Hey there. I’m Jeff with Home Repair Tutor, and in this video I’m going to share with you how to replace your doorway wipe. Now whydo you want to do this? Well, a doorway broom is the simplest thing that you can do to yourentry door or to your exterior doorway that will help lower your heating and cooling bills.So that’s a good reason to make love, right? And it doesn’t cost very much money2 0 max.So let’s get to it, and before you know it, you’re going to learn how to do this simplerepair and your heating and cooling monies will be much lower. Let’s get started.As you can see here, my entryway is besieged with snow. So I it is necessary applied a entrance scope onthis entryway doorway that goes into our garage. Now here’s the batch. This is the best doorsweep in my view. Now you can challenge this on the comments section, but it’s a Ushapedor Uchannel door wipe that you can put on the bottom of the door.And it’s got lipson it so that it protects the full margin of your doorboth on the inside and the outside.I know I needed this doorway embroil because, well, there’s sun coming in from underneath it.And I taken away from the aged one in the summer. To position a Ushaped door move, you shouldremove the door from the hinges. You can use a tack rectify and a hammer to do that. Just placethe nail specify underneath the bolt and sound it with the hammer.If you can’t attract the bolt out by hand, you can use a duo of path fastenings or pliersto snatch it outkind of like a tooth. Oh, and by the way, I wanted to give you ahot tip. Keep the door in the closed positionso, in the door jamwhen you draw the pins.It’s so much easier to do it that way.Now I could remove the door and target it onthe storey Good thing I chew my Wheaties today, right? So there are three things that it is required to dothree thingsbefore you buy a brand-new doorsweep. Number one, you need to pick out a doorway expanse that will accommodate the gap betweenthe bottom of your opening and the top of the threshold. So in such cases, it was about 7/16 of an inch. The second calculation that you need is the width of the door. So in thiscase, it’s about 32 inches. The third measurement that you need is the thickness of the door.So in this case, my doorway thickness is about 1 inches thick.You could use some diameter to cut your doorway scope to size. Or you could dry fit the doorsweep onto the bottom of the door. And precisely commemorate where you need to cut it.Now you can use a hacksaw and a miter box to cut the door sweep.The one thing I’m going to do to make sure that this installation is really good andgoing to be super secure is add a bead of caulk to the bottom of the door.That room, the door sweep will stick to the caulk. And I’m going to screw it downI’m going toshow you that next. Place this bead of caulk herea delightful, thick bead that’s big enoughsuch that it will touch is not simply the bottom of the door but the top of the door sweep.Okay, the next step is to make sure that when you arrange your entrance extent onto the bottomof the door, the holes for the screwings are going to be on the inside portion of the door, or thein other wordsinterior portion of the door that will be inside your house.So residence the door sweep into the bottom of the door, and just lightly sounds it into placewith your hand. And because this is a metal door, I’m going to predrill some holes intoit. Anywhere that there’s a defect in the door sweep, make sure that you predrill. So here, down now, down now … And if you need an extrahole, like I do right here, just go ahead and instruct one right through the door sweep.And that style you’ll have an extra bolt on the leading edge where you need it.Now the second thing I’m going to do is drill holes into the bottom of the door sweep becausethere’s already caulk in the center.What I want to do is have fuckings go through thatcaulk and secure the bottom of the sweep to the door.So again, anywhere there’s a flaw on the side of the door, I’m going to put one on the bottomso that they partner up and really, certainly make this door sweep super secure.Now all you need to do is add your shafts starting from the center and making yourway outward to both sides of the door. Oh, as a area memorandum, I’m employ 3/4 inch no. 6 metal screwspin front clamps. Once you’re done appending all those screwsto the side of the door, supplemented the fuckings to the bottom of the door sweep.Okay , now all you have to do is articulated the door back in placeeasier said than done, right? All right.Looks like it labours. Lookings like the door sweep jobs and it’s maintaining allthe cold aura from coming underneath the door and into the house.Well there you have it. That’s the best door clean that I think you could put one over your entrydoor or exterior door. Let me know what you think in the comments, but again, it’s a Ushapeddoor sweep. And I like it because, peculiarly if you got a metal door like this one or evena grove door, it protects both the interior and the exterior fraction of the door so thatit doesn’t corrode or simply waste away over day because of the elements outsidelikerain and snow. So let me know what you think in the commentssection. And if “youve been” own hot gratuities, please add them there because we all want to learnas a DIY group. And remember, if you haven’t already doneso, you can join me over on YouTube. Are contributing to my YouTube channel. And you can sign upfor my email newsletter over at HomeRepairTutor.com’ induce every single week you’re going to geta new tip that’s going to help you save money, go, and again, retain, prevent you frombeing overtook when you do your own DIY project.So until the next video, I hope you have a great day.And I’ll talk to you soon .[ Outtakes] Well, there you have it. That’s what I thinkis the best kind of door scope to put one across your enter doorway or yourthe door isn’t closed.< giggles> Woo! It was like 6 when I started, but nowit’s warming up. I didn’t even reduce this morning’ generate I wanted to preserve some facialheat ..