Hi all people. It can be Jeff of house repair Tutor, and todayI’m going to be sharing with you how you can test your water pressure on your house and howto alter the water stress at your water main in case you have a water pressure regulator. So my neighbor is showing you here in thisvideo that he is trying out his water within the laundry bathtub using this water gauge, and it suggests youthat his water stress is roughly 70 psi. So what Pat desires to do is curb that byadjusting the screw on his water strain regulator. So you’ll find right here he’s turning the wateroff at his water main. And subsequent, what he’s going to do is adjusta screw on his water stress regulator that was installed by way of a certified plumber.So this is the water stress regulator. And as you’ll find, it has a lock nut on thebottom, and there’s a screw that is sticking up out of that lock nut. If you happen to modify the screw to the proper, it increaseswater pressure. For those who modify the screw to the left, it reduceswater stress. So the very first thing that Pat wanted to do wasscrew the nut to the left, ok? And what that did is scale back his water pressureheonly turned it with the aid of one quarter turnand then you definitely must lock down the locking nut to makesure that that screw, that adjusting screw, does no longer move.So the next factor that we did used to be experiment thewater stress again utilising our water pressure gauge. And as you will discover here from this video, it’sgoing to discontinue at roughly 60 psi, which is exactly what Pat wanted to achieve. So i am hoping this video showed you easy methods to: (1)test your water stress; and (2) how to adjust it at the water strain regulator. So i’m hoping that helped out. And you probably have any questions, talk over with me atHomeRepairTutor.Com. Take care..