"hi, it is Steve. In this video we’ll exhibit you how you can free upa stuck button on a push button variety blender. We are going to exhibit you how to disassemble your blender, entry the rush button assembly and clean it so that it really works adequately. Now, our first step might be to cast off thejar from the blender and first we will do a visible inspection of the buttons to peer ifthere’s whatever physically lodged in that opening that may be without problems removed and usesomething like a historical gentle individual enamel brush and simply brush out some thing that could be inthe area. If that doesn’t rectify the challenge, we’llnext disassemble that blender base so that we can access that switch meeting. We advise that you simply now not put any form of lubricantor liquid in those openings as it is an electrical switch and that would motive a shock hazard. Our subsequent step will be to take away the bottomfrom the blender base. Before we try this, we will confirm that the unitis unplugged.Carefully lay it on its part and identifywhere the mounting screws is also for that bottom quilt. In some instances there is also screws hidden behindthe rubber ft, so you can also have got to pop these out and affirm that there are no screws atthe backside of that opening. With the mounting screws removed, we’ll graspboth halves of that assembly and then cautiously separate them. Now with the unit disassembled, we now have agood visible of the frenzy buttons and we can examine to see if there is whatever that iscaught in that subject that may be proscribing these push buttons from moving freely.If want be, you can eliminate something with asmall flat blade screwdriver. If the difficulty is not with the frenzy buttonsbinding on that housing, the difficulty is certainly in that change. It can be replaced and generally they aremounted to that housing with screws that could be hidden in the back of the label on the front. That you would be able to also try electrical contact cleanerin this area to peer if that may enable these buttons to work freely once more.If that doesn’t get to the bottom of your hindrance, youmay need to replace that change assembly and if it’s no longer on hand, you’ll have got to discardthe blender and purchase a brand new one. Need aid with anything else around your dwelling,search our channel for 1000s of priceless videos to be able to stroll you by way of your homerepairs. For more understanding or the parts wanted forthese repairs, consider to check out partselect.Com.Thank you a lot for staring at and be sureto subscribe so you do not pass over a factor.".