Mapei grout is regarded to be certainly one of thebest grouts for a shower encompass, and in these days I have got to grout this 12 x 24 tile. Im going to be utilising Mapeis KeracolorU, which stands for unsanded grout, and the motive why is the grout joints are not any biggerthan 1/8. Plus, I dont wish to scratch the surfaceof this tile. And if you have a very sensitive tile thatyoure working with, you may also want to don’t forget Keracolor U or an unsanded grout for thatparticular job. So were going to be sharing tips and tricksthat weve realized over the years, that Ive realized from my chum, Steve White,who is a reliable bathroom remodeler here in Pittsburgh, and also our buddy, Sal DiBlasi,who has an first rate YouTube channel that you simply should without doubt assess out.Lets dive into the educational proper now. Heres the Keracolor U that I acquired. Now, again the cause why I did it is becausethese glazed tiles behind me, I dont wish to scratch them. So being unsanded makes this a first-class optionfor these tiles. The other thing is its polymer enriched,this means that that youre going to have much less staining with this grout. Now that you could add grout maximizer to it, whichIm going to be doing today, as a substitute of water. And the grout maximizer signifies that you dontneed to seal the Keracolor U, and its going to be approach higher, stain-resistant than othergrouts which can be in the market. Before we do anything with the Keracolor U,have been going to dry combo it in view that we dont colour version on this grout. So by means of dry blending it, youre mixing allthe pigments collectively in the bag if they have settled to the backside, and youre goingto get higher color consistency.So that is the Grout MAXimizer. Had been going to combine this with the KeracolorU. And what it does is it adds that extra stain security, strengthens the grout, andmakes the colour consistency rather just right. You will have to additionally shake up the Grout MAXimizer. Had been going to pour in most of this. Were going to order about 15% of it atthe backside here. And now Im going to pour in most of this10-lbs bag. You should utilize a section of drywall. In this case, its a bit of KERDI Board. Im simply going to fish my mixer up throughthere, and were going to combine this up pretty excellent.So one thing I do wish to inform you is youdont wish to whip this up too much considering you’ll get air into the mixture, and thatwill cause pinholes to kind on your grout. So dont go hog wild on this. Once youre completed mixing this, permit it toslake or just sit right here for approximately 5 minutes. At the same time we wait for the grout to slake, makesure that your grout joints dont have any thinset in them. Certainly you must have accomplished this when youset the tile. Should you do see thinset or any form of shimsstuck in here, remove them for the reason that youre going to have to p.C. The grout joints obviouslywith the Keracolor U. So just inspect everything. Make sure that your tiles are exceptional and cleanas a lot as viable. And in that way, youll be able to packthe grout into the grout joint.Now that weve waited 5 minutes, what youcan do is take a margin trowel like this one. Its now not precisely clean, but this thinsetis set on there. Its now not going anywhere. And i would just scrape off the surplus KeracolorU thats on the part of the bucket and get it into the core of the bucket the place youcan mix it. You need to mix up the Keracolor U for another1 or 2 minutes.However again, dont go crazy with the blending. Just adequate to type of whip all of it collectively. As quickly as youre carried out mixing this up, goahead and easy off your tools. Mapeis instructional materials propose taking adamp sponge, now not an excellent moist sponge, but a humid sponge and simply wiping down the tilesurface. That method the grout will float over it. And you surely dont want any standingwater in the grout joints.So Im simply making use of a general rubber groutfloat to % the joints with the Keracolor U. So as you’ll find here, that is the consistencyof the grout after using the Grout MAXimizer and following the instructional materials. So it is vitally much like a thick peanut butterconsistency. Im going to begin at the top and work myway left to right and down. Have been going to split this into two sections:the slanted one, after which the vertical part down below.Now I do have a gap between the tile and ceiling. Im no longer going to fill that with the grout. Im going to be utilizing the Mapei sealantfor that. So all Im doing is packing the joints andremoving the excess grout. Im just going to be disposing of the excessgrout on the skin of the tile thats not nearly the grout joint. So over here I used a Schluter profile betweenthe tile and the wall. And Im just going to be filling that transitionwith the Keracolor. We have now this transition right here where the wallslants down after which goes vertical. I’m simply going to fill that in with grout. Now in the corner right here where these two wallsmeet, were not going to be filling this in with Keracolor U. Were going to be making use of our sealant. Have been simply going to % these verticaljoints right here on this most important wall. When we get all the way down to the bathtub-to-tile transitionright here, again, were not going to be filling this joint here with Keracolor U. Had been going to be filling it with sealant. So any type of grout that will get in this joint,youre going to must remove it.After this fundamental wall is done, have been goingto move on to the plumbing wall. One thing I need to point out about the plumbingwall: Im quite, relatively bummed about this in terms of the tile job. That was completed in view that I had a excellent planfor it, and that i meant to execute it. And i bought caught up in making a video, andI totally messed up. So down in the comments let me comprehend if youcan see where I messed up on this wall. Wholly bums me out. So again, Im just going to begin at thetop right here and fill on this grout joint. And have been going to fill in the Schluterprofile as well. That is p.C.Door casing proper right here. That is water-resistant. Its intended for outside. That said, i am not going to be grouting inbetween it and the tile.Had been going to be using sealant right here aswell. I did forget to sponge down this tile witha damp sponge, however on account that its so glossy, , it relatively isnt an hindrance. But if you have tile that doesnt have thisfinish, you definitely dont wish to fail to remember to use a humid sponge to it for the reason that it willallow your grout flow to float over the tile. As youre grouting, simply make sure thatthere arent any pinholes in this. There arent any voids. Rather take a close appear at the grout andmake certain thats its performing the way in which that you simply need it to participate in, which is basicallyjust packed into the joint; no voids in it whatsoever. Before I transfer on to the next wall, Im justgoing to scrub off the bathtub. Incidentally, that is also a excellent time to getany grout off the ceiling that you just obtained on the ceiling.You dont wish to let it take a seat on there. So heres the final wall within the tub field. Again, weren’t going to be filling inthis corner joint or the joint between the tile and the tub with the grout. Have been going to depart that empty. Oh, and incidentally, this piece of marble right here,there is a joint in between it and the top tile. Again, Im no longer going to fill that in withgrout both. But this joint proper right here between the tileand the Schluter profile, i am going to fill in with grout. Theres a tiny 1/16 grout joint betweenthe Schluter profile and the tile. One thing I did wish to mention used to be you canuse your finger to device that joint between the Schluter profile and the tile. After which in the end, have been going to grout thissmall little face right right here. However really, many of the grout joint is justthe Schluter profile. We simplest have one grout joint correct right here forthe tile. After about 15-30 minutes, the Keracolor Uwill without doubt stiffen up, and also you will have to have two buckets of water. So Ive most likely been utilising this one toclean the tub.We will have to more commonly swap it out for smooth water. So one for wringing the sponge out in. So you want a damp sponge. There shouldnt be water dripping from this. You need a damp sponge. Youre going to software the grout joint. And while you get grout on the sponge, youregoing to wring it out in this soiled bucket here. Then youre going to dip it in right here to furtherclean it, moisturize itfor the shortage of a greater termand go back to the tile andtool the grout joint and cast off any extra grout thats on the outside of the tile.So for illustration, weve bought some grout there. Some grout on the ceiling right here. Im trying to handiest device in one directionusing this sponge. And in this case, Im just doing that downwardmotion in between the tile and the Schluter profile. And you ought to pay specified concentration thatyoure now not putting off the grout from that joint. Now Im simply going to be making use of the spongeto instrument the grout joints by using hand. In the grout joint, the grout must be prettymuch flush with the tile. To additional support with the tooling, you canmove your sponge diagonally to the grout joints. And a good way to help. What particularly helps at this factor is attentionto element and just rather inspecting every single grout joint for pinholes, for voidsto make sure that it appears good whilst you tool it with the damp sponge.However you dont want to device it an excessive amount of becausethat can surely lead to F fluorescents with Portland cement based merchandise. What must not be happening is the spongebe tremendous moist and youre placing water in between the grout joint and the grout. You dont need that to occur. So be certain that is just damp. The next move is to fill in all the jointsbetween the tub and the tile and the corners and at the ceiling. Im going to be utilising Mapesil T for that. Im going to at the corner right here andwork from right to left. Its simply less difficult for me to do this. No I just dipped my finger into some waterand tool this joint right here. Im going to try this for the entire tubsurround. Now I admit its usually better to havethe bath full of water. Had been simply now not within the position to do thatright now when you consider that of the plumbing on this dwelling.But if that you could, fill the tub up with waterand then fill the joint between the tile and the tub with the sealant. About 1-2 hours after you grout the tile,you could see a haze. If you happen to do, you can use a microfiber clothto dispose of that. You just transfer the microfiber fabric acrossthe tile in a round motion, clearly youre buffing the tile, and shining it, making itlook quite good. The entire hints in this video must helpyou grout your bathe encompass. Now if you want extra precise step-with the aid of-stepvideo tutorials like this one, and youre redoing a bathroom, click on correct right here. Itll take you again on over to dwelling RepairTutor where which you could take a seem at our on-line publications.Theyre lovely extraordinary. I suppose youll like them if you’re goingto be doing a toilet reworking task. Thats it for today. Thanks a lot for observing the video. If youve got any questions, let me recognize. Identity be greater than pleased to help you out. Take care..