How do you eliminate a bathtub and a fiberglassshower encompass? On this video, my friend, Steve White, fromSRW Contracting, is going to exhibit you step-by-step how to do that. And ultimately, weve received an splendid surprisefor you, courtesy of DeWalt. So learn Steves abilities on this video, andin the top verify out the surprise that we have in store for you, all right? Lets leap into the tutorial right now. Have been going to go forward and get this fiberglassunit out and installed the one-piece fiberglass unit which was established earlier than the framingof the lavatory weve put in.So theres no technique to get this out in onepiece. And it will be pretty rough to get down thesteps and the whole lot else, too. So the very first thing I do is flip off the waterand take out the portions off. Every one is a little bit bit special. So Im going to have got to investigate out whatsneeded. And this one simply threads out. Then i have two screws set up over here. Take the handle off. Take the two screws off the trim. Take the shower head off. Ok, after which regularly you get the showerarm out of the wall with a screwdriver finally. Just wind it out. It gives you a bit of of the leverage. So, and also you probably need to check out to take thedrain meeting apart so that when youre pulling out the tub, youre now not destroyingany plumbing beneath.Commonly this will also be tricky if its prettyold. Many times some of these things doesnt wantto thread out. And theres no longer much you are able to do about that. Frequently I simply take a grinder and finish upcutting the bathtub field out round it simply to be certain that you simply dont have a hindrance. In case you have entry behind it, that you could takethe drain meeting apart at the back of it commonly. But extra occasions in existence youre going to beable to get this unthreaded.Sometimes that little removable software for thedrain assembly is with a pipe wrench. Offers you all the leverage to curve itout. So this bottom pipe, I cant get out. So Im just going to use my grinder andjust reduce off the pipe. It doesnt have got to be pretty. K, then one can find truly it has a tile-surroundedtub. So Im going to get rid of components of that first. K, so now you obtained that each one style of exposedall the way in which across the bathtub. Ok so theres slightly flange that thatdrywall sits down onto. And that goes all the means round this tubas well. Now if I had been keeping this bump-out of wall,i might saw this all down alongside the side of the tub as well to cut this flange becausethe flange goes all of the method down here. Good Im not retaining this nook, so itdoesnt rather subject since Im turning this right into a stroll-in bathe. So I dont have got to worry about retaining thisdrywall nook. And truthfully, even on the other aspect, I woulddo the identical thing if I were preserving the drywall, however Im re-drywalling the room.So that wont fairly topic both. So its particularly just so simple as gettinga saw is all. I exploit like a timber/metallic blade. Multipurpose. I often simply go along with something What is that this? Like 6, eight? Oh, this is 9. So its whatever not too, too lengthy or itsall going to be bind up or whatnot. However continually shut the water off since younever know precisely how the plumbings executed unless you get into this.Ive obvious it where frequently even waterlines are at the back of the bathtub, feeding it. So walking the saw along the nook, you canpotentially reduce that. So shut the water off before you even do that. And you already know, simply were pluming the stroll-inshower, any plumbing that possibly present there over place. So Im going to show you ways so much an areathere is in the back of it.Thats why frequently plumbers simply run alltheir stuff type of loose behind the bathtub in view that there may be area there. So so simple as sawing the nook. Like I mentioned, I dont fairly care about thatcorner. After I use that Sawzall, I consistently type ofangle it down a bit bit in view that you can find how theres wires in that wall. You dont need to have it too far in a wallwhere you might reduce the wires. So I continually style of attitude the Sawzall downa little bit. So now we bought the drain meeting out and stufflike that. We are able to just quite simply pull out the bathtub. So that is style of a ideal instance of whatyou could run into whilst you try to do a bath conversion to a stroll-in shower. You will see that the vent stack thats insidethe bathe field where the bathtub was capable to duvet that field.So had been going to ought to reroute the ventstack to be throughout the wall and run through. So thats truely a primary illustration of whatyou would run into when you get rid of the bathtub. All correct, i’m hoping that was worthwhile. I mean, theres relatively nothing pretty aboutdemo, however you simply rather have got to muscle via it and use a Sawzall and run by means of it. Once more, thats why I particularly enjoy thatwhy let me say that once more. And thats another motive why its bestto variety of demo the whole lot. The extra time that you must style of considerdrywall corners and looking to pull matters out, the longer its going to take reallyto do the whole lot on account that, possibilities are, when youre converting to a walk-in bathe , youregoing to be ready to make that a bit bit higher to be competent to finish the drywall alot nicer.In this toilet alone, had been already takingout the replicate, have been rerouting the plumbing for the sinks, had been rerouting this forthe bathe. It relatively makes no sense simply to depart threepieces of drywall left in here to finish. So take the whole thing down with the saw, andstart from scratch. It makes it quite a bit easier. So expectantly it was invaluable. Thanks. Well there you’ve got it. Thats how you remove a bathtub and a fiberglassshower encompass. If youre doing a rest room reworking challenge,these competencies and pointers can relatively come in helpful. And thanks, Steve, for showing us how todo it. So right here is the surprise. DeWalt is partnering with us, and theyreproviding a manufacturer new 20V Max lithium-ion reciprocating saw. So theyre going to provide away one with uson dwelling repair Tutor. So go to HomeRepairTutor.Com, examine out thelatest tutorial, and youll see how one random, lucky man or woman goes to win thisreciprocating saw. Its excellent. Its a tool that comes in handy wheneveryoure doing a fiberglass bathe surround demo venture or putting off studs, you need areciprocating noticed, and also you want one that’s powerful.And the 20V Max reciprocating noticed with the aid of DeWaltis terrific. So i am hoping that you liked this video at present. 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