Hey guys? Pedalling with Paul right here. Doinga rapid assessment on, the Bikemate bike work stand. Picked this up from ALDI for like $20.Present retail cost on it is 30 but had a link from a sale down in south Florida. Whichhad the fee at $19.99 which is what i finished up getting it for. Going to do a quick littlecomparison to the Bikemate stand vs. The Park software stand. So, do a fast little pros andcons record. Pro $20 con on the Park $100. Con on the park the PCS-9 had obviously no QRparts, it was once all tooled. Granted it used to be only one piece. With slightly little bit of change,I clearly ended up turning the higher pole into QR, now not a large deal.Fortunately I had abroken bike section, that got here from a QRoff a seat publish. Park for one hundred bucks comes with that!That’s it. For this bike/Bikemate stand that I bought. Comes with the handlebar stabilizer.It also comes with a bit of instrument tray. Not like the Park, which is a 2 leg approach. Let’s goahead and pull the Park out for ya. That is how the Park sets up. Nice stable broad open,but commonly have to ensure the burden is at all times in one direction.So there is thePark stand. It sits out lovely vast, simplest 2 legs to worry about. Now, the Bikemate stand.The whole lot on that is completely toolless. So loosen this up a bit of. Legs come out. Sorryabout that. An that’s how we sit, ensure this is excellent and tight. So one of the crucial bigadvantages of this stand is it does have 5 great steady legs. They do not appear as longas the Park Legs. What that offers us the expertise of, is at any place I received it mounted if I needto move the neck round i am gonna have a steady platform regardless of where it is at. So that’sa … An effective plus for this uh this Bikemate stand. The Bikemate stand additionally goesquite slightly better than the Park.Let’s examine if we are able to get the Park to full extension right here.Going to measure from here to the ground ganna go straight down. The Park sits just under5 feet. Now the Bikemate says, let me take a seem here. Say that it’s adjustable upto 6 ft. Now let’s have a look at. There’s my line. Now we measured the Park, let’s just go aheadand stick these matters part via part. I am just going to again up. Then pan up. There’s thePark. Let’s maintain panning. That’s obviously yet another foot higher so, surely up to 6feet. Whether or not or now not i might put a entire lot on there at 6 toes I have no idea. When it comesdown to it. $a hundred for the Park stand $20-$30 for the Bikemate.I will be able to to find different thingsI would really like to pay money for, my palms are going 1 up for the Bikemate. Very well guysthanks for gazing this assessment, thanks for Pedalling with Paul..