Ugh! Check this out. Not good. Not good! So there are at least five or six beds of flooring on top of the original subfloor inthis 100 year old bathroom. Today Im going to be removing all those mantles of flooring, display you how Im going to do it. You may have different tips-off that have helped you outwith your own project. So add those down to the comments at the end of the video. Ivealso got a surprise tool giveaway for you, so dont miss out on that. Thats at theend of the video. So lets dive into this project right now.Always wear a respirator, some goggles, and mitts when removing a storey. I tried to removethe top bed firstly. So the top mantle was a linoleum, and the linoleum was on top ofwood luan. Any bolt or tacks protruding out of the floor, you want to remove themwith your hammer or a super bar. Put them in the can so you dont step on them.So the top seam, again, was just linoleum over a luan.You can also try to removethe top bed with a scoop or a storey scraper. Now fortunately in such cases I did not haveany tile. I have to admit it manufactured the process a lot easier. And Im using the claw ofmy hammer to remove the multiple seams of trash thats on the floor.Actually Im going to show you something and how laughable this flooring is. It actuallyImsorry to say thispisses me off quite a bit because all parties did was just lay floorover floor over storey over floor.Think about all the weight on the joist because of thatfloor. But let me show you something. Check this out. This is like cardboard approximately. Thisis ridiculous! Garbage. This is the original subfloor. “Its what” I need to get downto. There is all the linoleum. “re gonna have to” make that out and get down to this badboy right here. Its not a bad project to use one of theseHusky contractor handbags to propel information materials into after you remove about 3 or 4 sq ft offlooring.Pound any nails back into the floor. Then I found that the super prohibit and the clawportion of the hammer operated enormous to coming up underneath the aged flooring and removingit. See that area right over there? Right there? This was in the area. Inspections like a prehistoric torture manoeuvre. This is tongue and grooveflooring so Im just going to pitch this and replace it with some 2 tongue and grooveoak hardwood flooring. So I really figured out what the heck this is.This is like peg committee. They settled peg council on top of the original subfloor. Can you believethat ?! Ugh! Unfortunately, there were some bolt. SoI really removed those with an impact driver. The ones I couldnt remove I cut off usingmy oscillating multitool. Once you get all the clamps out, then youcan get up underneath the old flooring with a super forbid or a larger pry bar. I dontwant my larger pry bar with me today, so Im simply expending my super bar.Now in such cases I lucked out a little bit, and a big chunk of the old-time linoleum luan pulledright off the floor.Thank goodness because this was getting tiring. And that allowedme to access the variou seams underneath the old-fashioned linoleum. But I encountered a problem.I ran into a little bit of a number of problems. The linoleum and aged storey rolled underneath thebathtub. Im keeping the bathtub. I know it seeks in rough condition, but its not abad tub. So I need to cut a succour right here exerting my multitool. I just got Feins newStarlock Plus in the mail. So they communicate me the Fein Starlock Plus. Im going to givethis a shot exerting a metal blade and only cut along now so that I is available to remove all ofthe age-old subfloor.One of the things that I really like aboutthe Starlock Plus is the fact that they eliminated the rod. There used to be a pin now thatyou would draw out and then put your accessory and then situated the bolt in and situated the leverin place. That bar used to catch my digit or fingerit hurt like heck! So what theydid is they eliminated the pin. Now they have a brand-new mechanism here. And all you do is releasethe bar and push in the accessory. And it locks into lieu, and you situated the lever backdown. So thats truly handy. You know sometimes implements do make it a lot easier.Believe it or not, this old tub is grade. But as I approach the door, the gap betweenthis portion of the tub and the subfloor is getting narrow or smaller.So I have to switchout to this Starlock accessory right here because it allows me to reach underneath thereand cut. Its hard to see, however a screwhere. Im going to use my super table in this direction. Now heres a little tip: If thescrew is hard to get out, you can put your foot over it while drawing the super bar.That room the clamp or the tack doesnt fly up into your face.Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! That was the last piecewell, approximately thelast article. I have to take out the bathroom and remove the rest. But for now, that wasthe rest of this floor. So I hope that you liked this video seminar. Hopefully it helpsyou out and gives you some tips for how to remove a lavatory floor.Now here is the surpriseIm out of breathso were going to be giving away the brandnew Starlock Plus MultiMaster by Fein.How do you enter into the giveaway? Whoo! Well, down in the comments here on YouTube, tell me why you need the Starlock Plus MultiMaster, what projection youre going to be working onmaybe its something like this or somethingelseand you will be randomly entered into the giveaway, and well pick a winner oneweek from today. If you miss this giveaway, and its too late for you, its a goodreason to subscribe to our email newsletter over on and subscribeto our YouTube channel here on YouTube. So again, hope that you liked todays videotutorial. I wanted to make sure that I testified you all the details so that it helps you outwith your programme. So thats it. Ill see you in the comments.Take care. Have a great day ..