So Im going to ask you a quick question: Are you afraid to solder? Solder copper tubes that is? If “youre gonna”, then PEX could be a really, really great option for you. And in this quick video, this really quick tips video, Imgoing to share with you some real basic opinions about how to use PEX and how to use SharkBitefittings instead of soldering. Now I will say this: Before we are starting, you need to makesure that PEX is allowed in your local township. So you need to check on your plumbing codesbefore you use PEX, but I certainly do think its a great option for you. So letsdive into the gratuities right now. So here are all the tools that you need forPEX. You have your crimp reverberates. You have your PEX fittings. This is just a 90 elbowtheymake a whole bunch of different fittings. These are SharkBite fittings; you dontnecessarily needed here for PEX. These are the PEX pipes.So youve got red, white, andblue. Red generally symbolizes hot. White is just kind of neutral; you can use it for hotor freezing. And then you have blue, which is for cold. You have the PEX crimper. This isby Shark Bite. You have the SharkBite fitting depth tool. You have the Go/ no go gauge forthis, which Ill get into in a second.You have your PEX cutter; this is by Milwaukee.And then you have your crimp echo removal implement. And then a simple Sharpie marker.Using PEX is extremely easy. The first step is to slide your resound on, and you crave thisto be about 1 /8 from the leading edge. Then you slither on your fitting. The next stair isyou precisely apply the crimp echoing tool to the crimp resound, and make sure that this is ata 90 slant. When you hear that pop, thats when you know youre done. And as a matterof fact, this is actually maybe a little bit very far in from the edge. You know, it shouldbe 1/8 to. So if you had to cut this off, heres what you would do.Oh, but before I do that, I wanted to show you the Go/ no go gues by SharkBite. So thisis going to be hard to see, but this is go.Basically, you slip this over the fitting.And if it croaks over the fitting or the crimp ring, youre good to go. Now the no gothisis the no goit should not slide over the crimp echoing, and it doesnt. And thatshow you know that your crimper is working correctly.But if you didnt like how this glances, you is taking your PEX cutter, and you chipped thispipe as close as you can to the fitting. Then you take your removal tool and you slither itin like so, and youre just going to cut the crimp resounding. Now be careful. You want towear goggles for this. Then you invent it 180 and you do the exact same thing on the otherside. And it simply various kinds of comes off like that. So you want to ensure that your fitting isin good shape.You time kind of inspect it, then you can reuse it.So like I said, you can actually use PEX with SharkBite fittings. In seek to do that, youslide the magnitude tool over it, and you residence a mark on the piece of PEX. Then you slideyour SharkBite fitting onto it. Now I will point out this: The SharkBite has a littleplastic insert in it, and thats to go inside the piece of PEX. And it performs this connectionnice and rigid. Now heres the slew: The SharkBite fitting will revolve, and thatsperfectly normal. If wishes to get the SharkBite fitting off, you only slide theremoval tool on, and you press in on it and you pull it off.All right, so there you go.That is how you use PEX. Now before you stop watching thevideo, Ive got a question for you: Would you be more willing to use PEX than copperpipe at this quality? Tell me down in the comments. And if you would be willing to use PEX, howwould you go about doing that within your residence? And if youve squandered PEX before, giveus some tips down in specific comments as well because the tips-off from you cure our entireDIY community.So thanks so much better for sharing. Thanks forwatching the video today. You can always subscribe to the Home Repair Tutor channel. If yourelooking to do a shower remodel, one that youre going to plan, renovate, and wellI guess do on your own, you may want to check out Thats wherewe have over a hundred video seminars on shower remodel with stepbystep guidancefrom a professional bathroom remodeler. And you can check that out at liberty, Ill see you down in specific comments. Take care.Here comes my second daughter. Check her out. Whats up? Theyre really cute ..