Hi DIY nation! It’s Jeff with home repair Tutor, and todayI’m going to talk to you about paint a wall and to get straight strains every timewhen you’re painting with two numerous paint colours. So keep tuned. I’ve got some nice pointers. I suppose you are relatively going to love them. Let’s get started. Have you ever had your primer or your topcoat bleed by way of your painter’s tapekind of like this right here? When you’ve got, you understand how disappointing itis. So what sort of a solution is there for it? Well, without doubt you ought to repaint. However how do you be certain that that recoat isgoing to appear extraordinary? So that is where Frogtape is available in and alsosilicone caulk. I’m going to use delicate surface Frogtapebecause I just painted this yesterdaynot even 24 hours ago. So the yellow Frogtape is going to help meprevent from pulling back the paint that I simply painted on this wall. So what I need to do is put it on the walllike so.Line it up. Make a straight line. And i take advantage of 2-foot18 inchesto 24-inchsections of the Frogtape. Smooth it out with my hand. And that i want to line it up with this neutralpaint so that i’ve a bit little bit of neutral paint showing in order that once I paint over thebleed marks, i will paint over somewhat bit of the impartial, duvet the bleed mark,and combination it in with the orange paint. I will go down the wall every 2 feetwith this Frogtape. I will go the entire means down the wall,again lining it up such that one of the most impartial remains to be showingnot a lot, simply adequate. And i get right down to the bottom the place the baseboard is and simply tear it off. And then return and smooth it out. Soft it out in a single course. Now not back and forth, just one course. With the tender surface Frogtape in situation,the next stepand then that is the largest tipis to make use of a transparent, silicone caulk toseal the edge between the Frogtape and the skin that you are going to be painting.Now, the caulk that i’ve right here is white,but it surely dries clear. So, i’m going to takebecause that is anoutside corner. If this was an within corner, i’d justactually caulk it straight on the corner. However considering that this is an outside corner, I’mgoing to take the caulk and wipe it in order that it seals the Frogtape. If you put the caulk on the wall, what youwant to do is wipe it off together with your fingerwipe off any excess together with your fingeror a ragthat is not going to leave [limp] behind. Do not use paper towels ‘rationale it’ll leaveshards of paper towel on the wall, and your paintjob is going to appear terrible. So anyway, wipe off the excess caulk withyour finger… And then you are equipped to color. One different tip: do not let the caulk dry. What you wish to have to do is, after applying thecaulk to the wall into the Frogtape, right away paint in a while.After which when you are performed painting, pull thetape off the wall in order that the caulk would not have time to dry. All proper. Now it’s time to paint. Do that’s all we’re going to do. We’re simply going to paint that aspect… Getit looking excellent again. So one additional bonus tip here: be certain youget it back over the small section that you painted where you had the bleed marks anduse the whole width of the curler to blend in your new paint. So the final step is that this: Pull off the Frogtapealong with the caulk that hasn’t dried yet. That manner, you’ll get a quite exquisite-lookingpaint line. Good, that is the way you do it. That’s how you paint straight lines on yourwalls making use of Frogtape and painter’s caulk.So i’m hoping that these hints helped you out. Ensure you leave a remark in the event you haveyour own hints or your own two centsgood or unhealthy, i would recognize your ideas eitherway. And if you have not already executed so, pleasevisit HomeRepairTutor.Com. Signal up for the e-mail publication considering the fact that you’regoing to get a ton of fine hints every single week.I might hate for you to overlook out on quality informationthat’s going to avoid wasting you time and save you money to your possess DIY initiatives. So until next time, have a great day. And i will see you quickly! [Outtakes]talking of "one direction"… One course is my daughter’s favourite band. Shock, surprise. So that is my eating room. And what do you think? Is it Halloween-ized sufficient for you? So my daughter was born on this monthreallyclose to Halloweenand we have a good time it really just a little. It’s a very important "vacation" for us. So I believe that my spouse did a first-rate job makingthis dining room look frightening and i am hoping that you’re having a first-rate fall yourself if you happen to’rewatching this in the fall. Take care!.