K, its beginning to get bloodless in Pittsburgh.And today Im going to put off raking all these leaves due to the fact that Im going to have mybuddy, invoice, insulate his walls and his ceilings over his new addition at his home. So weregoing to show you the way to do that and shop a ton of cash by using insulating your house. Andweve received some rather exceptional recommendations for you. Plus, an great surprise on the finish. So letsget began. K, these are all the provides i want forinstalling insulation: respirator, eyewear, you received a razor, measuring tape, somethingto cut insulation with, gloves, after which I simply % a chisel so i will be able to push the insulationinto certain areas which can be tough to arrive.Ok, now its time to head to expenses.K so were over at expenses condo. Were going to be putting in an insulation. Why?Why are we striking in an insulation? Considering that we’d like an addition on our apartment. Why do weneed an addition on our condo? We dont have enough bedrooms. We acquired one youngster, twobabies, and a 3rd little one. So we ran out of bedrooms in the house. So we had to buildanother bedroom. So now we have our little helpers right here, but Billand I are going to be striking in an insulation. So were going to show you how you can do thatright now. Say bye. Bye. For expenses addition, weve without a doubt got2 x 6 framing. Had been using the R-21 Kraft-confronted Batts in view that it fits perfectlyinto the 2 x 6 framing. This is virtually 5 thick x 15 large x 93 long. Nowthe Kraft-confronted which has paper on it, like this, is a vapor retarder. What this doesis restrict mould and mildew from getting inside the stud bay.The cause why have been utilizing an R-21 is when youre constructing an addition in your condo,R-21 is the minimal R value that you want for the present power Code requisites.Thenice thing about Johns Manville products is that theyre formaldehyde-free. And if youvegot children or you wish to have to absolutely preserve your self nontoxic, formaldehyde-free is tips on how to go.So why do you need to insulate your condominium? Its pretty much a no-brainer, proper? Yougot to hold it heat. Its what have been you announcing? Its got thermal and sound control.Which is first-rate for when you’ve got children. Yeah. Proper? Or should you live in a busy arealetssay you reside in the city, and you wish to have to take a look at to diminish on noise pollutionaddinginsulation to the partitions is excellent for that.The opposite thing to preserve in mind is thisyoujust put in a new HVAC procedure, correct?So with the aid of placing an insulation, you minimize onthe stress of continually jogging your heating or cooling procedure. So it rather helps outin that method, too. So how do you choose out the insulation thatyou need? So on this case, we’ve got 2x6s, and they are 16 on core. So you wantto pick out the insulation that fits into the stud bay.For the reason that they have differentstud bay widths that you could work with. Specific house builders will build in different methods.Most houses are going to be sixteen on middle, so most of your stud cavity bays are goingto be 14 wide. Now there are other framing methods the place you can go up to 24 broad.In which case you might need whatever thats 22 broad batts.So for the ceiling were in reality making use of R-38. And costs ceilings listed here are whatare these joist sizes? These are framed 24 on core. So we bought a 22 large battfor the ceilings. Im measuring the within of my wall bayto determine the peak for the insulation that we need to have right here. One thing thatwe tousled is that I ordered insulation thats quite too tall. All you need todo is just take a framing rectangular such as this. Press down actual rough till you get a great spotto cut with. A normal utility knife is all you need to cut this. And take a few passesat it just to make sure you get all of the approach through to the insulation.Theres a few special instruments that you should utilize to reduce this.A utility knife isprobably one of the crucial customary methods. That is an actual insulation knife designed forcutting insulation. It really works very well for that.We now have electrical wiring thats going through some of these stud bays. And its recommendedthat you fill each gap the place you’ve penetrations for the place your wires is. We simply acquired a littlebit of caulking here. And have been simply going to fill each the sort of holes before weget insulating. So what we wish to do is get this proper upto the top. You dont wish to smash it in there. You simply need it to suit very properly.Im simply going to tuck this in the entire manner down. And should you become aware of theres an electricalline right here. There are two specific ways to manage electrical line. They are saying the preferredmethod is to separate the batt down middle, take half of it, tuck it at the back of the wire so youget a first-rate layer of insulation at the back of that wire so that you get quality, pure insulation allthe manner from flooring to ceiling.Most importantly, you simply want this to fit precisely correct. Youdont wish to smash it down in. You dont want it to be tucked. And you dont wantit to be stretched. You want it to move in as comfortable as it could possibly.The outlet field, every time we stuff the insulation here, you dont need to just jam the insulationin around it considering, like I mentioned before, if the insulation is smashed its no longer goingto work as just right.You wish to have this stuff to be puffy and fluffy just the way in which that itsdesigned to be mounted. At this point, this is where my insulation knife will come inhandy. Were going to move correct to the highest edge of the box right here and simply reduce the insulationin a rectangular shapesame dimension because the electrical field. Remove this little square here. I lefta little bit here. That will have to be adequate to suit at the back of the box.I tuck this in behindthe box. And when were completed, it should have a first-rate, even fit round that field.All right, so while invoice is completing off the insulation, I desired to let you know thatJohns Manville simply sponsored this video, and this is a component of their winter Warrior program.And we fairly need to motivate you towhen you insulate your residence if youre usinga Johns Manville insulationshare that on social media and use #winterwarrior. Thatway that you would be able to inspire other men and women to make their homes more cozy this winter. You canalso in finding the products that had been utilising in this video at Lowes and home Depot.And if you happen to dont have one of those stores to your subject, that you can go to Johns Manvillewebsite and discover a store locator for your field.Now that I got the insulation stuffed in thewall, I ran my hand alongside it. Make certain its quality and delicate in place, youll noticethat it has these little tabs on right here. Now theres a few ways to put in thisinsulation. Theres whats called a friction-fit insulation, which this isn’t that sort ofinsulation. This one is supposed to be stapled. So that you could either floor-staple to theface of the stud otherwise you could staple to the within of the stud.Now your drywallers willappreciate it for those who staple to the within of the stud. Considering the fact that while you staple to theoutside, if your staple doesnt sink all of the approach, it can purpose a lump within the drywall,and also you dont want that. So Johns Manville suggests for his or her product is that you stapleevery 6 to eight along the within of the stud. Now whilst you staple this, youll bepushing the insulation again, but they’ll simply puff again up and are available back to the rightdimension. All right, now we have slightly bit of a spacehere between this stud and that one. So we have to sincerely slash one of the insulationfor the space. Bills doing the exact identical factor with these tiny, little piece of insulationthat is above the top or for the window. You got to reduce them to measurement, ensure thattheyre tight and flush with all the framing. In any other case your insulation is notgoing to do its job. The place you’ve gotten windows you obviously wantto use increasing foam across the window body to reduce on any draft coming into the condominium.So for the ceiling, were going to be utilizing the R-38 thirteen thick x 24 broad x 48long portions.Well, Im about to put in the Johns Manvilleceiling insulation R-38. As he stated its thirteen thick. And i used to be wondering, How amI going to get a thirteen thick 24 vast batt in the ceiling? Well they make them in48 sections to make it less difficult to install this within the ceiling. I was once very comfortable to seethat. K, good we received one bay of the ceiling filledin with all the insulation. Now i have all these seams right here where theyre separated.This just desires to be taped along with a polytape or a tape that is designed fortaping insulation. Its also to be certain that the vapor barrier is steady throughoutthe whole ceiling aircraft. Also completed within the partitions as well. The partitions, you rather shouldnthave any seams that need tape. But if in case you have any tears or some thing like that in youmoisture-resistant layer, then thats where youre going to need to set up polytapejust to seal all that up and make certain its air-tight.All correct, so thats how you insulate your partitions and your ceilings.We hope that youlike this video and got some pleasant hints. Now heres the surprise. Had been going to begiving away a $100 gift certificates to considered one of our lovers. So how do you enter into thegiveaway? Good, add a comment beneath right here on YouTube. Or if you wish to, you can also adda comment over on house restore Tutor. With the intention to mechanically enter you into the $100giveaway. Its going to be a present certificate. Its pretty candy. So you should utilize that tobuy insulation or any tool that you want. So thanks for watching todays video. Wehad a best time making it. We hope that you simply bought some awesome pointers. Good see you nextweek. Found out that R-38 makes a satisfactory bedjustin case I get kicked out of my condominium.