook Indoor. Just let it sit down. Give it a shot. Who knows,possibly this will likely get rid of that nasty smell. And wet & forget Indoor is first-class for any exteriorwalls that get numerous moisture. Definitely, you want to repair that moisture main issue if youcan.For those who cannot for the reason that you have obtained earth behind this wall or actually four tons of gravel,then spraying down this wall is a exceptional option at preventing mildew progress.Lovely cool stuff, right? Mainly the pumpkin part. When you’ve got dampness to your apartment,like I do on these exterior partitions and you can’t fix them or in case your toilet or yourkitchen are prone to mildew and micro organism and all kinds of crazy, nasty stuff, you shouldcheck out the moist & forget Indoor. I really suppose you’ll like this product.So let me know within the comments where you suppose that you just could use it in your own condo. Andif you have not already finished so, talk over with HomeRepairTutor.Com. Sign up for my e-mail newsletter so you canget fairly pleasant guidelines week in and week out.Unless the subsequent video, have a pleasant day. AndI’ll talk to you soon. Moist & disregard Indoor is perfect for kitchengarbage cans and recycling boxes due to the fact that we all know how funky and gross the backside ofyour garbage can or recycling bin can get. It’s a superb greeding bround… It can be a perfectgreeding bround… What the heck…? Whilst we’re on the topic of garbage cans,use the moist & disregard Indoor on the outdoor garbage cans is not a foul ideaaa…!!!.

Fix a Running Toilet…Fill Valve Replacement — by Home Repair Tutor

In this video were going to exhibit you howto fix a jogging toilet via changing the fill valve.The 400H replaces a form of different fill valves, which you can find on the part of thebox. Again, that is the 400H-002. When you open the field, there are only some objects inthere. Its simply the fill valve, the instructions, and then some extra constituents, which weregoing to exhibit you the best way to use just a little bit later within the video.These 400 series fill valves were round due to the fact that the 1950s, so theyve been aroundfor a long time.First step is to show the water off with theshut off valve. When you’ve got an historic shut off valve, I totally advise the SharkBite fittings.Theyre best. Simply just slide onto a piece of copper pipe. You have to prep thepipe a little bit bit earlier than you do this. We even have an pleasant video that indicates you howto use these. In order that , the SharkBite fitting will spin on the copper.The next step is to flush the bathroom and to dispose of the toilet tank lid to see how muchwater is left in there. Pull down on the lever of the bathroom tank until most of the wateris removed from the tank. And then you should utilize a sponge or a fabric to cast off the excesswater from the tank. This best takes a minute or two. Tremendous easy.Then dispose of the water provide line thats linked to the historic fill valve, and itsgood to have a bucket for this. Get rid of the nut from the old fill valve, after which takeoff the hose and get rid of the fill valve from the historical toilet tank. Inspect the gasket onthe new fill valve.Its probably within the correct function, but just double assess thatthats the case. After which insert the 400H down into the tank and dry match that hosethatsgoing to be foremost. We must measure the height from the highest of the flush valveto the top blue cap of the fill valve. That desires to be three inches. So thats goingto be a particularly important factor to this installation.The opposite thing is, the highest of the flush valve wishes to be one inch beneath the tank leverlocation. Were going to unscrew the fill valve. Weregoing to make it bigger in order that when we go to dry fit it, we now have the three inches betweenthe high of the flush valve and the top of the blue cap there.Now, this little clamp goes on high of the flush valve, and have been going to cut ourrubber hose to the right measurement so that it wont be interfering with the backside of the tanktop.So again, have been simply putting that hose over into the slot of that little clamp. Andwere simply dry fitting it. Now, this nut is for the new fill valve. Weregoing to place that on like so. You need to make certain that that is tight due to the fact that you dontneed some other instruments to tighten the fill valve. After which have been going so as to add the supply lineto the bottom of the fill valve.Once more, were just going to be hand-tightening all of theseparts. You shouldnt want any variety of tool. Then, had been going to show the water on, andwere going to let the water upward push and see how excessive it goes to the highest of the flush valvepipe. Now, on this case, theres a bit of knobfor each the bowl water and the toilet tank water. We want to be certain that the waterheight is set inch from the top of this pipe.So that you may make a mark on that. Andthen which you can turn the little lever to adjust the height. So on this case, if youre turningit clockwise, youre going to raise the peak in the bathroom tank. You simply need toflush it one more time and let the water upward thrust back as much as make sure that its about inchbelow the top of that pipe. Now, had been going to verify the water in thebowl. Make a mark on the inside of the bowl with a pencil. The pencil mark should be justabove the water line. Then pour one gallon of water into the toilet bowl, but be careful.Dont do that too rapidly or itll flush the toilet, which isnt excellent. So you wantto pour the one gallon of water in slowly until it fills the bowl.Now, flush the toilet and notice where it refills within the bowl. If the water line is above yourpencil mark, theres an excessive amount of water within the bowl. If its under that mark, therestoo little.And which you can regulate the height of the water within the bowl with this blue knobthats hooked up to the 400H. It should handiest take ten to fifteen minutesto install this new 400H fill valve, and itll make your toilet run a lot quieter and havea extra powerful flush. All the presents that we used for this tutorialare down within the description. And if in case you have any questions about Fluidmasters 400H,consider free to ask. Im comfortable to help you out. Ive been utilising Fluidmaster productsfor years now, they usually most likely support you are making your project much, much less difficult.Thanks for staring at todays video, and well see you in the subsequent one..

Schluter┬«-DITRA Over Wood in a Bathroom (Part 1) – by Home Repair Tutor

Earlier than I head within, let me explain whatwere going to be doing here. Have been going to exhibit you the way to set up Schluter DITRAon wood plywood. So in this video youre going to get all of the tips and methods thatyou need to do this your self. And eventually, weve obtained a quite cool present for you ifyoure going to be remodeling your bathroom. So stay tuned unless the end due to the fact I thinkyoure quite going to love what we ought to tell you. All right, lets dive intothe tutorial right now. Were going to go ahead and install theunderlayment for tile on a wood subfloor.Considering the fact that Ive been utilizing this method no longer onlydoes it make the floor water-resistant, however its significantly turbo and easier. And the technologybehind this product ensures that your tile isnt going to be subjected to expansionand contraction of the wooden youre going over.Now there are some matters you ought to don’t forget earlier than installing any tile and knowing whatyour joint spacing is, realizing the thickness of the wood that youre applying it over.Ideally, if its plywood you need to be as a minimum thick. Now there are some engineeredspecs. If youre going out 24 on-middle and youre utilising stone, youre going tohave to thicken that subfloor for deflection. But on a natural set up, if youre doingporcelain tile, subfloor or general 16 on-middle joint, this product is goingto be best for you. It makes it very easy. Its known as Schluter DITRA.And basicallythis is simply an uncoupling membrane that ill be adhering directly over the plywood, andthen the tile will likely be hooked up over top of this. Thinsetting this to the ground, and thenthinsetting the tile to this. And the ideatheres numerous concept and technological know-how and engineeringput into this productbut the basics are that this separates the plywood layer fromthe tile and allowing just common expansion and contraction of that wooden to not transferthrough the tile. So its higher than striking a cement boarddown.At the present time if you put cement board down, youd almost want to nonetheless put this overtop of it. But now not simplest does this help maintaining that switch of enlargement and contraction,however it is also water-proof. I mean, whats higher than that? I imply you could have your toiletoverflow or children are making a lot of splash within the tub, having this water-resistant gives youconfidence and peace of mind, and its now not going to wreck whatever under it. Theresway too commonly that I pull up a toilet and that i see the timber wholly rotted round thatwhole field. Now granted it customarily has to do with a variety of the bathroom leaking itself,however for those who used a product like this thats going to keep that from happening.So theres quite a lot of benefits of doing it.For me in my opinion, its so handy andlight. I will be able to reduce it with a utility knife. Im not inhaling any dust with the aid of reducing allthat concrete board. I dont have got to screw some thing down; Im just thinsetting it.So its an extraordinarily handy product to put in. So theres a few add-ons that gowith it. Its the precise membrane itself, and these are available all distinct dimension rolls.For this little bathroom discipline, that you could regularly just get a 50-sq-feet roll and be excellent.It comeswith the KERDI Band. This is precisely the equal stuff that we used for across the tub surroundto waterproof the joints of the KERDI Board. So you wish to have to place this over any seam in thecorners of the room and wrap that up the wall so that you’ve a excellent, water resistant, tightfloor. And you want to use the KERDI fix. That is in particular to fill the gap betweenthe tub and DITRA. So well show you find out how to set up that. And then id say one ofthe very fundamental facets of that is using the right notch trowel. Schluter makes a trowelspecifically for DITRA. Its 1164; its essentially 3/sixteen rectangular notch trowel. Thiswill make adhering this down to the subfloor the appropriate thickness.And another exceptional thingabout it’s if youre utilizing a right notch trowel, now not handiest do you get a best, flat surface,however you can instantly set up tile over high of this in case you wanted to or try to attemptto install tile the identical day you place the underlayment down. Most different products youre just notgoing to be equipped to have the time to try this, chiefly if you use cement boards. Itsgoing to take you half a day to install that. And by the time you get to doing the tile,its generally previous the time you need to work. So good go ahead and put this down. Itsa high-quality product, and well exhibit you the way handy and simple it is to do your self.So the first thing you need to do is just todry match this down.And the guideline of thumb is clearly seeking to keep a expose betweenthe edge of the floor and the DITRA. And Schulter recommends thisand that is peculiarly importantto keep inside their warrantyyou want to have a spread joint between the threshold ofthe floor and the DITRA itself. So when youre dry fitting, simply keep that in intellect; and thatsaround all areas. In opposition to the tub as good. Maintain a hole between the bathtub and the DITRA.Now Im simply going to hard cut this before applying thinset.Ok, so the primary you wish to have to do after getting your first piece dry outfitted, is to makesure your surface is all smooth. Take any of the drywall mud that perhaps caught to thefloor. Some thing that can in all likelihood jeopardize the thinset thats going to adhere to theactual plywood. So ensure your surface is smooth and dust proof. I imply dust can actuallykeep that thinset from bonding to the the plywood.And what you need to do to use the DITRA to your timber subfloor is utilizing modified thinset.So ensure something you buy or whatever youre looking at buying, that itsgoing to be modified.Now thats what you wish to have to stick right down to the subfloor. And tokeep that layer of thinset from right away getting dried out from the plywoodbecauseplywoods most likely wood, I imply its certainly wood, however its dry. And as quickly as you putdown that thinset, you dont want it to suck the moisture out of the thinset too speedily.So simply take a humid sponge; it doesnt must be soaking moist. Good just wipe downyour subfloor, within the areas that youre going to be striking this DITRA. So this willalso take any dust off. You just do a rapid as soon as over prior to installing the DITRA.Okay, so after I combined this thinset, I made it very loose.It desires to type of fall offthe trowel. You want to try to use the maximum amount of water to your thinset says thatit can do considering that you want to have this very thick. Simply enabling it to unfold this outand be equipped to stick it to the DITRA properly. So Im going to position a bunch out right here.Step one like all tile surroundings is to organization the thinset into the gentle floor.Sojust taking the flat surface of your trowel and simply working it into the plywood. I usuallyjust do an field of arms length in to get that full discipline. Slightly more. So simply getthat layer thinset down, and take a look at to brush everything in the equal course. And then, make sureyou have that reveal. I simply have a general grout drift that i exploit to use pressureto it and put it in position. First time youve accomplished it, I mean youre going to consider forit. For those who use the proper inn trowel and also you simply did what I did, you get rapid insurance policy.You will see that about eighty% of this protected, and thats what youre watching for. So justmake definite you have good insurance plan. We mentioned eighty% coverage within the video, but tryto shoot for 100% if you can. That simply ensures that the DITRA is utterly embedded in thethinset. Okay, so with the right motel trowel, usingtheir DITRA trowel, which you can stroll on this afterwards.It wont indent. Usually in case you kneelon it somewhat bit, that you may in some areas. But if youre using the correct resort trowel,its not going to sink too much. And absolutely for floors beautiful level, its meant to bewalked on immediately afterwards. Do the equal thing on the as you proceed.You probably wondering what Steve is doing here. Hes pounding in any loose ring shanknails. Continuously a just right idea to try this. Okay, so that you just wish to butt this straightup in opposition to the opposite piece of DITRA as close as which you can; it doesnt need to perfect.But stay with that hole across the room here.Its slightly tight around the corner right here, so Im just going to take out a little bitof DITRA to get that expose. And again, that you can just pull a few of this out and makesure youre getting the right amount of insurance policy.Actually, I feel we have a blindspot proper there. So I need to be certain i’ve.Then that you could just use whatever you have left, too. I imply it doesnt must be a fullpiece. Which you could put as many pieces collectively as you need.So on this little mock-up that now we have right here, absolutely we dont have a toilet flangewhere we want the toilet. So on account that this is the mock-up, and its simply the elemental product,we didnt have that put in here. However relatively that is just so simple as cutting round thatflange, retaining that equal expose around the flange. After which youll be able to usethe KERDI repair to go round that lavatory flange, and itll maintain everything water-resistant upthe rest room flange. Now absolutely, I mean, that is waterproofto a point. In case your toilet does overflow, theres absolutely areas around the place yourbolts join and the whole thing that water can get down and under the pipe.So this isntmeant to always be able to take a shower in this room, however its going to keep themajority of the water from splashing out of the bathtub to a few basic water problems from absorbinginto the plywood. All proper. So that is how you put in SchluterDITRA on a timber subfloor. That is truly a component 1 of two video. You can watch the secondvideo right here, and that will exhibit you the best way to totally water-resistant the DITRA in a toilet.Now right here what I desired to let you know about. We’ve got a free video sequence for you if youregoing to be beginning a rest room transform. You can assess that out correct right here, and wellshow you the right way to demo a toilet, put in a brand new bathtub, put in the plumbing, and so muchmore.So once more, examine that out right here. But for at present, when you have any questions aboutthis tutorial, ask them down in the comments. So once more, ask them down in the feedback; wedbe greater than completely satisfied to help you out. And as ordinary, you can constantly click on the subscribebutton if you wish to watch our movies over here on YouTube. They come out each singleTuesday. So thats it for today. Sick see you inthe comments. Take care. Have a good one. Feel it or no longer, its January in Pittsburgh,however its 60, right Kate? No better time to follow delicate ball..

Fix a Running Toilet…Fill Valve Replacement — by Home Repair Tutor

In this video have been going to exhibit you howto fix a strolling rest room by means of changing the fill valve.The 400H replaces a variety of exceptional fill valves, which you’ll find on the side of thebox. Once more, that is the 400H-002. While you open the box, there are only a few items inthere. Its just the fill valve, the instructional materials, after which some extra elements, which weregoing to exhibit you learn how to use a bit bit later within the video.These four hundred sequence fill valves had been round considering that the Nineteen Fifties, so theyve been aroundfor a long time.First step is to turn the water off with theshut off valve. You probably have an historical shut off valve, I tremendously endorse the SharkBite fittings.Theyre excellent. Without difficulty simply slide onto a piece of copper pipe. You must prep thepipe somewhat bit earlier than you do this. We also have an quality video that suggests you howto use these. Simply so you realize, the SharkBite becoming will spin on the copper.The next step is to flush the toilet and to cast off the toilet tank lid to look how muchwater is left in there. Pull down on the lever of the toilet tank except most of the wateris eliminated from the tank. After which you should utilize a sponge or a material to get rid of the excesswater from the tank. This simplest takes a minute or two. Tremendous effortless.Then cast off the water deliver line thats connected to the old fill valve, and itsgood to have a bucket for this.Eliminate the nut from the old fill valve, after which takeoff the hose and get rid of the fill valve from the historic rest room tank. Inspect the gasket onthe new fill valve. Its on the whole in the right position, but just double examine thatthats the case. And then insert the 400H down into the tank and dry match that hosethatsgoing to be foremost. We have got to measure the height from the top of the flush valveto the highest blue cap of the fill valve. That wishes to be three inches. So thats goingto be a fairly fundamental element to this set up.The opposite factor is, the highest of the flush valve desires to be one inch below the tank leverlocation.Had been going to unscrew the fill valve. Weregoing to make it greater in order that when we go to dry match it, we have the three inches betweenthe high of the flush valve and the highest of the blue cap there.Now, this little clamp goes on prime of the flush valve, and had been going to cut ourrubber hose to the correct size in order that it wont be interfering with the backside of the tanktop. So once more, were simply putting that hose over into the slot of that little clamp.Andwere simply dry fitting it. Now, this nut is for the brand new fill valve. Weregoing to place that on like so. You wish to have to be certain that that is tight on account that you dontneed some other tools to tighten the fill valve. And then had been going to add the supply lineto the backside of the fill valve. Again, have been simply going to be hand-tightening all of theseparts. You shouldnt need any kind of tool. Then, had been going to show the water on, andwere going to let the water upward thrust and notice how high it goes to the highest of the flush valvepipe. Now, on this case, theres slightly knobfor each the bowl water and the toilet tank water. We wish to ensure that the waterheight is ready inch from the top of this pipe.So you could make a mark on that. Andthen which you can flip the little lever to regulate the height. So in this case, if youre turningit clockwise, youre going to raise the height in the toilet tank. You simply need toflush it an extra time and let the water rise back as much as be certain that its about inchbelow the highest of that pipe. Now, had been going to examine the water in thebowl. Make a mark on the inside of the bowl with a pencil. The pencil mark must be justabove the water line. Then pour one gallon of water into the toilet bowl, but watch out.Dont do that too swiftly or itll flush the toilet, which isnt good. So that you wantto pour the one gallon of water in slowly unless it fills the bowl.Now, flush the bathroom and spot the place it refills within the bowl.If the water line is above yourpencil mark, theres an excessive amount of water in the bowl. If its beneath that mark, therestoo little. And that you can regulate the height of the water in the bowl with this blue knobthats hooked up to the 400H. It will have to handiest take ten to fifteen minutesto set up this new 400H fill valve, and itll make your bathroom run so much quieter and havea more robust flush. The entire supplies that we used for this tutorialare down within the description. And if you have any questions about Fluidmasters 400H,feel free to ask. Im completely happy to support you out. Ive been making use of Fluidmaster productsfor years now, they usually without doubt aid you are making your assignment much, a lot less difficult.Thanks for looking at todays video, and good see you within the next one..

How to Remove a Fiberglass Bathtub and Surround — by Home Repair Tutor

How do you eliminate a bathtub and a fiberglassshower encompass? On this video, my friend, Steve White, fromSRW Contracting, is going to exhibit you step-by-step how to do that. And ultimately, weve received an splendid surprisefor you, courtesy of DeWalt. So learn Steves abilities on this video, andin the top verify out the surprise that we have in store for you, all right? Lets leap into the tutorial right now. Have been going to go forward and get this fiberglassunit out and installed the one-piece fiberglass unit which was established earlier than the framingof the lavatory weve put in.So theres no technique to get this out in onepiece. And it will be pretty rough to get down thesteps and the whole lot else, too. So the very first thing I do is flip off the waterand take out the portions off. Every one is a little bit bit special. So Im going to have got to investigate out whatsneeded. And this one simply threads out. Then i have two screws set up over here. Take the handle off. Take the two screws off the trim. Take the shower head off. Ok, after which regularly you get the showerarm out of the wall with a screwdriver finally. Just wind it out. It gives you a bit of of the leverage. So, and also you probably need to check out to take thedrain meeting apart so that when youre pulling out the tub, youre now not destroyingany plumbing beneath.Commonly this will also be tricky if its prettyold. Many times some of these things doesnt wantto thread out. And theres no longer much you are able to do about that. Frequently I simply take a grinder and finish upcutting the bathtub field out round it simply to be certain that you simply dont have a hindrance. In case you have entry behind it, that you could takethe drain meeting apart at the back of it commonly. But extra occasions in existence youre going to beable to get this unthreaded.Sometimes that little removable software for thedrain assembly is with a pipe wrench. Offers you all the leverage to curve itout. So this bottom pipe, I cant get out. So Im just going to use my grinder andjust reduce off the pipe. It doesnt have got to be pretty. K, then one can find truly it has a tile-surroundedtub. So Im going to get rid of components of that first. K, so now you obtained that each one style of exposedall the way in which across the bathtub. Ok so theres slightly flange that thatdrywall sits down onto. And that goes all the means round this tubas well. Now if I had been keeping this bump-out of wall,i might saw this all down alongside the side of the tub as well to cut this flange becausethe flange goes all of the method down here. Good Im not retaining this nook, so itdoesnt rather subject since Im turning this right into a stroll-in bathe. So I dont have got to worry about retaining thisdrywall nook. And truthfully, even on the other aspect, I woulddo the identical thing if I were preserving the drywall, however Im re-drywalling the room.So that wont fairly topic both. So its particularly just so simple as gettinga saw is all. I exploit like a timber/metallic blade. Multipurpose. I often simply go along with something What is that this? Like 6, eight? Oh, this is 9. So its whatever not too, too lengthy or itsall going to be bind up or whatnot. However continually shut the water off since younever know precisely how the plumbings executed unless you get into this.Ive obvious it where frequently even waterlines are at the back of the bathtub, feeding it. So walking the saw along the nook, you canpotentially reduce that. So shut the water off before you even do that. And you already know, simply were pluming the stroll-inshower, any plumbing that possibly present there over place. So Im going to show you ways so much an areathere is in the back of it.Thats why frequently plumbers simply run alltheir stuff type of loose behind the bathtub in view that there may be area there. So so simple as sawing the nook. Like I mentioned, I dont fairly care about thatcorner. After I use that Sawzall, I consistently type ofangle it down a bit bit in view that you can find how theres wires in that wall. You dont need to have it too far in a wallwhere you might reduce the wires. So I continually style of attitude the Sawzall downa little bit. So now we bought the drain meeting out and stufflike that. We are able to just quite simply pull out the bathtub. So that is style of a ideal instance of whatyou could run into whilst you try to do a bath conversion to a stroll-in shower. You will see that the vent stack thats insidethe bathe field where the bathtub was capable to duvet that field.So had been going to ought to reroute the ventstack to be throughout the wall and run through. So thats truely a primary illustration of whatyou would run into when you get rid of the bathtub. All correct, i’m hoping that was worthwhile. I mean, theres relatively nothing pretty aboutdemo, however you simply rather have got to muscle via it and use a Sawzall and run by means of it. Once more, thats why I particularly enjoy thatwhy let me say that once more. And thats another motive why its bestto variety of demo the whole lot. The extra time that you must style of considerdrywall corners and looking to pull matters out, the longer its going to take reallyto do the whole lot on account that, possibilities are, when youre converting to a walk-in bathe , youregoing to be ready to make that a bit bit higher to be competent to finish the drywall alot nicer.In this toilet alone, had been already takingout the replicate, have been rerouting the plumbing for the sinks, had been rerouting this forthe bathe. It relatively makes no sense simply to depart threepieces of drywall left in here to finish. So take the whole thing down with the saw, andstart from scratch. It makes it quite a bit easier. So expectantly it was invaluable. Thanks. Well there you’ve got it. Thats how you remove a bathtub and a fiberglassshower encompass. If youre doing a rest room reworking challenge,these competencies and pointers can relatively come in helpful. And thanks, Steve, for showing us how todo it. So right here is the surprise. DeWalt is partnering with us, and theyreproviding a manufacturer new 20V Max lithium-ion reciprocating saw. So theyre going to provide away one with uson dwelling repair Tutor. So go to HomeRepairTutor.Com, examine out thelatest tutorial, and youll see how one random, lucky man or woman goes to win thisreciprocating saw. Its excellent. Its a tool that comes in handy wheneveryoure doing a fiberglass bathe surround demo venture or putting off studs, you need areciprocating noticed, and also you want one that’s powerful.And the 20V Max reciprocating noticed with the aid of DeWaltis terrific. So i am hoping that you liked this video at present. Once more, examine out the giveaway back on overat HomeRepairTutor.Com. And for all DeWalts today’s tools that arecoming out, that you could go to DeWalt.Com as good. Thanks for staring at. Take care, and good see you within the nextvideo..

How to Test and Adjust Your Home’s Water Pressure

Hi all people. It can be Jeff of house repair Tutor, and todayI’m going to be sharing with you how you can test your water pressure on your house and howto alter the water stress at your water main in case you have a water pressure regulator. So my neighbor is showing you here in thisvideo that he is trying out his water within the laundry bathtub using this water gauge, and it suggests youthat his water stress is roughly 70 psi. So what Pat desires to do is curb that byadjusting the screw on his water strain regulator. So you’ll find right here he’s turning the wateroff at his water main. And subsequent, what he’s going to do is adjusta screw on his water stress regulator that was installed by way of a certified plumber.So this is the water stress regulator. And as you’ll find, it has a lock nut on thebottom, and there’s a screw that is sticking up out of that lock nut. If you happen to modify the screw to the proper, it increaseswater pressure. For those who modify the screw to the left, it reduceswater stress. So the very first thing that Pat wanted to do wasscrew the nut to the left, ok? And what that did is scale back his water pressureheonly turned it with the aid of one quarter turnand then you definitely must lock down the locking nut to makesure that that screw, that adjusting screw, does no longer move.So the next factor that we did used to be experiment thewater stress again utilising our water pressure gauge. And as you will discover here from this video, it’sgoing to discontinue at roughly 60 psi, which is exactly what Pat wanted to achieve. So i am hoping this video showed you easy methods to: (1)test your water stress; and (2) how to adjust it at the water strain regulator. So i’m hoping that helped out. And you probably have any questions, talk over with me atHomeRepairTutor.Com. Take care..

Schluter Shower Part 2: Schluter Shower Pan and Curb Installation

In our prior video we showed you easy methods to putup the drywall and to water resistant it making use of KERDI membrane for the Schluter bathe method.Now in this video, were going to exhibit you set up the Schluter bathe pan. Thisis, once more, very simple, and had been going to stroll you through it step-with the aid of-step.All proper, so the shower drain, have been going to ought to reduce this out in an effort to get tothe drain unless you will have access below. So well attempt to find the joists. Good juststraighten this out a little. So we simply measure beneath the plywood except we hit the joist.So we received like eleven inches, so well go eleven .The rationale for the eleven is given that the joist is 1 extensive.So basically all Im trying to do is cut on that joist so that once I reduce this outI can comfortably slot in a new piece of plywood. And then well just reduce this.For the primary cut, we used a Sawzall. So have been just utilising the Milwaukee super Sawzall tocut via the prevailing inch OSB thats in the shower.So we desired to cut along thejoist, proper within the center of it so that once we take this wood out well be in a position to addanother piece of timber down over prime of the center of those joists. Then we just useda circular saw to make a straighter reduce. So on this case we received thus far, and then we couldntgo any further, after which we had to use the tremendous Sawzall to make the rest of the reduce.Essentially, you would use a Sawzall to make all these cuts. And then we just used a hammerto pry up the loose OSB. This is a little bit of an unusual concern,however you clearly have a entice catecorner to the drain area. They put a straight 45connection right here, and Im now not certain precisely why they introduced the plumbing over this fashion.But sincerely what have been going to do is just essentially reduce off our existing drainhere and extend this drain over into the core of the bathe.To reroute this is gettinginto rather a little of additional work. And so the whole lot is mostly executed to code, itsjust a topic of finagling this to our new drain location.We effortlessly used a Sawzall to reduce the straight run of the pipe right below the drain.Okay, so for your Schluter drain, this may increasingly appear like packaging in the field, but this isactually made to our reason to slip onto your drain. And this may occasionally in actual fact set thedrain on the right peak that you just want it. So dont throw them away, and use them.And basically good just sit down this right here, and that style of dictates the peak thatwe want it.Two-inch deck screws were used to screw throughthe OSB and into the 2×4 beneath it. And then well get some bigger deck screwsinto the foremost joist here. So we used 3-inch deck screws to toe screwinto the foremost joist. These 2x4s, now discover how we use a liquid nail on them as good.So had been simply utilizing a hammer here to pound that 2×4 down and over. The liquid nail willsecure it to the backside of the OSB. And on the other hand, had been using these 2-inch deck screwsdown through the OSB and 3-inch deck screws to toe screw them into the present joist.Here have been simply adding somewhat 2×4 to the edge of the OSB. And the reason why weredoing this is the new OSB or plywood that wishes to be put down for the Schluter showerdrain desires to be thoroughly supported. So thats why had been adding all these screws.Have been getting a measurement right here for the brand new OSB. Have been just going to reduce that tosize and fit it, so that after had been able to reduce the gap in it for the drain, wellhave it at our disposal.Okay, so we wish to 16. Three and a half.The maximum diameter of the gap is 5 inches. It cannot be any larger than that. You donthave to make use of a hole noticed. A jigsaw will also be used.Right here were simply making certain that the drain is really established on the shower. And thenwe marked the region of the drain down beneath onto this air duct. As you’ll find right here, wedrilled a pilot hole by means of that and then a greater holea 2 holethrough itso that we are able to entry our pipe from down below. This isn’t excellent, however its whatever thatwe had to do. And this is often why that joist used to be notched out.Then liquid nail was applied over high of our 2x material, and were going to set ournew OSB over prime of that. So were going to glue and screw the new OSB in this region.So as you will see that here, were simply hammering it into situation. After which had been going to usethe identical 2 deck screws that we used for the historical OSB that we screwed right down to thenew 2×4.So on this precise predicament, that is justa commonplace drain. What have been going to do is just glue our riser pipe up and let ithang down wildly down below. And good cut to connect the brand new P-trap beneath. Butwith this scenario with the duct work where you cant see this drain, its going tobe less difficult simply to have a good wild piece of riser pipe come up. After which good connectthat afterwards underneath. With ABS, its quite predominant to applythe ABS cement to each the hub of the drain and the pipe itself and hold it in location forseveral seconds. Okay, since have been going to be simply mixinga half of a bag, had been still going to make it at the wetter ratio for membranes and settingthe bathe pan.So had been going to make use of four quarts of water for half of a bag.We totally recommend making use of Schluters ALL-SET for this and mixing it in line with the recommendations.With the aid of utilizing ALL-SET, youre going to keep the Schluter warranty.Combine for 5 minutes. Its important to combine ALL-SET to the rightconsistency and per the instructions. We were also testing DeWalts new FlexVolt mud mixer,and it labored relatively good. We cleaned off the top of the subfloor inthe bathe areathats also primary so that you dont have any particles interferingwith the pan. Ok, so one of the vital exceptional matters about thesepans is they’ve some pre-markers here for the distinct size showers which are sort oftypical.This is a 60 x 38 pan, and i will reduce this right down to truly any sizethat i need. Undoubtedly this is a core drain location. However my first marker right here that theyhave depicted on the back, in the event you cut this and the opposite aspect, it will be a 54pan;that is for 48. Now with my drywall set up in my bathe, were at forty seven. So I basicallyhave to cut a 1/2 inch off of this line. I will be able to just reference this line and cut a halfinch off to get my 47. After which the identical with this side.Now, you want to pay awareness to the place your drain is located before you go cutting this.One thing about the Schluter method: its very forgiving for those who mess up.Say if youcut this thing an inch off for any cause, that you may simply simply p.C. The corners withthinset or mud to fill in the areas. So if you happen to reduce things off slightly bit, its notthe end of the world. That you could nonetheless use the pan and get this factor water-proof. You canalways measure from your middle of your drain and make sure that the whole thing works correctly.Now, we established that drain, so i do know that I just need to get a forty seven total width.And good double-determine ourselves right here. Thats about 47 inches.All proper, so good just use a new blade on a utility knife and just reduce the pan.This is the high-quality factor concerning the Schluter shower tray.Its produced from gentle-weightexpanded polystyrene, which is robust, but you need to use a utility knife to reduce throughthe pan and reduce it to dimension. So as you will see here, it doesnt take very lengthy to dothat. And what we like first-rate is that they’ve the templates on the again of these new showertrays as a way to see precisely the strains that you just have to cut when you have a commonsize tray. After which as far as the width, these pre-markerson right here is for a 32-inch pan, and that what we want to go with.So have been goingto use the instructional materials that it already has for a 32-inch pan.So again, we simply reduce this shower pan to measurement in terms of the width and length. And youcan do the certain identical thing. So we reduce this 60 x 38 bathe trayinto the size that we needed for the small shower remodel. So again, theres a lotof customization that you would do with the Schluter bathe trays, so preserve that in mind.So here were just dry-fitting it to be certain that it does match adequately. And if weneeded to cut something down, we would. However we now have a quite exceptional, tight match towards theKERDI membrane.After which we brought the froth insert for the drain, and we dry-match the drainas good to be certain that it used to be going to fit the right method.K, so as youre dry-fitting it, just double-verify to see if this drains goingto take a seat stage considering the fact that this is lovely predominant to make everything sit down stage. So just putyour little yellow torpedo level on right here. And also you would see how so much room you will have asfar as play. If you want a little bit bit of adjustment, you’ve got a excellent all of the means around tomove this round. Good definitely, you just make certain that that is middle after we getto set this. But the way that were doing this, having this riser, considering the fact that we have theability to attach the plumbing under, had been going to set the pan and the whole thing firstand then set the drain. Now when you didnt have that and also you wanted to set the drainfirst and attach the plumbing, you could need to take these little core pieces outand thinset them into location around the drain.And in order to provide the appropriate height of thisdrain to the pan approach. So in case you have entry beneath, you might dosomething like this. Connect the whole thing later. And if now not, youre going to need to havethis drain set first and then the pan. K, first thing before you place the pan isto wipe down your substrate with a damp sponge. Get any dust off of there.And this helpskeep that subfloor from drying out the thinset too quick.To use the pan with the thinset, you need to make use of a x three/8 notch trowel. So youregoing to need a better trowel to set this pan. You must backside your trowel firstand burn it into the substrate. And then directional troweling from there.And for these components, we just have got to embed this into our thinset. All correct, and thenwe must get some thinset around the drain. I used my 6-inch knife to do this. And thenjust do a twisting movement to get that set into place. Also, use your level to make sureits sitting quality and stage. After which because you have got come action, you would want tojust measure to ensure that is sitting excellent and core.After which practice a little bit bitmore thinset around the drain. Use a KERDI trowel to trowel it out. And then it comeswith this little fleece to adhere to the drain. Its valuable to ensure that this fleeceis as flush as feasible with the fleece thats already on the Schluter bathe tray. So asyou can see here, the thinset was blended to the correct consistency, and have been removingany of the surplus thinset that oozes out between that fleece and the drain assembly and theshower tray. And had been sponging down any excess thinset as good. So again, thatsreally essential. So that you just mounted that fleece round theflange. So the fundamental section is that this fleece making a excellent connection to the drainbecause this fleece is bonding to the flange and the pan itself. So simply be certain thatthis isnt overhanging and is simply bonding to the flange.All right, now we measure our curb. Wellbutt proper up to it. So 47 inches. Forty-seven inches.A pace rectangular used to be used to ensure that the pencil marks have been equidistant from theedge of the Schluter bathe curb. After which we just used a utility knife to cut this curbto size. Again, just use your utility knife to cutthis. The satisfactory factor about the new Schluter showercurb is that it already has the fleece on prime. So when youre slicing it to dimension andyoure putting in it, theres no must put any extra fleece over prime of thecurb. The historic curbs have been just foam and you then must add the KERDI membrane over topof it.But now that the KERDI membrane is already embedded into the curb, it reallyspeeds up the installation really somewhat. It also reduces the facets of failure.Right here we just slicing the support using a Sawzall. Given that Im looking to maintain all this tile underneathit here, Im going to have to cut this change in peak. So we acquired basically an inch thatwe have to cut off of the bottom of this. To trim down this curb, we made two markson each and every finish, and we notched out the curb utilizing a utility knife after which snapped a chalk lineacross the size. That is relatively one of the most easiest things to do for not only a curb butfor most often any backer board, is snapping a chalk line. Then we used a utility knifeto cut out the part of the curb that we needed to remove.So remember, had been goingto be setting this curb down into that crevice between the Schluter shower tray and the existingtile in this bathroom. So thats probably the most explanations why had been slicing it down tosize. Im also going to must reduce some of thisout. All correct, so we ought to make that basicallytwo inches.So we clearly must cut out this much of our blocks.Utilising an oscillating multi-device, just like the Fein MultiMaster, makes this so much less complicated.Obviously, its just foam, and you should utilize a utility knife. However you could also controlthe depth of the reduce quite with ease using an oscillating multi-tool. And it simply speedsup the whole approach, which, speed as you understand, is quite foremost when youre installinga bathe considering there are such a lot of exclusive elements to it. If that you can velocity up the processin any approach, shape, or type of the software, its certainly valued at the investment.So we decrease all these support blocks within the curb, after which we dry match it to make surethat it would fit in between the shower tray and the existing tile flooring.So Im environment this in a technique so one can enable this to drain closer to the bathe here as well.It doesnt need to be much, but its bought to be some thing to empty.In view that Im adjustcutting this, if youre no longer adjusting the cut, then that is simply going to be squareand straight, after which youll must pitch your tile to make it work. However on account that I havethe ability of being capable to slope this, I could as good go forward and try this withthe curb. So you additionally wish to get some thinset againstyour pan to bond to it. The x 3/8 square notch trowel isused to use Schluters ALL-SET to the brink of the shower tray. And having that mortaron the brink competently helps and bonds the Schluter bathe curb to the tray.And then you want to put some on the aspect of your KERDI so it bonds with the edges ofthe partitions as well. Okay, after which on the other part of the curb,we want to put some KERDI-repair to adhere this to the external flooring.KERDI-repair will make certain that the curb is safely bonded to that tile flooring outsidethe bathe.So keep in mind, on this special transform, we did not cast off the ground tile.So we kept the whole thing in place. And having the KERDI-repair allowed us to thoroughly bondthe curb to the existing tile ground. Now what have been doing is simply smoothing outany thinset that oozed out between the curb and the shower tray on account that had been goingto be bonding KERDI-BAND and the inside and external corners between the curb and the showertray.So here again had been just cleansing up a bit bit earlier than we begin the processof completely waterproofing the curb. You surely need to make certain youre levelhorizontally, too. Had been pre-slicing all of the KERDI-BAND, andwe particularly suggest that you try this in view that it simply makes the system so much less difficult.So without doubt, you need two portions of KERDI-BAND for the width and two portions of KERDI-BANDfor the length that goes on the again wall and between the curb and the shower tray.So again, were making use of Schluters ALL-SET thinset mortar to the corners here. So thefirst step on this process is to use thinset both on the two walls and the bathe trayin the corner. So you have got three special planes that must be waterproofed. You havethe wall, in this case, the curb, and the shower tray. The shower tray, the curb, andthe wall on the other inside of nook.After which on the back half of the bathe you might have thetwo walls and the shower tray. What have been doing here is applying a pre-formedSchluter within corner. Now these come with both the drain or the bathe tray. And sowhat you need to do is put these within the corner and be certain that its as flush with theshower tray and the two walls as viable. Its rather major to get rid of all excessthinset between this within corner and the walls and the tray in order that your tile isntaffected. The principal a part of these corners is justto get them tight into the corner. You dont wish to have so much crammed up. Thats whyusing the right trowel, its fundamental to use the KERDI trowel. Its going to havethat minimal amount that is required to make this water-proof. And then also mixing yourthinset to the suitable consistency will be certain that this build up could be very minimal. Soif you end up having a tough time with the thinset where its no longer going to be realthin and tender, then you definately might wish to remix some more thinset to make it a little bitlooser and get this tighter in the corners.So well with the entire corners first.So like Steve simply mentioned, we began with all of the corners with the shower tray set up.You need to get all the corners in place earlier than you move on to whatever else. Corners arethe most important a part of any bathe that would potentially leak. And at the drain as well. But in particularbecause it is a very, very small bathe, the corners are kind of the vulnerable points. Sowe put in all the corners, these four pre-formed inside corners go in first. Again, you wantto dispose of as so much of the thinset mortar as viable so that those corners sit flush andflat in the case of the shower tray, the curb, and the partitions. And the purpose why is if youvegot a little bit bit of a hump or a bump between the within nook and the skin of the tray,the curb, or the wall, its rather going to be difficult to make that up in phrases of tiling.Now, you are able to do it via again buttering or back troweling the tiles. However mostly it canbe complicated if youve bought small tiles like we are going to have in this shower tray.So were going to be putting in penny tiles, and we desired to ensure that the cornersand the KERDI-BAND have been as flat as feasible with regards to all of the surfaces.Now what have been doing is applying with the notched part of the KERDI trowel thinset tothe bathe tray, and to the curb, and also to the partitions.So the purpose why had been doingthis is had been going to be bonding KERDI-BAND in any respect these intersections in view that the KERDI-BANDis going to go over top of the inside corners and over top of the bathe tray and the wallsand the curb, and its going to water-proof this Schluter shower tray. Now you want todirectionally trowel the thinset mortar such that all the notches face the same path,proper? So that when the KERDI-BAND is bonded to the highest of the thinset and compressed usingthe 6 drywall knife, all of the air will cave in out of the ridges and out from between theKERDI-BAND and the thinset mortar. Directional troweling helps get rid of air pockets andpossible leak features on the KERDI-BAND. So its relatively, fairly central that youdo the directional troweling. So were beginning with the back wall. Itdoesnt rather topic which wall you with, but we started with the again wall.Thenwe applied KERDI-BAND between the bathe tray and the curb. After which from there, we smoothout the thinset between the KERDI-BAND and the wall and the shower tray and the curb.Now, one factor of observe is when the KERDI-BAND is ready over top of the wall and the showertray or the curb and the shower tray, it will have to be set equidistant. That means you’ve the sameamount of KERDI-BAND on the wall as you do on the tray. So the few inches that you just haveon the tray should equal the few inches that you’ve got on the wall or the curb.So again,the KERDI-BAND will have to be set equidistantly. And then you definitely must put off any of the excessthinset mortar that’s between the KERDI-BAND and the curb, and the KERDI-BAND and the showertray. And the identical thing goes for the walls. This takes a little bit of time, however the theorybehind all that is that the thinset mortar, because it begins to established, the crystals actuallystart to grow roots in between the KERDI-BAND and the shower tray and the walls. And thoseroots are so powerful that it also prevents water from being depraved down into the differenttransitions. So thats the reason why we use thinset mortar.So you wish to have to have these pieces as whilst possible. The thought is that the whole thing thatoverlaps to overlap through 2 inches. So when youre putting this in, simply ensure that you just have2 inches of protection on every perspective, together with 2 inches that go over the corner, 2 inchesthat go up the wall.So at any place that you just follow the KERDI-BAND, you want to have 2 inchesof insurance policy onto something waterproofing seam that youre trying to accomplish.And undoubtedly you could have thinset underneath. Theres 2 inches as good. So something youretrying to overlap, make sure that theres a layer of thinset.So now were going to conclude off the KERDI-BAND set up by means of including KERDI-BAND to the plumbingwall and the wall reverse that. So once more, were just utilizing the same methodology thatwe used for the curb and the primary wall.Had been just making use of the KERDI-BAND and smoothingit out as much as feasible. So youve bought overlap with this KERDI-BAND piece, and theKERDI-BAND piece on the curb and the back wall, as good as the corner pre-shaped portions.So theres overlap. And thats why you wish to have these pieces of KERDI-BAND to be as smoothand as flat as viable. Take a sponge and simply wipe down everythingsmooth to be certain that you dont have any humps. And then lets put our outsidecorners.So two outside corners are indispensable for thisinstallation given that of the curb. The curb is assembly up with the wall, so that you want twooutside corners: one for the left aspect, and one for the proper part. And this may increasingly overlapthe KERDI-BAND thats both on the wall and the curb. And the reason why you want thisis for the reason that there was once no KERDI-BAND that used to be placed on the highest of the curb between the curband the partitions. So these additionally come with your drain or your Schluter bathe package. So yougot to position thinset underneath this external nook and gentle it out once more as so much aspossible. Now, these corners can frequently tent up.Its very difficult to look probably within the video. But when youve worked with these outsidecorners earlier than, commonly they tent up if theyre a bit bit too lengthy on one facet.So what you are able to do, as long as you may have the two-inch overlap, is you could trim down theseoutside corners.However again, you simply must have that 2-inch overlap between theseoutside corners and some other KERDI-BAND that was applied between the wall and the curbor the bathe tray. So which you could reduce these outside corners. Its only a subject of havingthat 2-inch overlap that Schluter wishes for the motive of waterproofing. So thatswhat we did there. We sincerely cut that corner with a utility knife.And we also must point out that it doesnt hurt to have a pair of scissors. Scissors,they obviously are available helpful when slicing down these within or external corners and theKERDI-BAND. You dont ought to use a utility knife always.You could reduce proper throughit with scissors. So as you saw there, we scale down the insideportion of that external corner that used to be going within the shower so it will match properlyin terms of the peak differential between the curb prime and the shower tray. But againwere simply smoothing down these outside corners so that not one of the thinset and thecorner itself intervene with our tile work in a while.K, so in your drain shower kit, itll include three distinct sections: the actualfinish drain strainer, this little collar that adjusts into the drain, after which thislittle flange that you just thinset in. So that you simply effectively put this flange round this sleeve.So theres a couple of indentations on this which have little stubs on the one side. Youwant to press this into it truly clamps into the brink of this. So as you might seeon the facet of the drain it has like somewhat indentation; it type of flares out.So theselittle indentations on here is what sort of holds the drain into situation. So it just snapsin. And i’d endorse when youre tiling to take the actual drain strainer off becauseyou dont need to get a entire bunch of thinset all smooched in this. Itll be really difficultto smooth everything out. So simply take the specific strainer off.So then the thought of that is to regulate your strainer to the tile depth that you’ve got.So you might have various room here.You have just about typically virtually an inch of room. So if youvegot some relatively thick tile, this will modify from side to side. But in actual fact, the inspiration isonce you get the tile in right here, which you can press this right down to the level of your tile. So itsa excellent suggestion to take a look at to get quite close so youre now not spending an excessive amount of time pressingit down. That is our tile here. Were making use of a pennytile. So Im simply going to maintain it so its just pretty a ways above of presses down afterI have the tile set.But what you wish to have to do is thinset this in location since this littlecollar right here is meant to embed into thinset. So embed thinset round this. And you alsowant to getthis is an foremost detailyou definitely wish to get some thinset on thecorners of this strainer. And this is going to support support. Whilst you press this down,itll have some thinset underneath of it to have support. So put a little bit of thinsetat each and every corner. And then youll embed this into our thinset. And then for now welljust, whilst have been doing the design, well simply get rid of this thinset; tender it out.Seeing that were making use of penny tile, we dont have any reference, have been just going touse this for reference.This 2-foot stage is put up towards the drain,and we measured off of the entrance wall in two extraordinary locations to make sure that thedrain was once pleasant and square with the entrance wall and the back wall.So I feel that makes it straight. And then, it has a bit brand on here.So Im simply going to be certain after I put this on here Im capable to have the identify.Schluter shower trays and curbs are very versatile. As you noticed, that you would be able to cut them to measurement justusing a utility knife. The next move on this bathe installationwas to tile the shower pan and the wall. So if youre doing a customized-tiled bathe andyou wanted help with that, without doubt verify out bathroomrepairtutor.Com. Thats wherewe have our video library with over 200 additional video tutorials that walk you by means of everythingstep-via-step for a customized toilet or shower installation. So ensure you visit bathroomrepairtutor.Com.You wont be dissatisfied.Thanks for staring at this video, and wellsee you in the next one. Take care!.

5 Essential Tools for Tiling (Quick Tips) — by Home Repair Tutor

So probably the most biggest fears folks have ismessing up the tile job. What do I imply by that? Good, I mean installing this attractive tilebut it turning out horrible and watching bad. That may be a gigantic catastrophe, proper? In view that then both youre going to haveto live with it or tear it out. And that i dont suppose any individual wants to livewith a terrible watching tile job, and no person wishes to tear out tile. Its a giant mess. So what are some tools that you need to use tohelp you get perfect looking grout joints and your tile pleasant and stage and even. Im going to share these tools with youright now. So this first tool is the Bosch ProfessionalGLL three-15 laser degree. That is exceptional. Second device is the LaserJamb. When you mix this with the laser degree,now you’ve got a robust set of instruments for tiling.So this little knob on the bottom of the laserlevel, it comes with the LaserJamb. You then simply slide it into situation, and youtighten it down. You’ll find that once I faucet the laser level,it self-stages itself. Now have been going to show it on. The LaserJamb goes from the ground the wholeway up to the ceiling. Its truly a jamb that holds the laserlevel in situation for you. And whats cool about this is theresthis manage right here that you simply press down on it, and this adjusts the peak of the LaserJamb. So heres your laser level correct here. That is your vertical line; that is your horizontalline. I dont have this lined up precisely, butthe vertical line will also be lined up with the grout joint and make sure that your verticaltiles are exactly lined up. The horizontal line can line up with yourhorizontal tiles and make certain that they are lined up horizontally and first-class and level.Lasers are lovely cool; even though I probablyshouldnt be doing that. So heres an additional relatively basic software. It is a carpet knife. Why do you need a carpet knife for tiling? Well its real simple. Whilst you put the tiles on the wall, oftentimes(relying on how a lot skinny-set you could have behind this and the way a lot skinny-set you will have on theedges) youll have skinny-set that oozes out of the grout joint. How do you take away that thin-set? Well, with a carpet knife like this. Before going any additional, I do need to mentionone factor: Carpet knives are super sharp, so watch out when you use them. Even be very careful while you run it betweenyour grout joints because this is KERDI Boardthis is my water-proofing panel hereI dontwant to pierce that. Considering that if I do that, its going to ruinthe water-proofing membrane of the KERDI Board. You may also even need to dull the carpet knifebefore cleansing out any of the grout joints.So its as simple as scraping out the groutjoint whilst the thin-set continues to be tender. And it is a huge support when you go to groutyour tile. So that you might be thinking, What the heckare those things in between the tiles in the grout joint? Well, these are seamclips. Theyre referred to as Tuscan seamclips, and whatthey do is compress the tiles collectively and create a great, even transition. It eliminates whats called lippage. So this will have to be a smooth transition. You should use Tuscan seamclips on vertical tilesand horizontal floor tiles. Now some humans argue that you simply dont needthem if youre a excellent tile setter, however I to find that they do two things. Not most effective do they eliminate the tile lippage,however they help compress the tiles into the thin-set much more and make certain that that bondis very, excellent.Now you will have to be compressing the tiles intothe skinny-set as you move along, however the seamclips help out with that. These are 1/16 horseshoe shims. And what they do is provide you with a niceeven grout joint considering the Tuscan seamclips, theyre 1/32 thick. Theyre now not thick enough to furnish youwith a first-rate grout joint. So that you ought to put the horseshoe shim in betweenthem. Now the Tuscan seamclips go 2 to three fromthe fringe of the tile, and also you also want them each 6 to 10. Now on this hooked up, it is a rather moreangled tile, and this can be a vertical tile. I couldnt put them right here when you consider that itjust wouldnt determine. However as you’ll find, we adopted that patternin the field of the tile.So the seamclips and the horseshoe shims,they support you get perfect grout joints and restrict tile lippage. It simply makes your tile job look so much better. So there you go. These are some rapid pointers on tiling a showeror a tub encompass. Let me recognize what your questions are down beneath. If you want to learn get a satisfactory lookingtile job by using putting in an top notch water-proofing membrane in the back of it, which you could watch our KERDIBoard videos proper here. These are out of the ordinary step-through-step tutorialson set up KERDI Board and set yourself up for an effective watching tile job. Thats it for in these days. Once more, ask me any query you need down under. I won’t have the reply to every singlequestion, but unwell do my pleasant to help you out. Thanks so much for observing. Take care.Have a first-class day..

How to Wire an Elecrical Outlet (Important Tips) — by Home Repair Tutor

Howdy, everyone! Today Im going to exhibit you wire an electricaloutlet or install an electrical outlet. This is for my pal, Denise, and my pal,Heather. They not too long ago requested me to do that tutorial. So wager what, here it is. So Ive bought a precise shock for you atthe end. Keep tuned, and i’m hoping you enjoy this. So lets bounce into it. Snatch your self a circuit analyzer or a receptacleanalyzer like this one right here considering the fact that it will tell you whether or no longer your outlet is wiredthe proper method. So plug it into the outlet, and appear at thetwo lights which can be yellow. That indicates that it is in fact wired accurately. Then go forward and switch the electric off atthe panel of fuse field. Grasp your self your non-contact voltage sensor. Double-verify the electric is off. And you will see how this outlet is wiggling. Its a no-no. And Im going to show howto repair that subsequent. So that you can take the outlet duvet off. And you see how the outlet strikes again andforth? Snatch your self or exit and buy a few of theseplastic inserts, these plastic spacers.Which you can fold them over themselves, and thenput them down over the screws on the highest and the backside of your outlet screws that attachthe outlet to the electrical field. And what thatll do is furnish a spacerso that the outlet is not going to wiggle. In this case, the field wiggles a bit bit. Now if you have an outlet that has the tabspainted over, which you could ranking the tabs with a utility knife. That way, the outlet will not tear the paintoff the wall. Again, double-verify that the electrical is offwith the voltage tester. Pull the outlet out with your arms usingthe tabs. Then as you will discover right here, I wish to show youthe insulation is stripped off too much from these wires. The insulation, when its stripped off toomuch, it exposes an excessive amount of copper, and the copper wire would touch the electrical box,growing an electrical challenge.All proper. So what you need to do first is unwire thehotwires. Again, right here I wanted to show you whatever. The wire loop isnt accurately looped, andthats hazardous since the hotwire couldve came off the terminal screw. Then undo the terminal screws that hold thewhite impartial wires onto the outlets. There you go. After which the last factor you need to do isunwire the ground wire. Once more, simply counter-clockwise, turn that screw,and then pull the ground wire off the outlet. The next step is to choose the right kindof outlet. So on this case, i have a 15A outlet. Im going to interchange it with, you guessedit, a 15A outlet. I selected to get a pass & Seymour 15A tamper-resistantoutlet. And nowadays, you will have to continuously buy a tamper-resistantoutlet, specially in case you have kids. And numerous nearby codes require it.So ensure you assess your nearby code. Right here you go. Heres the outlet. There are the brass screws. Heres the again of the outlet the place youcan push the wires into it. After which you might have your silver screws for yourneutral wires. After which your green floor screw. Now in this case, I desired to exhibit you theresa little strip gage on the facet of the outlet. That is relatively handy considering that what you cando is put your wires up in opposition to that strip gage, and that you could cut them to measurement or youcan strip the insulation off consistent with the gage. Once you do that for one wire, which you could simplyjust put the wire up against all of the different ones and strip off the suitable amountof insulation.So as one can find right here, there you go. My impartial wire is accurately sized, andthen I just cut both my hotwires to the same measurement as my impartial wire. I wanted to exhibit you this. Within the electrical box, you’ve gotten your groundwires. They will have to all be pigtailed together andthen have a further wire coming out of that pigtail. So there you go. Theres the wire nut, and theres thepigtail. Take some emery fabric and rub the entire barecopper wires with the emery fabric. That way that you would be able to be unique that youregoing to get high-quality electrical contact with the naked copper wires, and that youre goingto have a rather excellent contact with your outlet.So wire up the bottom wire first to the greenterminal screw. Make sure its looped around clockwise. Then tighten down that green terminal screw. The following wires that I wish to wire up arethe neutral wires, and so they go together with the silver terminal screws. So loosen the terminal screws with the aid of turning themcounter-clockwise. And in this case, for this pass & Seymouroutlet, I simply pushed the wires into the slots on the back. And i keep the wires down with one hand whileI tighten down the silver terminal screws with my screwdriver.Make sure those terminal screws are really,really tight if youre no longer going to loop them across the terminal screws, okay? You’ll discover theres barely any copper wireshowing. I do this certain same factor for the black hotwires. They go along with the brass screws. So push them into the back of the outlet,and then tighten down the brass screws. All correct. Ensure once more those terminal screws aresuper, tremendous tight with your screwdriver. Then the last thing that I dowell, almostthe final thingis I take my vacuum, and that i suck up any of the debris thats in theelectrical field simply to make sure that its safe.Push all the wires into the field. Plug your receptacle analyzer into the outlet. Turn the vigor on. Be carefuldo no longer touch naked wires. And double-examine that your outlets wiredcorrectly. On this case, it’s. Its indicated by means of the 2 yellow lights. Screw the electrical outlet to the electricalbox with the 2 screws that got here with the shops. There you go. The outlet doesnt transfer.After which which you could put the cover plate on. Do not over-tighten the screw to the coverplate on account that the duvet plate will spoil. There you go. Thats how you install an electrical outlet. Quite easy. Follow all the general tips that i have in thistutorial, and also you will have to be excellent to move. So heres the surprise. Head on over to residence repair Tutor and theresgoing to be a giveaway related to this video. So head on over to HomeRepairTutor.Com. Determine out the put up, the educational associatedwith this video, and youll see what that surprise is. So i am hoping that you just appreciated the video. You could invariably subscribe to the dwelling RepairTutor YouTube channel. And when you dont intellect, when you go overto HomeRepairTutor.Com, signal up for the e-mail newsletter considering that that method, you wont missout on all my tips and giveaways that i’ve for this yr. So check it out. Take care, and sick talk to you soon..

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