How do you cook a copper pinhole disclose in lessthan 10 hours? Well, today Im going to show you how todo it in this video, and remain chanted until the end because Im going to have a surprisefor you. All claim? So causes got to get it. Im going to show you how to fix this copperpipe if its leaking in your ceiling or under your sink. Before you know it, its going to be fixed, and itll give you some time to call the plumber.Well, you might be wondering why Im doingthis tutorial outside even though it has to do with copper tubes. Well, its a beautiful day here in Pittsburgh, and I figured Id do the tutorial outside. So there you have it. Let jump into it. “Its what” a copper pinhole leak looks likein a copper piping. As “youre seeing”, its got a green recognize inthe middle-of-the-road, a reverberate around it, and it is likely to be spilling spray. Now how did I set mine? So there was one right here.I abused the Fixit Stick by Oatey. And this is great because it accommodates a temporaryfix to the hole in the tube. Now you got to wear mitts when you mix thistogether because it is in two parts. Youll realize there is a putty in it, and theputty has a light gray exterior to it and a light grey-haired interior portion to it. So you want to mix them together until itsa light-colored gray uniformity. And the reason why you want to do that isbecause a chemical reaction will happen when with this Fixit Stick, and it will becomenice and rock solid on the pipe. So heres what it looks like whenever itsproperly desegregated together. And the cool thing about this Fixit Stickis you precisely articulated it right over the copper pinhole hole, and itll buy you some time to eitherpermanently fix it or call in a plumber. So the Fixit Stick, you want to mold andshape it around the copper pinhole leak so that its watertight and originates a niceseal.But again, the cool persona is, it buys you thattime, right? So even if you temporarily sterilize this, so thatovernight you can be rest assured that that pinhole divulge isnt leaking, you can thencall the plumber the next day or you can fix the pipe yourself. And you can store the Fixit Stick later on. It becomes rock solid and watertight in justa few minutes. Then you can turn the water back on to yourhouse. So here is where that piping used to be.It was up in my ceiling, as you can see. The pinhole opening is so small that it was barelynoticeable. I actually conceived the subfloor above wasleaking spray from the shower, but it wasnt; its this tiny little pinhole leak. And what I needed to do was turn the wateroff at the water mainso thats what youll want to do. Made to ensure that the piping is cool; wipe it offwith a rag. Mix up a 1 x 1 clod of the Fixit Stick, and mold and mold it around the copper pinhole leak. And this, again, will allow you to turn thewater back on in simply a few moments and be able to use your house.You dont have to shut down your entirehouse just for this copper pinhole leak. And then if you want to, the next day, ifits like midnight and you find this, you can either cut out this section of hose orcall the plumber to do that for you. But I exactly cut this tube out because therewere several reveals that looked like they were going to form. So there you have it. This was a beautiful, temporary repair that allowedme to continue to use my house. Of course, I changed the piping and replacedthe ceiling. Thats a whole other story. Well, there you have it. Thats how you secure a copper pinhole leakin a tube, right? Its super simple. And with the Fixit Stick by Oatey, youllbe able to do this, buy yourself some time either to be able to fix the copper tube yourselfor call in a plumber.So heres the astonish. Im going to give away three of these sticksback over on Home Repair Tutor. So check out Click on one of these buttons over here. Itll make you over to the site. That acces youll be able to check out thelatest tutorial and register the random giveaway to win one of these Fixit Sticks, all right? So I hope you enjoyed todays video. Take care, and Ill talk to you soon. Theres Meg. Shes my daughter. Hi, Meg. Wave! Meg, Meg, wave! There she goes ..