Hey, friends! It’s Jeff with Home Repair Tutor, and todayI’m going to show with you how to change out your bathroom ignite fixtures. Hey, we all have been in that situation whereyou have an aged light-colored. You precisely want to change it out into somethingmodern and new. And I’m going to be using the Portfolio lineof light illuminate at Lowe’s. And what I like about that is that you canpick out the lighting saloon and then you can add your own sconce to ita sconce of yourchoice , not the choice of the manufacturer.So I picked out these sconces; I’m going toadd them to this illuminated; and before you know it, I’m going to transform this illuminate fixturein my shower into something that’s cool and modern instead of something that lookslike it’s from 1988. So let’s get started … Before you get started, turn the light offat the circuit breaker. It’s as simple as that. After turning off the capability, remove the sconce.In this particular case, you have to removethe light bulb first then you simply unscrew the sconce. The next pace is to remove the mounting nutsthat accommodate the glowing in place. Here’s a handydandy tip: Use a utility knifeto score around the light. When you score the coat around the lightprevents the depict from being pulled off the wall.Simply pull the light off the wall. Then use a voltage detector to check for electricity. Next, unscrew the mounting bracket from thejunction box. Pull the mounting bracket out. And at this top, you certainly want totake a picture of your wiring. And observe we have one neutral cable which iswhite, and one pitch-black wear which is the power coming into the junction box. Unwire the hotwires which are black. Then unwire the neutral wire which is white. Now you can remove the entire bathroom lightfixture. The next stair is to add the mounting bracketto the junction box. But before you do that , notice the orientationon the light fixture where the bars are going to be.And they’re horizontal. They’re straight up and down. So one at the top and one at the bottom. That means that you’re going to have to mountthe mounting bracket with that same direction. And in this case, the government has these little mountingscrews already in there. So these attaching nails “ve got to be” mountedvertically. So I line up my mount bracket like so withthe holes that are in the junction box. Take the two nails that come with the Portfoliolight fixture. Mount the first bolt in placejust a littlebit. And then organize the second one through themounting bracket and into the junction box. You can then tighten these bolts with a screwdriver.The next thing that you want to do is tightenthis nut in the center of the mounting bracket. The reason why you want to do that is becauseit’ll keep this mounting bracket perfectly horizontal and, hence, your flare will stayvertical too. Before you go to wire anything, make surethat these nails are long enough to go through this portion of your light-footed. Watch this. They’re nowhere close. They’re not going to come through that holethishole here. So either I need to modify the mounting bracketor placed a longer nut on herea longer screw on here. My recommendation is this: Before you leavethe store, opening up policy your lighting casket and get a provided of longer screwslonger mounting screwsthatmatch up with the shorter shafts that come with the daybreak fixture. If the long pins are too long, you can makea mark on them with a Sharpie.Then you are eligible to chipped them with combining strippers. Now it’s time to wire the ignite. Add the teach cable from the light-headed to thegreen ground nail on the mounting bracket. Wire the two neutral wires togetherso thetwo white-hot cables together. Genuinely tighten that cable nut. And eventually wire the two hotwires togetherwith the second wire nut. Push the cables to the back of the junctionbox. Position the light on the two shafts thatyou have sticking out of the bracket. And eventually, add the nuts that hold the lightin place. The Portfolio daylights also come with thesedecorative mission caps that you are eligible to shafted in place. Slide your sconce up onto the light. Use the supplied nuts to secure the sconceto the light. All title! That’s how you get it on. That’s how you swap out an old bathroom lightfixture for a brand-new shower illuminate fixture. Super easy, right? And I only needed three tools. A combination stripper, a screwdriver, anda voltage detector. Make sure you use that voltage detector’ causeyou don’t want to look like Doc Brown at the beginnings of your assignment( That’s a Backto the Future comment right there ). And throw in some LED light bulbs so thatyou’re saving money over go. 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