Right here in this video i’ll make restore on a gasoline range burner. A fuel range burner is an extraordinarily long-established kitchen appliance to be had at each house. I am working on this fuel range burner. As the correct hand side burner is faulty and it is not getting on at all. The left hand aspect larger burner I repaired just a few days again and now it’s working good. Before it was also unhealthy and it refused to work. We will make restore on the smaller burner as it’s faulty.Their main issue is normal most commonly. They’ve most often defective valve in them. These valves are normally referred to as rail cock. This valve is established right here under this knob. At the same time we are rotating to this knob, actually we’re controlling the fuel variety from this knob. We will be able to change the valve along with the knob because the valve is faulty and the knob can be damaged. We will be able to be installing the new valve and the brand new knob. These valves and knobs are low cost and low price alternative constituents which you could purchase each for a $ from any fuel home equipment retailer.The precaution even as installing a new valve is you will have to smooth the entire grease lubrication from the inside of the valve. You must smooth the gasoline passage utilising a rag. For the cleaning you will have to put the valve in the on function and then cut a section of rag. Now the valve is in open role and the gasoline passage manner is now opened. You will have to put the rag throughout the fuel passage and rotate it making use of a small screw driver to make it absolutely cleaned. With the aid of rotating you could smooth the interior of the valve and will clear the gasoline passage from the grease. If the grease will likely be there inside the gasoline passages, it’ll avoid the go with the flow of gasoline to the burner. And you’ll no longer be competent to manipulate the gas therefore is not going to control the flame. You will have to smooth the other gas port additionally to make it perfect cleansing. So via this way you are going to smooth the whole gas passage which is the proven distinct field from the inside. On the entrance of this gas valve there is a nozzle with small aperture.That is making the fuel go with the flow in a twig pattern. That nozzle as you will see that shouldn’t be there with this valve. We will reuse the nozzle from the prevailing valve from the burner. The older nozzle can do the job with perfection. That you would be able to even use a brand new nozzle as good. You may want some normal tools to do the job. To begin with we should cast off the knob from the valve. For the knob removing we must cast off its screw utilising a small screw driver. Bring this screw on your front and then free it utilizing the small screw driver. The screw you can find in this new valve unit.This screw you’ll will dispose of from the existing one the old valve. The way is we can bring the knob screw in our front and then unscrew it making use of a small screw driver. As you will find now the screw is grabbed by way of the screw driver and we can unscrew it with no trouble. Bring the screw within the down role once more and wiggle the knob somewhat to dispose of it from the valve shaft.For the valve elimination you will have to unscrew the nut right here. This nut is protecting the valve in the burner. Utilising a big dimension pliers you could unscrew this nut readily. Get rid of the nut when it’s absolutely unscrewed. The you will have to get rid of this pipe and burner meeting. Often there are two screws there you will have to unscrew them to get rid of this burner part. The older valve had been are available in pieces.Make house within the pipe and rail. This may occasionally need adequate force to do it. Use your mussels drive to create space for the valve removal. You should make the ample house so that you are going to be competent to put on the new valve in. Now un thread the present or historic valve from this pipe. Use your tools if required. Unscrew the older valve with care so that nothing should breakdown. Use you palms or your tools to unscrew the older valve. By using this manner that you would be able to put off the older are current valve from this pipe rail. Here is that nozzle with the small aperture which is required to be shifted to the next new valve. For this cause unscrew it from the older and screw it within the new valve unit.Look on the aperture and it will have to be open. If now then make it open by means of cleansing it utilizing a small screw driver or a drill bit. Use a tread or Teflon tape to make the treads gas tight. Screw the nozzle on the new valve with care and tight it up using a pliers. There is no significant strain on this nozzle which have a fear but in any case just a little care is excellent anyways. The small screw and nut also you will have to remove from the valve. On the opposite valve port additionally you will have to make treading. So that it is going to provide a leakage free contact with the pipe rail. We will be able to care for the leakage so that it’s going to preclude any fuel wastage. Make this new valve threaded in the pipe rail. Take care to make leakage free connection. Gently tight the brand new valve within the pipe rail. Don’t over tight it or do not preserve it free. Now’s the time to fix this valve in its place. You will have to furnish adequate force to repair it in its location. Now put on the nut and tight it to cozy the valve in its position.Use the pliers to tight then nut. Repair the knot on the valve shaft and at ease it with the small screw. Now fix the elements which had been eliminated in the course of dis assembly of the burner. On these two holes we can repair two small nut bolts to secure this section to the burner. Down side fix the pipe on the nozzle in order that it should take gasoline from the nozzle. Without these nut bolts or screws even we are able to test and use the range or burner. All the parts we will put on their places. I will exhibit you the trying out of the unit with the new valve fixed. For trying out we should open the gas valve first. Then switch on the burner manage valve to on function. Now the range or burner works very properly. Also we are able to control the flame from the knob..