How do you remove a bathtub and a fiberglassshower border? In this video, my sidekick, Steve White, fromSRW Contracting, is going to show you step by step how to do this. And in the end, weve got an awesome surprisefor you, courtesy of DeWalt. So learn Steves talents in this video, andin the end check out the astonish that we have in store for you, all right? Let jump into the tutorial right now. Were going to go ahead and get this fiberglassunit out and set up the onepiece fiberglass unit which was installed before the framingof the lavatory weve throw in. So theres no way to get this out in onepiece. And it would be pretty tough to get down thesteps and everything else, too.So the first thing I do is turn off the waterand take out the fragments off. Each one is a little bit different. So Im going to have to check out whatsneeded. And this one simply threads out. Then I have two fucks set up over here. Take the administer off. Take the two fastens off the trim. Take the shower head off. Okay, and then sometimes you get the showerarm out of the wall with a screwdriver in the end. Just wind it out. It gives people a bit of the leverage. So, and you usually want to try to make thedrain assembly apart so that when youre pulling out the tub, youre not destroyingany plumbing underneath.Sometimes this can be tricky if its prettyold. Sometimes some of this nonsense doesnt wantto thread out. And theres not much you can do about that. Sometimes I just take a grinder and end upcutting the tub area out around it precisely to make sure that you dont have a problem. If you have access behind it, you can takethe drain assembly apart behind it sometimes.But more seasons in life youre going to beable to get this unthreaded. Sometimes that little removable tool for thedrain assembly is with a tube wrench. Pays you all of the leveraging to change itout. So this freighter piping, I cant get out. So Im just going to use my grinder andjust cut off the pipe. It doesnt have to be quite. Okay, then you can see actually it has a tilesurroundedtub. So Im going to remove parts of that first. Okay, so now you got that all kind of exposedall the way around the tub. Okay so theres a little flange that thatdrywall sits down onto. And that goes all the way around this tubas well. Now if I were obstructing this bumpout of wall, I would saw this all down along the two sides of the tub as well to cut this flange becausethe flange goes all the way down here. Well Im not continuing this corner, so itdoesnt actually matter because Im turning this into a walkin shower.So I dont have to worry about put thisdrywall angle. And honestly, even on the other side, I woulddo the same thing if I were hindering the drywall, but Im redrywalling the chamber. So that wont actually difficulty either. So its really just as simple as gettinga encountered is all. I use like a wood/ metal blade. Multipurpose. I frequently just go with something What is this? Like 6, 8? Oh, this is 9. So its something not extremely, too long or itsall going to be bind up or whatnot. But always shut the irrigate off because younever know exactly how the plumbings done until you get into this. Ive seen it where sometimes even waterlines are behind the tub, feeding it. So running the saw along the region, you canpotentially trimmed that. So shut the spray off before you even do this. And you are well aware, just were pluming the walkinshower, any plumbing that it is possible existing there over place.So Im going to show you how much an areathere is behind it. Thats why sometimes plumbers only extended alltheir substance kind of loose behind the tub because there is space there. So as simple as sawing the area. Like I said, I dont actually care about thatcorner. When I use that Sawzall, I always kind ofangle it down a little bit because you can see how theres cables in that wall. You dont want to have it too far in a wallwhere you might chipped the wires. So I always kind of angle the Sawzall downa little bit. So now we got the drain assembly out and stufflike that.We can just simply pull out the tub. So this is kind of a perfect precedent of whatyou might run into when “youre trying to” do a tub conversion to a walkin shower. You can be found in the vent load thats insidethe shower arena where the tub was able to cover that area. So were going to have to reroute the ventstack to be inside the wall and run through.So thats actually an excellent example of whatyou might run into when you remove the tub. All right, I hope that was helpful. I make, theres truly nothing jolly aboutdemo, but you just really have to muscle through it and use a Sawzall and work through it. Again, thats why I actually enjoy thatwhy let me say that again. And thats another reason why its bestto kind of demo everything. The more epoch that you have to kind of considerdrywall areas and trying to pull things out, the longer its going to take reallyto do everything because, fortunes are, when youre turn to a walkin shower, youregoing to be able to make that a little bigger to be able to finish the drywall alot nicer. In this bathroom alone, were already takingout the reflect, were rerouting the plumbing for the submerges, were rerouting this forthe shower. It certainly sees no smell just to leave threepieces of drywall to stay in now to finish. So make everything down with the saw, andstart from scratch.It realizes it a good deal easier. So hopefully it was helpful. Thanks. Well there you have it. Thats how you remove a bathtub and a fiberglassshower environment. If youre doing a bathroom remodel project, these the expertise and tips can really come in handy. And expressed appreciation for, Steve, for showing us how todo it. So here is the surprise. 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