So do you have a water problem next to yourbathtub like this? Well if you do, Im going to be doing anexperiment today apply Schluters KERDIBAND to see if I can waterproof this drywall andprevent this from happening again. So tells dive into the video. Again, this is a total experiment, but I thinkit might work. And I was get some help from Schluterstechnical people. So Im pretty stoked to do this experiment. Lets get it on. First things firstly, what were goingto do is cut any silicone thats on top of the baseboard and the quarter round here. So Im just going to slice that. And this is just going to come right off, which is good.Now Im going to use a razor scraper tocut off any existing silicone sealant thats up against the tub surround. Now what Im going to do is start righthere and slice all the silicone thats up against the tub the whole way down becausethis is where were having a water problem. So thats what Im going to do. Not really that hard-handed. And Im just going to cut across. Now theres paper strip here. Im going to remove all that paper tape. Again Im going to run the razor scraperalong the side of the tub.This is Schluter KERDIBAND. This is waterproofing band that you usuallyuse to waterproof the KERDIBOARD. But for today were going to use it to waterproofthis section. So this is what KERDIBAND looks like. Its orange. This is 5 wide, and its waterproofingmaterial. So I cut a piece of the KERDIBAND, and whatwere going to do is just employed it right over top of the drywall here exerting unmodified thinset. So “youre seeing” I precisely cut it down to sizeso it comes out to the edge of the drywall. We only crave the thinset to be thick enoughso itll stick to a trowel or stick with a putty knife. I just wanted to make sure that I got theright piece of KERDIBAND before I start putting in the unmodified thinset. So Im going to start at the top and workmy highway down with the thinset.This is a awfully, very tight space. Oh, and the other thing I wanted to pointout to you is I couldve taken out the drywall here and supplant it with brand-new drywall. Or I couldve repaired it with cement boardand done this. But for right now, this is solid enough, soIm just going to employed thinset right over and embed the KERDIBAND. So now “theres going”. Im just going to embed the KERDIBAND. Now Im just going to embed the KERDIBANDinto the thinset. And obviously squeeze out any excess thinset. Thats what you was necessary to do. Clearly make sure you get all the thinsetoff the tub. You dont want this drying. For right now Im going to clean up theexcess thinset, let it dry, and then come back and settled seam deepen over it. But were going to let this set up and thencome back. Were on Day 2 now.The thinset has put together. And the KERDIBAND is completely dry. So what were going to do for the next stepis apply a thin membrane of settingtype joint deepen. Before you do that, though, simply make surethat any loose thinset, you wipe it off the top of the KERDIBAND and off the side ofthe tub if you have a tub surround like this one. The KERDIBAND is pretty welladhered to thelatex paint and the one of the purposes of the drywall that was damaged. Yeah, its in good shape. In such cases, Im going to be using EasySand 20, so it should set up in about 20 to 30 times. Again this is settingtype seam complex. You dont want to use premixed joint compound. Id mixed up the joint deepen to havea consistency of a dense milkshake. Itll stick to the putty knife now. Im going to use my trusty 6 knife toembed the seam combination onto the KERDIBAND.So Im just going to go up and down theKERDIBAND like so. Then what Im going to do is make my knifeand run for your lives up the drywall exactly to smooth this out even more. Were going to let that dry, be coming, sand it, and then prime it. Now if your joint complex doesnt lookabsolutely perfect, you can always leant another hair on top of it. I want to stress that this is an experiment. Knock down any high spots on your joint compoundwith your bayonet. Then you can sand it smooth working a sandingsponge, my favorite tool for sanding down seam deepen. Then you want to apply Kilz 2 Latex primerto the joint compound. Thats superduper important. I love exploiting Purdy paint cleans. Once you get all the primer on, it bone-dry, they are able to apply your latex colour. Once this dye dehydrates, Im going to runa bead of silicone sealant between the drywall and the fiberglass bathtub smother to make surethat its waterproof at that junction.Well this is my experiment on how to waterproofdrywall thats right next to a bathtub. Now ideally you would have waterproofing herealready and then tile over. But I have a fiberglass surround, so it wouldkind of simply look spooky in this case. Now this is an experiment, so I dont knowif its going to work. Ill prevent you posted on it. I just wanted to do this and see how it turnsout. Let me know what your thoughts are in thecomments here on YouTube or over on Home Repair Tutor.I actually want to get your feedback on thisone. But Ill certainly let you know how itgoes. All liberty, thanks for watching the video. Take care. Ill talk to you soon. So as a side greenback, my new renters are movingin in about 10 dates. So thats why I wanted to fix this ASAP. Theyre awesome chaps. Im provoked to have them on board. Being a landlord is not easy. And finding really great tenants, thatseven harder. Trust me. Ive had really bad holders before. So these people Im provoked to have. Wes, Dan, you guys are awesome ..