Hi there each person! It’s Jeff, and that i wanted to exhibit you wantedI needed to do to put a frost free sillcock on the external of my apartment. So that is the pipe that’s getting into the condominium,and it’s coming from the external via this wall plate and journeying the entire approach intomy basement. And i will show you here in a 2nd whereI ought to shut off the water on the inside of the condominium in order that i will outcomes make thiscut the place that line is, the place that Sharpie mark is, after which put the new frost free sillcockin location. So let me show you where I ought to shut offthe water. A couple of weeks again, I replaced this sectionof pipe with shark chew fittings and put in a brand new shutoff valve.So the shutoff valve is already within the offposition, and all I must do is drain the water on the outside of the condo so thatI can cut out the ancient sillcock and put in a new one. So i’m going to go ahead and exhibit you how to try this. Ok, this is the ancient sillcock on the outsidehere, and that i want to replace it seeing that it is no longer a frost free hose bib. So what I have got to do is drain the entire waterout which is the whole manner offI mean the whole means on, excuse meso I have to’ve turnedit on and drained it out earlier than.And that’s good because once I reduce this pipeon the inside of the condominium, when I cut the copper pipe on the inside of the residence, I’mjust going to drag this out, measure it, and use that dimension to determine how longmy new frost free sillcock desires to be additionally to the shark chunk fittings that I’dput on. So let’s go ahead and try this. K, what i’m going to do now could be cut thispipe out with this auto-reduce instrument that i love. And this is a rather tight area. There’s going to be water that comes out ofthis pipe, but i will cut this pipe, and then i’ll pull the historic sillcockout of the wall on the external of the house.Let’s see here. In a number of seconds, there’ll be water that’llcome out of thisor probably now not, if i’m fortunate. Well, there we go. All proper? We are going to let that drain. And then i will easily pull the pipe from theoutside of the residence, and we will measure the new sillcock and the way long it wants to be withthe shark bit fittings. K, here is the sillcock, the historic sillcock.Just be ready to drag this out of the wall. One can find here it’s not very long. So what i will have to do is determine howto put the brand new sillcock on so that it fits together with the shark bit fittings. So let’s go ahead and do that..