Hello friends i am Shahbaz Malik and you are welcome at Electric Point In this video i will tell you step by step procedure to restore Home Theater I will interpret about every factor in Home Theater you can mend any faulting in Home Theater by going through this video so makes start the video first of all transformer coverts 220 V to 16 V it outputs in 3 cables dark-green cables contain 16 V and yellow cable contain 0V so mostly transformer alters 220 V to 16 0 16 voltage right two 2030 ICs is for speaker and left two 2030 ICs for woofer we have already made a video to check IC 2030( join is in description) but now you will learn a new method to check IC2 030 16 0 16 voltage from transformer will receive at IC2030 right IC4558 increase woofer bass whereas left IC4558 increase speaker sound same voltage from transformer 16 0 16 V are able to obtain at IC4558 this 16 V will go to mp3 placard by this wire.