Hello. Contractor John here and we’re going toanswer some extra viewers’ questions in these days. Our first query comes from Samuel and hesays, "How do I calculate the rectangular photos for my kitchen ground?" good, Samuel, our constructionworld is full of formulation that make our lifestyles a entire lot easier, and that is no exception.I wish to digress for a minute and take an possibility to plug my ebook, my new booklet,The Dimension Bible for Remodelers and Do-It-Yourselfers. There is a section in my ebook that talks aboutall these extraordinary types of formulation. This specific one, length occasions width equalsarea, there may be formulation is for cubic toes. Rectangular foot, there’s formulas to calculate roofs.There’s formulas to calculate how so much stone you must fill for your landscaping stone,and mulch, and only a formula for every single thing you would most likely assume — subject,quantity, the whole thing.So, determine out dimensionbible.Com or contractorjohn.Com. Take the hyperlink and headon over to Dimension Bible and you’ll be able to to find plenty extra know-how about it. Ok. Enoughof a plug for my book. What you need to do is size occasions width equals subject. Now, inyour kitchen, if you’re lucky, it can be one enormous square or rectangle, and that you may simply takethe size instances the width and there may be your rectangular photos. Add your waste component andyou’re achieved. However, more than likely, it’s extra problematic than that. I don’t know if you happen to’retaking your cupboards out or if you’re leaving them in and simply tiling up to them.So, ifyou’re going to take cabinets out, obviously go to the walls along with your measurements. Withthe cabinets in, that you can go to the toe kick of your cabinet. What you wish to have to do is takeand map out, draw out, your kitchen on a bit of paper and consistently round up. If it can be 11’7",make the dimension 12. If it is 12’9", go to thirteen. Despite the fact that it’s 10’6", go to eleven toes. Drawall that on your paper. And, then, make the most important squares or rectangles you could makewithin that whole footprint. Ok? And, then, you’re going to put it and do it in portions.Then, you are going to take the piece that did not fit in the first common square orrectangle, you are going to make another one, you’re going so as to add all these together.Thelength times the width equals subject for rectangular one. Size occasions the width equals the areafor square two, or rectangular three, or something you will have. When you have a triangular field, makea square out of it after which simply reduce it in half of. All right? That may be easiest method todo that. Then, add all of those up and you give you your rectangular footage. Let’s sayyou come as much as one hundred fifty rectangular toes for your kitchen. Now, distinct materials have extraordinary wastefactors. So, i will style of hedge a bit bit here. If you’re going to move withsomething like a small mosaic tile or some thing that is like an inch square, the waste factorwould be ordinarily in the three% to five% range, somewhere in there.If you’re going to go with an 18"by 18" tile, the waste component is also 15% to 20%. It simply is dependent upon one of the most fabric.If you are going to head with wooden planking, how enormous are the planks? And are they directional?If they are glue joints or anything, can you employ and reverse them? Are you able to not use — there’sa entire bunch that enters into it. Each and every manufacturer should have an approximate waste aspect whenyou’re purchasing the product. However, should you don’t, the salesperson where you’re purchasing it wouldhave variety of an proposal too. But, something — a common rule of thumb is about 10% waste.And, if you happen to’ve acquired bigger tiles, you go up, or better portions of timber or anything, yougo up.And, if they are smaller, you go down a little bit bit. So, somewhere between 5% and15% — 10% mainly works. Now additionally, when you are shopping your product, be certain that you canreturn open instances or portions of this fabric on the grounds that, if you can’t, then simply buy a littlebit extra. Should you don’t use it, that you could invariably take it again. However, not all materials, notall suppliers permit you to try this. Some simplest take full instances back. So, that’ll get youthrough it and i am hoping that helps.Okay? Thanks, Samuel. Subsequent query from Betty and Tom, we’re finishingour basement into a game room and we wish to have a pool table. There’s a column inthe means. Do we take away it? Sure, maybe. [laugh] Oh, it will go both methods. Sure, which you could. Youshould be competent to, but it is dependent upon a whole bunch of matters and it consistently comes down tomoney. You could invariably do it. Just how so much is it going to price? It relies. I’m goingto count on there is a metal lolly column with steel beams. And i’ll assume the steelbeam goes from one foundation wall to the opposite and this is the column within the middle.If the 2 metal columns are joined on this lolly column, that creates a whole other predicament.Ok? Both manner this goes, i will refer you to a structural engineer.That is who you’regoing to must come and take a appear at it and make the ultimate selection if this ispossible or not. You must have an understanding of you have to take the span of that piece of steeland what it can be allowed the span and the burden that’s on it for the span and notice in case you’reat that max span or in the event you nonetheless have some room to head. I took one out last yr or theyear before in a basement undertaking we had been doing. The metal went from one beam pocketto a different. There was once a column in the core and the span was once three toes wanting the max.Well, we only needed to move it two ft, so it was within the realm of we could this. We hada structural engineer come and take a appear at the loads that had been presently on therebecause you don’t know. I imply they might have engineered the long-established residence to be atthe max load for that beam with that span.So, it gets real complicated oftentimes.So, the answer is structural engineer, have him come and take a seem at it, and they’llbe the one to verify if you can do this or now not. So, I desire I would were moredefinitive help for you, however as a minimum I pointed you in a path here. Our last question for at present comes from Hunter.Our concrete patio is sinking and sloping in the direction of the condo.It appears it has gottenmuch worse for the reason that final year. Do I have got to get a whole new patio? Most of the time no longer, Hunter. You’llprobably be able to salvage if it’s no longer too unhealthy. One of the vital matters you must understandis, when a slab is put in a patio against the apartment, it’s as a rule sloped away fromthe apartment to maintain water that does fall on it — and if the gutters overflow or some thing,it runs far from the condo. Good, for some thing intent, it begins to sink, and it gets level,and the water starts to head everyway, and it runs in between the slab and the condo, andsoftens that grime, and it sinks more. And the more it sinks, the more water goes.Andthe more it sinks, the more water goes. The more it sinks, extra water. It can be just a snowballrolling downhill outcome. And having that a lot water up towards the groundwork is never agood main issue. I do not know if your basis is concrete or cinderblock. I’ve visible cinderblockfoundations truely bow within the core. Like, for those who put a straightedge on it, like an inchand a half the wall bowed out. I’ve noticeable them crack in the core and then absolutely pushthe block out an 1/eight of an inch. And i’m sure there may be instances when it happened more than an1/8. I’ve personally visible it bump it out an 1/eight of an inch. So, it can be anything you wantto take care of proper away. Ensure it will get looked after.One option would be mud jacking.You get a contractor that comes in — concrete raising, mud jacking, which you can appear under thatin the telephone book or simply Google it in your area. They drill holes within the concrete slaband, under stress, they inject a slurry combination underneath that slab, and it helpsto elevate that slab up. Ok? So, that may be an alternative if it is no longer too unhealthy. Ok? Anotherthing, for those who do have got to take the slab out, be certain that they pin the slab to the foundationso this does not happen once more. Ok? They may drill holes within the groundwork. Put rebar inthere — steel dowel rods within the groundwork and into the new field, and pour the concretearound these metallic bars, and with a purpose to pin in essence the new slab to the foundationand support aid the load of that slab, now not just on the ground, but the foundationwill share a few of that weight. So, it is going to not generally tend to drop down.K. That’s it for that, Hunter.I hope that works out for you. I am hoping you find somebodyto get your problem solved. So, this is Contractor John. When you have anycomments, please go away them beneath. If you have questions, the equal factor. Go away thembelow. I’ll get to them as swiftly as i will. With a bit of luck, i’ll be capable to make a video andanswer your question in this sort of podcasts. Head on over, as I stated, to contractorjohn.Com.Take a look at my hyperlink to The Dimension Bible. And to your means out, subscribe to me. I reallywould respect if you subscribe to my YouTube channel. Have a blessed day. .