Chainsaw will not start gain knowledge of easy methods to fix it proper right here keep tuned whats up each person welcome backyard fork i’m Eric Racha this can be a garden fork rapid tip we will name this one does your chainsaw now not going for walks has your chainsaw sat all iciness and you’re pondering I’ve obtained to wash up that particles in the back there that’s happening to me right now I received a few chainsaws and neither considered one of them needs to start and i am considering I must give it like a quickie tune-up and there is two matters that you can do particularly conveniently to help this factor higher and that is to alter the spark plug and alter out the gasoline ok so we will exhibit you to vary spark plug alternate out the gasoline to start with get this kind of turkey baster things ask permission first from the character who possesses the turkey base for the duration of your household you want to open up your fuel here suck out all of the gas it’s in definitely the gasoline oil blend take this all out put it into a gas safe container then get your self anything that measures obviously exactly one gallon like a milk jug don’t retailer gas on this but you would fill this up to the one gallon mark pour into a gas riskless container then get recent oil I quite like these these are these squeezy matters so you can have the measuring right here and it says for one gallon it at fifty to one which is most chainsaws it’s 2.6 ounces so you squeeze the backside and the top Oh loosen the cap here the top fills up like that beautiful neat correct I imply that’s way an excessive amount of but that you could it’s type of like a magic eight-ball the way in which you progress it back and forth anyway it can be 2.6 oz to a gallon of gas is a 50 to 1 ratio k clean oil smooth fuel take the historic gas out of here you have to shake it around use the turkey baster on account that there may be a line that goes from the tank up into the engine right here you wish to have to get that out as best that you could 2nd factor you wish to have to do is exchange the spark plug on this the spark plug on these we’ll have to take off these outer cowlings to do it so i am chainsaws the spark plug is relatively obvious it is this black wire that goes the spark plug here we go let me exhibit you on this one methods to get to the spark plug this is the air filter on this one you supply this a little turn and then this slides up and that covers the air filter this air filter wishes to be cleaned that you can either purchase a replacement one or clean it off that you can take a stiff brush easy these off or go buy a substitute oh don’t get this down there in the throat duvet the throat the carburetor throat with some tape and which you can smooth this area up you don’t want any particles happening in there that is a foul factor outer duvet comes off like that here is your spark plug this can be a three quarter and spark plug wrench I purchased a set of three spark plug socket wrenches makes like lots less difficult when you consider that there’s distinct sizes yeah that is pretty that’s lovely credit up go right down to your local retailer get your new spark plug k don’t over-tighten this form and then a little tight like that recollect to switch this very foremost spark plug wire all proper right here we go time to go begin work incidentally if you are like what you see in right here click on the subscribe button we received a bunch of DIY cooking gardening videos videos of the Labradors for those who like that kind of factor and we also have a whole web site of cool pictures and how-to stuff like that garden for tv in case you prefer to signal up for our electronic mail factor electronic mail factor e mail publication ship an e-mail to news at garden fork tv or click on on the hyperlink beneath and in case you wanted to e-mail me it can be Eric at garden fork television we’re on each social media community they’ve invented we’re on Google Pinterest fb you already know there may be so all of them something it is we’re there just form in garden for Popeye to find us all proper right here we go incidentally we have now made some other garden floor movies about chainsaw safeguard and methods to curb trees tips on how to reduce fire logs that sort of thing which you can click on the hyperlinks here click on the hyperlinks below and watch these as good numerous enjoyable Eric chainsaw vigor tools