So heres the question of the day: How doyou grout a tile storey? Well were going to share with you one of the most wonderful grouts thatsout there on the market. Youre not going to find this in your neighbourhood home storage, butyou will find it in a really great tile specialty store. And this grout is announced FlexcolorCQ by Mapei. And this is great because its colorcoated quartz grout, and its alreadypremixed for you so you dont have to mix it up.So there are a few things that were going to go over today to made to ensure that your installationof the grout becomes smoothly and that the tile storey looks great after youre done.So you will need a few things for the Flexcolor CQ.Were going to use a boundary trowel.I are well aware says its premixed, but you still have to mix it up a little bit. You simply donthave to mix it up with liquid. Youre going to need a clean-living rubber hover like this. Abucket of ocean. A leech. And then if you dont have knee pads that are clean, likeme, you can use a towel for your knees. Before we get started, Im just going toshare with you exactly what were going to do because you do have to move a littlebit quickly with the Flexcolor CQ.Were going to spread it onto the tile now. Weregoing to use our float. Were going to spread it into the grout joints at a 45 angle.Were then going to remove that grout at a 90 inclination with this grout float. And thenyoure going to do that diagonally to the tile. So formerly youre done removing mostof the grout, youre going to take a damp sponge, like this one now, and youre goingto move that diagonally across the tile and clean off the top of the tile. This is superimportant. And you should only spread enough of the Flexcolor CQ such that you can removeit in about 5 to 10 minutes. Now the other thing is were going to moistenthe top of our tiles before we settled the Flexcolor CQ on it with the mute leech. This is notgoing to be super wet or anything, merely dampen enough that you soak the top of the tile.Lets open this up.Oh, the second thing I want to mention is make sure you have aclean margin trowel. I was just going to get mine, and it has thinset all over it. And I was like, you know what, this is $ 5. Im just going to go and buy a brand-new one.So were just going to mix this up a little bit. Its previously premixed to the rightconsistency, which is really nice. So theres no judge activity on your proportion to figure out, Oh, is this the right consistency? No, this is the right consistency.The interesting thing I want to mention is the temperature has to be about 50 to 90 F in order toapply this. And your tiles and your grout seams should be absolutely clean and freeof dusts. So step one is to dampen the tiles. You dontwant irrigate are in conformity with the grout joints, but you obviously require the tiles to be damp.And then what were going to do is just drag this; were just going to move thisinto the grout seams at a 45 angle. So again, youre just packing the joints.So now were just going to scrape off the grout at a 90 slant diagonally to the tile.And exactly leech this off.This part is super duper important because you dont want thisgrout to be sitting on top of the tile. Now you can also influence the grout seams withyour rinse. So feel free to do that. You dont want any excess spray in the groutjoints. So simply lightly go over this with your sponge. Okay, thats good enough forthere. Were going to move on to the next division now.So again, were just going to delicately dampen the top parcel of the tile. So as I movefrom right to left here, Im just going to scrape that grout off the top of the tileat that 90 direction. So Im kind of moving the grout from right to left and moving itinto the grout seams. And the nice thing is if you see that you have any grout jointsthat are missing the grout, you can only pack it in there and then move the grout in thedirection that you need it to go. So now were just going to wipe this off.And, you are aware, you can wipe it off once and then you can flip your rinse over and wipeit off again in a oblique direction.Then you was necessary to clean-living your leech. So wipe downonce with one area of the rinse. Flip the sponge over and do the exact same thing. Butagain, dont go crazy with this. You only want to get most of the grout off the topof the tile, but you dont want to remove the grout from the tile grout joint.So you see how my bucket sprays going foggy? This is a good time to switch out thewater or to have a second bucket if youre really wanting to do this quickly. Again werejust going to place a soften sponge on top of the tiles.All right. So again, were just going to wipe down like we did before. And at thispoint, you should be getting the hang of it. So again, were just working our way outof the bathroom here.As “youre seeing”, I dont need a ton of grout.Maybe, you are aware, if youre feeling in terms of cooking, about of a cup to a goblet ofgrout. I dont know any other way to kind of express it.Now underneath this entire tile floor is DITRA. So theres DITRA underneath this. We waterproofedthe entire lavatory storey. So if theres water that does is behind this grout jointor the tile, its waterproofed with the DITRA.Here we have at this transition here.This is the tile, obviously. This is the carpet.And this is a Schluter profile right here. This is Schluter RENO, I believe thatswhat it is. If I “ve given you” the wrong specify, I apologize. But this is a really great transitionstrip by Schluter. All right, so what it does is if youre going from a higher elevationto a lower hill by time a little, you can use this. And it eases that transition.So I wanted to say about this great transition strip right here.So again were just working the grout into the floor. And when we get to the transitionstrip now, theres a little grout joint. Its like literally 1/16, and we aregoing to work grout into that. And then if you do have some additional grout onthe tile, you are eligible to really pick it up like that with a boundary trowel. And yeah, you definitelywant to get any of the grout off of this RENOV Schluter profile as well.You dont wantto let it sit here. So what can you do for the gap thats betweenthe tub and tile? You can use Keracaulk S. This is Mapeis premium sanded siliconizedacrylic caulk. So you can use this between the tub and the tile. The nice persona aboutthis sealant is it will parallel all of Mapeis sanded grout colours. So if you want to tryto match the sanded grout colouring, you can use this concoction now. For pattern, the colorof the Flexcolor CQ was in chocolate. And this specific Keracaulk S is in chocolateas well. I likewise want to say that you do not have touse painters tape on the bathtub or the tile if youre very comfortable abusing a sealant.I just wanted to show it as an example of what you could do.Cut the tip here at an slant, and this will help you work the sealant into the joint.Also, its nice to have a little cup of spray or leech adjacent so you can dip yourfinger in it and manipulate the silicone, or whatever youre using, into the joint.So what you do is just get your sealant going here.Fill in the area. Again, you can just take your paw and really succeed that into the joint. Once youredone requesting the sealant, you can pull back the strip. Im going to give myself a littlebit of leeway here because Im the camera guy and the sealant applicator, so sometimesits a little tough to do both. So this turned out pretty good. You can seehow the seam here is nice and tighten to the tile and to the tub.Once youre done grouting with Flexcolor CQ, you can give yourself about an hour andyou can wipe down the top of the tile again.But there really isnt much residue leftover when you use this, and thats whats really great about it. You was necessary to waitabout 24 hours before you have illuminated paw commerce on it. Follow the directions on thecontainer, and you should be good to go. What we really like about it is: its premixed, easy to put down into the grout seams; theres not a lot of residue that sits on top of itif you follow future directions; you dont have to seal it; and you can quickly grouta bathroom floor, move on to your next project.Thats important if youre a home owneror if youre a contractor. So continue that in knowledge when you select your grout, and yourFlexcolor CQs a great alternative for you. By all means, its not the only grout thatwe consume, but we really, really like it for storeys, and we wanted to share that with youtoday. If you experienced todays video, you can subscribeto our YouTube channel right here. You can also watch our DITRA installation right hereas well. Thats what you want to put down underneath a shower tile flooring because youcan waterproof the entire floor, and you can prevent your tiles from cracking over go, and thats super important.So again, you can watch the DITRA video right there.Thats it for today. Let me know if you have any questions down in the comments, andIll talk to you soon. Take care ..