Howdy, everybody. In these days Im going to be showing you a reallycool device that i want you to know about. Its a Ridgid Faucet & Sink Installer. And one among our neighborhood contributors, Adam, askedme to do a tutorial on find out how to put off faucet supply strains. So at present Im going to show you the best way to usethe Ridgid Faucet & Sink Installer tool to do that and any other cool matters if youreworking within the rest room, all proper? So stay tuned. I consider youre fairly going to like thistool. That is the Ridgid Faucet & Sink InstallerTool. If youre doing any style of plumbing workin your rest room, specially with the sink or toilet, you want this unhealthy boy. So the silver insert that Im pointing tohere is for shut off valves.You slip it over the shut off valve manage,and you turn it counter-clockwise to turn it on, and clockwise to show it off. That is particularly excellent if youve gotan ancient shut off valve and the handles variety of stuck; it simply wont move, and you needto get just a little bit of leverage on it. But just be careful. Dont ruin that manage with the RidgidFaucet & Sink Installer tool. So our residence repair Tutor neighborhood member,Adam, asked, How do you dispose of the deliver traces with out putting off the sink from the vanitycabinet? Good flip the silver attachment over, andtherell be grooves in it so as to fit over the nuts of the give line. Simply ensure that the open finish of that silverinsert is aligned with the open finish of the orange instrument. And as you will find right here, there are those groovesthat will fit over the nuts of the provide strains.So slip the orange Ridgid Faucet & Sink InstallerTool over the supply line and onto the nut, and switch it counter-clockwise to loosen thesupply line. Its fairly that easy; its first rate. I used to make use of a basin wrench for this, whichis a good instrument, however the Faucet & Sink Installer software is much higher. In order you can find right here, the nut of the supplyline fits into the device, and the give line, itself, goes via the hole of the orangepart of the Installer instrument. So thats beautiful candy. And if you wish to put the new deliver lineback on, you just thread it on to the backside of the faucet by means of hand; you hand-tighten it. Then you slip the tool over the provide lineand flip it clockwise to tighten down on that nut.That is quite terrific; it makes your lifea lot simpler, especially if you happen to cannot dispose of the sink to your specified challenge. However what do you do if youve bought these nutson the backside of your faucet? Good the nuts themselves have these littlegrooves in them, these little grooves as a way to match down into the slot of your RidgidFaucet & Sink Installer device.So get rid of the silver attachment, and youllwant to determine what slots in the orange software will match over the grooves of the nut. So there are two exclusive ends to the orangetool. If one end doesnt work, flip it over, andtry the other slots. So there you go. The nut suits into the slots of the tool, andyou can simply turn it counter-clockwise to dispose of that nut. Pretty, lovely sweet.Im telling you; this works best. Now what about deliver lines to your bathroom? Give traces to the toilet also have groovesin them, in most cases, and what you can do is put the silver insert again into the instrument,and be certain the open finish is aligned with the silver open end of the attachment. Then slide the grooves of the give linedown into the silver attachment of the Ridgid Faucet & Sink Installer software. Ensure the provide line goes down throughthe groove of the orange a part of the software, and youre all set. Now have been working in the toilet.This attachment right here is for attaching basinsin your kitchen sink. Weren’t going to deal with that rightnow, but what you can do is slide it up beneath the toolput it into the tooland theresa gap in it which you can put a screwdriver into. And this offers you leverage on reallystubborn supply strains or shut off valves, and thats a particularly good thing if youvegot an older bathroom. So there you go, thats an extra nice attribute. Good there you go. That’s the Ridgid Faucet & Sink InstallerTool. I think youre relatively, relatively going to likeit, specially in case you must set up a new faucet, and also you dont want to take the sinkoff the basin or off the shallowness cupboard.So assess out this instrument; its handiest $20 atyour nearby dwelling store. 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