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5 Essential Tools for Tiling (Quick Tips) — by Home Repair Tutor

So probably the most biggest fears folks have ismessing up the tile job. What do I imply by that? Good, I mean installing this attractive tilebut it turning out horrible and watching bad. That may be a gigantic catastrophe, proper? In view that then both youre going to haveto live with it or tear it out. And that i dont suppose any individual wants to livewith a terrible watching tile job, and no person wishes to tear out tile. Its a giant mess. So what are some tools that you need to use tohelp you get perfect looking grout joints and your tile pleasant and stage and even. Im going to share these tools with youright now. So this first tool is the Bosch ProfessionalGLL three-15 laser degree. That is exceptional. Second device is the LaserJamb. When you mix this with the laser degree,now you’ve got a robust set of instruments for tiling.So this little knob on the bottom of the laserlevel, it comes with the LaserJamb. You then simply slide it into situation, and youtighten it down. You’ll find that once I faucet the laser level,it self-stages itself. Now have been going to show it on. The LaserJamb goes from the ground the wholeway up to the ceiling. Its truly a jamb that holds the laserlevel in situation for you. And whats cool about this is theresthis manage right here that you simply press down on it, and this adjusts the peak of the LaserJamb. So heres your laser level correct here. That is your vertical line; that is your horizontalline. I dont have this lined up precisely, butthe vertical line will also be lined up with the grout joint and make sure that your verticaltiles are exactly lined up. The horizontal line can line up with yourhorizontal tiles and make certain that they are lined up horizontally and first-class and level.Lasers are lovely cool; even though I probablyshouldnt be doing that. So heres an additional relatively basic software. It is a carpet knife. Why do you need a carpet knife for tiling? Well its real simple. Whilst you put the tiles on the wall, oftentimes(relying on how a lot skinny-set you could have behind this and the way a lot skinny-set you will have on theedges) youll have skinny-set that oozes out of the grout joint. How do you take away that thin-set? Well, with a carpet knife like this. Before going any additional, I do need to mentionone factor: Carpet knives are super sharp, so watch out when you use them. Even be very careful while you run it betweenyour grout joints because this is KERDI Boardthis is my water-proofing panel hereI dontwant to pierce that. Considering that if I do that, its going to ruinthe water-proofing membrane of the KERDI Board. You may also even need to dull the carpet knifebefore cleansing out any of the grout joints.So its as simple as scraping out the groutjoint whilst the thin-set continues to be tender. And it is a huge support when you go to groutyour tile. So that you might be thinking, What the heckare those things in between the tiles in the grout joint? Well, these are seamclips. Theyre referred to as Tuscan seamclips, and whatthey do is compress the tiles collectively and create a great, even transition. It eliminates whats called lippage. So this will have to be a smooth transition. You should use Tuscan seamclips on vertical tilesand horizontal floor tiles. Now some humans argue that you simply dont needthem if youre a excellent tile setter, however I to find that they do two things. Not most effective do they eliminate the tile lippage,however they help compress the tiles into the thin-set much more and make certain that that bondis very, excellent.Now you will have to be compressing the tiles intothe skinny-set as you move along, however the seamclips help out with that. These are 1/16 horseshoe shims. And what they do is provide you with a niceeven grout joint considering the Tuscan seamclips, theyre 1/32 thick. Theyre now not thick enough to furnish youwith a first-rate grout joint. So that you ought to put the horseshoe shim in betweenthem. Now the Tuscan seamclips go 2 to three fromthe fringe of the tile, and also you also want them each 6 to 10. Now on this hooked up, it is a rather moreangled tile, and this can be a vertical tile. I couldnt put them right here when you consider that itjust wouldnt determine. However as you’ll find, we adopted that patternin the field of the tile.So the seamclips and the horseshoe shims,they support you get perfect grout joints and restrict tile lippage. It simply makes your tile job look so much better. So there you go. These are some rapid pointers on tiling a showeror a tub encompass. Let me recognize what your questions are down beneath. If you want to learn get a satisfactory lookingtile job by using putting in an top notch water-proofing membrane in the back of it, which you could watch our KERDIBoard videos proper here. These are out of the ordinary step-through-step tutorialson set up KERDI Board and set yourself up for an effective watching tile job. Thats it for in these days. Once more, ask me any query you need down under. I won’t have the reply to every singlequestion, but unwell do my pleasant to help you out. Thanks so much for observing. Take care.Have a first-class day..

How to Wire an Elecrical Outlet (Important Tips) — by Home Repair Tutor

Howdy, everyone! Today Im going to exhibit you wire an electricaloutlet or install an electrical outlet. This is for my pal, Denise, and my pal,Heather. They not too long ago requested me to do that tutorial. So wager what, here it is. So Ive bought a precise shock for you atthe end. Keep tuned, and i’m hoping you enjoy this. So lets bounce into it. Snatch your self a circuit analyzer or a receptacleanalyzer like this one right here considering the fact that it will tell you whether or no longer your outlet is wiredthe proper method. So plug it into the outlet, and appear at thetwo lights which can be yellow. That indicates that it is in fact wired accurately. Then go forward and switch the electric off atthe panel of fuse field. Grasp your self your non-contact voltage sensor. Double-verify the electric is off. And you will see how this outlet is wiggling. Its a no-no. And Im going to show howto repair that subsequent. So that you can take the outlet duvet off. And you see how the outlet strikes again andforth? Snatch your self or exit and buy a few of theseplastic inserts, these plastic spacers.Which you can fold them over themselves, and thenput them down over the screws on the highest and the backside of your outlet screws that attachthe outlet to the electrical field. And what thatll do is furnish a spacerso that the outlet is not going to wiggle. In this case, the field wiggles a bit bit. Now if you have an outlet that has the tabspainted over, which you could ranking the tabs with a utility knife. That way, the outlet will not tear the paintoff the wall. Again, double-verify that the electrical is offwith the voltage tester. Pull the outlet out with your arms usingthe tabs. Then as you will discover right here, I wish to show youthe insulation is stripped off too much from these wires. The insulation, when its stripped off toomuch, it exposes an excessive amount of copper, and the copper wire would touch the electrical box,growing an electrical challenge.All proper. So what you need to do first is unwire thehotwires. Again, right here I wanted to show you whatever. The wire loop isnt accurately looped, andthats hazardous since the hotwire couldve came off the terminal screw. Then undo the terminal screws that hold thewhite impartial wires onto the outlets. There you go. After which the last factor you need to do isunwire the ground wire. Once more, simply counter-clockwise, turn that screw,and then pull the ground wire off the outlet. The next step is to choose the right kindof outlet. So on this case, i have a 15A outlet. Im going to interchange it with, you guessedit, a 15A outlet. I selected to get a pass & Seymour 15A tamper-resistantoutlet. And nowadays, you will have to continuously buy a tamper-resistantoutlet, specially in case you have kids. And numerous nearby codes require it.So ensure you assess your nearby code. Right here you go. Heres the outlet. There are the brass screws. Heres the again of the outlet the place youcan push the wires into it. After which you might have your silver screws for yourneutral wires. After which your green floor screw. Now in this case, I desired to exhibit you theresa little strip gage on the facet of the outlet. That is relatively handy considering that what you cando is put your wires up in opposition to that strip gage, and that you could cut them to measurement or youcan strip the insulation off consistent with the gage. Once you do that for one wire, which you could simplyjust put the wire up against all of the different ones and strip off the suitable amountof insulation.So as one can find right here, there you go. My impartial wire is accurately sized, andthen I just cut both my hotwires to the same measurement as my impartial wire. I wanted to exhibit you this. Within the electrical box, you’ve gotten your groundwires. They will have to all be pigtailed together andthen have a further wire coming out of that pigtail. So there you go. Theres the wire nut, and theres thepigtail. Take some emery fabric and rub the entire barecopper wires with the emery fabric. That way that you would be able to be unique that youregoing to get high-quality electrical contact with the naked copper wires, and that youre goingto have a rather excellent contact with your outlet.So wire up the bottom wire first to the greenterminal screw. Make sure its looped around clockwise. Then tighten down that green terminal screw. The following wires that I wish to wire up arethe neutral wires, and so they go together with the silver terminal screws. So loosen the terminal screws with the aid of turning themcounter-clockwise. And in this case, for this pass & Seymouroutlet, I simply pushed the wires into the slots on the back. And i keep the wires down with one hand whileI tighten down the silver terminal screws with my screwdriver.Make sure those terminal screws are really,really tight if youre no longer going to loop them across the terminal screws, okay? You’ll discover theres barely any copper wireshowing. I do this certain same factor for the black hotwires. They go along with the brass screws. So push them into the back of the outlet,and then tighten down the brass screws. All correct. Ensure once more those terminal screws aresuper, tremendous tight with your screwdriver. Then the last thing that I dowell, almostthe final thingis I take my vacuum, and that i suck up any of the debris thats in theelectrical field simply to make sure that its safe.Push all the wires into the field. Plug your receptacle analyzer into the outlet. Turn the vigor on. Be carefuldo no longer touch naked wires. And double-examine that your outlets wiredcorrectly. On this case, it’s. Its indicated by means of the 2 yellow lights. Screw the electrical outlet to the electricalbox with the 2 screws that got here with the shops. There you go. The outlet doesnt transfer.After which which you could put the cover plate on. Do not over-tighten the screw to the coverplate on account that the duvet plate will spoil. There you go. Thats how you install an electrical outlet. Quite easy. Follow all the general tips that i have in thistutorial, and also you will have to be excellent to move. So heres the surprise. Head on over to residence repair Tutor and theresgoing to be a giveaway related to this video. So head on over to HomeRepairTutor.Com. Determine out the put up, the educational associatedwith this video, and youll see what that surprise is. So i am hoping that you just appreciated the video. You could invariably subscribe to the dwelling RepairTutor YouTube channel. And when you dont intellect, when you go overto HomeRepairTutor.Com, signal up for the e-mail newsletter considering that that method, you wont missout on all my tips and giveaways that i’ve for this yr. So check it out. Take care, and sick talk to you soon..

How to Self Level Bathroom Floors Part 2…Adding Leveler Over Concrete — by Home Repair Tutor

In our final video, we gave you guidelines on howto prep the concrete ground on a basement rest room in guidance for the self-leveler. So we went over how one can use concrete screwsas height symptoms, the right way to put a foam alongside the perimeter of the bathroom wall for anexpansion and contraction joint, and also how you can top the concrete toilet floor. Now, in todays video had been going to giveyou tips on the self-leveler that we used, methods to mix that up and easy methods to pour it overtop of the top to concrete ground. Had been additionally going to explain why this isso important because it pertains to the tub and the tile that well be surroundings in thisbathroom. Okay, so were going to head ahead and mixthis NXT leveler, and its particularly major to use the proper quantity of water that thebag specifies. The NXT requires four to 41/2 quarts of water. Be certain you measure out precisely what you needfor each bag. Im going to be making use of this larger barrel,so one can permit me to mix two baggage at a time.So Im going to be placing double the amountof water for every, a bucket for every. Simply pay concentration to the specs on it. Make certain you mix it for the right amountof time. It says 2 to three minutes per mixing. Combine it for that period of time. So that you may decide on up one of these buckets atHome Depot or in other house retailer that has all the markings on it.You absolutely need to measure out fresh waterinto the bucket and pour it into the bigger container that youre going to combine up theNXT self-leveler. So once more, this is Laticrete Self-Leveler. Make certain you wear a Silica dirt respiratorand mix it per the guidelines. Right here, were just utilizing a Milwaukee mud mixer,after which have been pouring it over high of the primed floor. So when you havent primed the ground, makesure you do that earlier than you pour the leveler on prime. As you might see, were beautiful still reallyfar faraway from the top of the place it desires to be. So were going to go forward and blend anotherbatch, and weren’t even going to touch any of this for right now. As you’ll discover, the leveler is spreading outonto the ground.This was our first batch. Its nowhere nearly the screw indicatorsthat we embedded into the highest of the concrete. That is our second batch, after which we actuallyhad to combine up about 6 one of a kind baggage of the NXT leveler. As you will discover here, Steve is utilizing a Squeegeeto transfer the NXT around. Youre going to have to do this. Its now not going to stage per se on its own. And its good to push it into the subject wherethe bath goes to leisure. If you wish to have this to work per the recommendations,youre going to need to mix it to the proper requirements, and youre going to haveto work it into the corners so that it will eventually level out. As you’ll find right here, its a fine monolithicleveler on high of the concrete floor.We let that hooked up overnight, and then weremoved the 2×4 that was in the doorway. So we simply used a Sawzall right here to cut that2x4. The whole lot was virtually framed in position withthe 2×4 there, so thats why we had to use a Sawzall to tear it out. And we removed the froth as well. The self-leveler makes environment the tub supereasy in view that the whole lot is level. And the rationale why the bathtub having that levelis foremost is when you consider that while you go to set the tile, as a way to set you up for successin phrases of the tile layout and design.So getting the tub degree is super importantfor the tile around the encompass. And in addition, as you’ll discover here, were using12x36 inch timber plank tiles. We couldnt have set those had the floornot been stage. Even with using T-lock, it wouldvebeen quite complicated. The opposite factor is, surroundings the self-love isa lot simpler once the floor is degree. We simply had to put this in location and screwit into the studs. After which finally, the level flooring allowedus to clearly set the closet flange proper on top of the tile and no longer must fear aboutthe rest room being unbalanced and needing shims.In the subsequent video, were going to give youtips on the right way to set up the bathtub on this basement bathroom. Thats going to be a great video, and wethink that youll relatively experience it. Now in the meantime, that you can sign as much as ouremail list. Youll get our free advisor to constructing basementbathrooms. Therell be 7 professional suggestions in that consultant. Secondly, well preserve you posted on our onlinecourse.So had been building an internet direction thatllwalk you step-through-step construct the basement bathroom that have been engaged on in thesevideos. And then thirdly, sick e-mail you directlyand touch base with you in your own undertaking, and we will talk about what are a few of thechallenges there and the way we are able to aid you out with that.So click on correct right here to sign up with our emaillist, and sick be in contact with you. Thanks for gazing todays video. For those who bought any questions, ask them down inthe comments and well attempt to support you out. Thanks so much, take care, and good talkto you soon..

How to Insulate Walls and Ceilings — by Home Repair Tutor

K, its beginning to get bloodless in Pittsburgh.And today Im going to put off raking all these leaves due to the fact that Im going to have mybuddy, invoice, insulate his walls and his ceilings over his new addition at his home. So weregoing to show you the way to do that and shop a ton of cash by using insulating your house. Andweve received some rather exceptional recommendations for you. Plus, an great surprise on the finish. So letsget began. K, these are all the provides i want forinstalling insulation: respirator, eyewear, you received a razor, measuring tape, somethingto cut insulation with, gloves, after which I simply % a chisel so i will be able to push the insulationinto certain areas which can be tough to arrive.Ok, now its time to head to expenses.K so were over at expenses condo. Were going to be putting in an insulation. Why?Why are we striking in an insulation? Considering that we’d like an addition on our apartment. Why do weneed an addition on our condo? We dont have enough bedrooms. We acquired one youngster, twobabies, and a 3rd little one. So we ran out of bedrooms in the house. So we had to buildanother bedroom. So now we have our little helpers right here, but Billand I are going to be striking in an insulation. So were going to show you how you can do thatright now. Say bye. Bye. For expenses addition, weve without a doubt got2 x 6 framing. Had been using the R-21 Kraft-confronted Batts in view that it fits perfectlyinto the 2 x 6 framing. This is virtually 5 thick x 15 large x 93 long. Nowthe Kraft-confronted which has paper on it, like this, is a vapor retarder. What this doesis restrict mould and mildew from getting inside the stud bay.The cause why have been utilizing an R-21 is when youre constructing an addition in your condo,R-21 is the minimal R value that you want for the present power Code requisites.Thenice thing about Johns Manville products is that theyre formaldehyde-free. And if youvegot children or you wish to have to absolutely preserve your self nontoxic, formaldehyde-free is tips on how to go.So why do you need to insulate your condominium? Its pretty much a no-brainer, proper? Yougot to hold it heat. Its what have been you announcing? Its got thermal and sound control.Which is first-rate for when you’ve got children. Yeah. Proper? Or should you live in a busy arealetssay you reside in the city, and you wish to have to take a look at to diminish on noise pollutionaddinginsulation to the partitions is excellent for that.The opposite thing to preserve in mind is thisyoujust put in a new HVAC procedure, correct?So with the aid of placing an insulation, you minimize onthe stress of continually jogging your heating or cooling procedure. So it rather helps outin that method, too. So how do you choose out the insulation thatyou need? So on this case, we’ve got 2x6s, and they are 16 on core. So you wantto pick out the insulation that fits into the stud bay.For the reason that they have differentstud bay widths that you could work with. Specific house builders will build in different methods.Most houses are going to be sixteen on middle, so most of your stud cavity bays are goingto be 14 wide. Now there are other framing methods the place you can go up to 24 broad.In which case you might need whatever thats 22 broad batts.So for the ceiling were in reality making use of R-38. And costs ceilings listed here are whatare these joist sizes? These are framed 24 on core. So we bought a 22 large battfor the ceilings. Im measuring the within of my wall bayto determine the peak for the insulation that we need to have right here. One thing thatwe tousled is that I ordered insulation thats quite too tall. All you need todo is just take a framing rectangular such as this. Press down actual rough till you get a great spotto cut with. A normal utility knife is all you need to cut this. And take a few passesat it just to make sure you get all of the approach through to the insulation.Theres a few special instruments that you should utilize to reduce this.A utility knife isprobably one of the crucial customary methods. That is an actual insulation knife designed forcutting insulation. It really works very well for that.We now have electrical wiring thats going through some of these stud bays. And its recommendedthat you fill each gap the place you’ve penetrations for the place your wires is. We simply acquired a littlebit of caulking here. And have been simply going to fill each the sort of holes before weget insulating. So what we wish to do is get this proper upto the top. You dont wish to smash it in there. You simply need it to suit very properly.Im simply going to tuck this in the entire manner down. And should you become aware of theres an electricalline right here. There are two specific ways to manage electrical line. They are saying the preferredmethod is to separate the batt down middle, take half of it, tuck it at the back of the wire so youget a first-rate layer of insulation at the back of that wire so that you get quality, pure insulation allthe manner from flooring to ceiling.Most importantly, you simply want this to fit precisely correct. Youdont wish to smash it down in. You dont want it to be tucked. And you dont wantit to be stretched. You want it to move in as comfortable as it could possibly.The outlet field, every time we stuff the insulation here, you dont need to just jam the insulationin around it considering, like I mentioned before, if the insulation is smashed its no longer goingto work as just right.You wish to have this stuff to be puffy and fluffy just the way in which that itsdesigned to be mounted. At this point, this is where my insulation knife will come inhandy. Were going to move correct to the highest edge of the box right here and simply reduce the insulationin a rectangular shapesame dimension because the electrical field. Remove this little square here. I lefta little bit here. That will have to be adequate to suit at the back of the box.I tuck this in behindthe box. And when were completed, it should have a first-rate, even fit round that field.All right, so while invoice is completing off the insulation, I desired to let you know thatJohns Manville simply sponsored this video, and this is a component of their winter Warrior program.And we fairly need to motivate you towhen you insulate your residence if youre usinga Johns Manville insulationshare that on social media and use #winterwarrior. Thatway that you would be able to inspire other men and women to make their homes more cozy this winter. You canalso in finding the products that had been utilising in this video at Lowes and home Depot.And if you happen to dont have one of those stores to your subject, that you can go to Johns Manvillewebsite and discover a store locator for your field.Now that I got the insulation stuffed in thewall, I ran my hand alongside it. Make certain its quality and delicate in place, youll noticethat it has these little tabs on right here. Now theres a few ways to put in thisinsulation. Theres whats called a friction-fit insulation, which this isn’t that sort ofinsulation. This one is supposed to be stapled. So that you could either floor-staple to theface of the stud otherwise you could staple to the within of the stud.Now your drywallers willappreciate it for those who staple to the within of the stud. Considering the fact that while you staple to theoutside, if your staple doesnt sink all of the approach, it can purpose a lump within the drywall,and also you dont want that. So Johns Manville suggests for his or her product is that you stapleevery 6 to eight along the within of the stud. Now whilst you staple this, youll bepushing the insulation again, but they’ll simply puff again up and are available back to the rightdimension. All right, now we have slightly bit of a spacehere between this stud and that one. So we have to sincerely slash one of the insulationfor the space. Bills doing the exact identical factor with these tiny, little piece of insulationthat is above the top or for the window. You got to reduce them to measurement, ensure thattheyre tight and flush with all the framing. In any other case your insulation is notgoing to do its job. The place you’ve gotten windows you obviously wantto use increasing foam across the window body to reduce on any draft coming into the condominium.So for the ceiling, were going to be utilizing the R-38 thirteen thick x 24 broad x 48long portions.Well, Im about to put in the Johns Manvilleceiling insulation R-38. As he stated its thirteen thick. And i used to be wondering, How amI going to get a thirteen thick 24 vast batt in the ceiling? Well they make them in48 sections to make it less difficult to install this within the ceiling. I was once very comfortable to seethat. K, good we received one bay of the ceiling filledin with all the insulation. Now i have all these seams right here where theyre separated.This just desires to be taped along with a polytape or a tape that is designed fortaping insulation. Its also to be certain that the vapor barrier is steady throughoutthe whole ceiling aircraft. Also completed within the partitions as well. The partitions, you rather shouldnthave any seams that need tape. But if in case you have any tears or some thing like that in youmoisture-resistant layer, then thats where youre going to need to set up polytapejust to seal all that up and make certain its air-tight.All correct, so thats how you insulate your partitions and your ceilings.We hope that youlike this video and got some pleasant hints. Now heres the surprise. Had been going to begiving away a $100 gift certificates to considered one of our lovers. So how do you enter into thegiveaway? Good, add a comment beneath right here on YouTube. Or if you wish to, you can also adda comment over on house restore Tutor. With the intention to mechanically enter you into the $100giveaway. Its going to be a present certificate. Its pretty candy. So you should utilize that tobuy insulation or any tool that you want. So thanks for watching todays video. Wehad a best time making it. We hope that you simply bought some awesome pointers. Good see you nextweek. Found out that R-38 makes a satisfactory bedjustin case I get kicked out of my condominium.

How to Install a Frost-Free Sillcock – Part 1 Remove the Old Hose Bib

Hi there each person! It’s Jeff, and that i wanted to exhibit you wantedI needed to do to put a frost free sillcock on the external of my apartment. So that is the pipe that’s getting into the condominium,and it’s coming from the external via this wall plate and journeying the entire approach intomy basement. And i will show you here in a 2nd whereI ought to shut off the water on the inside of the condominium in order that i will outcomes make thiscut the place that line is, the place that Sharpie mark is, after which put the new frost free sillcockin location. So let me show you where I ought to shut offthe water. A couple of weeks again, I replaced this sectionof pipe with shark chew fittings and put in a brand new shutoff valve.So the shutoff valve is already within the offposition, and all I must do is drain the water on the outside of the condo so thatI can cut out the ancient sillcock and put in a new one. So i’m going to go ahead and exhibit you how to try this. Ok, this is the ancient sillcock on the outsidehere, and that i want to replace it seeing that it is no longer a frost free hose bib. So what I have got to do is drain the entire waterout which is the whole manner offI mean the whole means on, excuse meso I have to’ve turnedit on and drained it out earlier than.And that’s good because once I reduce this pipeon the inside of the condominium, when I cut the copper pipe on the inside of the residence, I’mjust going to drag this out, measure it, and use that dimension to determine how longmy new frost free sillcock desires to be additionally to the shark chunk fittings that I’dput on. So let’s go ahead and try this. K, what i’m going to do now could be cut thispipe out with this auto-reduce instrument that i love. And this is a rather tight area. There’s going to be water that comes out ofthis pipe, but i will cut this pipe, and then i’ll pull the historic sillcockout of the wall on the external of the house.Let’s see here. In a number of seconds, there’ll be water that’llcome out of thisor probably now not, if i’m fortunate. Well, there we go. All proper? We are going to let that drain. And then i will easily pull the pipe from theoutside of the residence, and we will measure the new sillcock and the way long it wants to be withthe shark bit fittings. K, here is the sillcock, the historic sillcock.Just be ready to drag this out of the wall. One can find here it’s not very long. So what i will have to do is determine howto put the brand new sillcock on so that it fits together with the shark bit fittings. So let’s go ahead and do that..

Makita Nailer Repair – Replacing the Inlet Cap (Makita Part # 317101-0)

The inlet cap is attached to the rear of yournail guns handle. It both seals the control to include the airinside and is the attachment factor for the speedy-connect nipple. Probably the most original trouble with the inlet capis an air leak. This is in general brought about through a crack within the cap,customarily precipitated by way of accidentally losing the gun. The magazine additionally attaches to the cap. If dropped, the mounting bracket can be brokenoff. Changing the inlet cap is a repair that youcan do your self and i’m going to exhibit you ways. Hello, Mark Sodja. Home made repairs like these are easierthan you would believe. From lawn machines to cordless drills, kitchenmixers, outside drills, our how-to movies will stroll you through each restore from startto finish. Doing it your self manner never having to doit by myself. Let’s get began.I will begin via casting off the inlet cap. It’s secured with three screws. [background noise]Mark: there is also one screw that secures the magazine to the bracket on the inlet andI’ll get rid of it. I will get rid of the gasket from the cap. I’m going to eliminate the inlet filter. I will dispose of the inlet nipple from the oldcap and transfer it over to the brand new. I will follow some thread tape to the nipplebefore I set up it on the brand new cap.[background noise]Mark: i’ll reinstall the filter and now the cap is ready for re-installation. I will line the intake gasket with the coverand then align this meeting with the gun. I will secure it with the screws. I have to take into account to reinstall the hook onone part of the cap. I’m going to reinstall the screw that secures themagazine to the cap. That is how easy it’s to install a new inletcap for your nail gun. Be sure to investigate back regularly for brand spanking new videosand informed advice. If you happen to observed this video valuable, give us athumbs up and leave a remark.

How to Reinforce and Burglar Proof Your Entry Door

Hello, buddies. Its Jeff with home RepairTutor. And today Im going to share with you the way to make stronger an entry door and makeit burglar proof. So why do you need to do this? Well, hey,any one can kick open this door and literally come in your residence and take your laptop, youriPod, your iPads in lower than 5 minutes. And theres no approach the police are going to gethere that rapid. So anyways, thats why you need to reinforceyour entry door and think so much safer about your dwelling. So lets get began.So heres the deal. I’m going the convenient Armor door reinforcement package.And it was once a littlebit expensive, its like $60 or $70 at Lowes. However it comes at three exceptional varieties of shieldsalong with the entire screws that you just have got to make your door impenetrable and quite toughfor even the splendid Hulk to kick in. So let me exhibit you these ingredients before we getstarted. Here are the three distinct types of shields.Youve got the door shieldyouve got two: one for the useless bolt, one for the lock.Then you have got two hinge shields that go overtop your hinges. You dont must remove thehinges in any respect. And then, the ultimate and most important thing is this giant piece proper herethat is the jam preserve. And its obtained all kinds of knockouts in it so that you would be able to line itup with your jam and the straight plates for your jam. So ill show you the way to installall these items.And they supply youthe cool part isthey should provide you with these screwsfor $60 or $70. But they give you all of the screws that you simply ought to screw these into position.So unwell exhibit you the way to do that right now. So before you do anything, you wish to have to takethe hinge shield. You need to stick it in between the door and the jam. And make surethat it fits because this hinge shield is the identical width as the jam preserve. You justwant to make certain that it fits alongside that area. And certainly it does here becauseI have more than 1/8 of area between the door and the jam. And this safeguard is probablyabout 1/16 wide. However do that in your door. If this doesntfit, if this is too tight, then possibly this product isnt the proper one for you andyou can take it back. That is the core hinge, okay? And this isthe hinge you want to work on. You want to cast off these two screws which might be closest tothe insulation strip right here.So remove this one.First of all guys, appear how small this screw is. Oh my gosh! Its like – inlength. Its pathetic. Now someone obviously knew that they wantedto give a boost to this hinge in view that this ones about 2-2 long. But however, youwant to take away these two screws. Your next step is to take a three lengthy screwthat they furnish, okay? And screw that via the hinge into the jam and into the supportinglumber behind this jam. Now they say to pre-drill, however considering that Imusing an affect driver, I dont must try this, ok?The following thing that you simply do is line up the hinge defend in order that the hole that’s leftbehind thats within the hinge is printed. You are taking one more three screw, all proper,and also you drill that into location such that its flush as a lot as feasible.Your next step is to install two extra three screws within the hinge shieldone at the prime,and one at the backside.Now again, that you could pre-drillIm now not going tobut you canpre-drill if all you have is a common drill, no longer an impact driver. Make certain that screwis flush both on the highest and on the backside. Next factor that you want to do is shut thedoor and be certain that this doesnt avoid the door from closing correctly. Now one thingI will observe on this door, considering that its a little bit less expensive, is they did not grooveout a mortise such that the hinge can take a seat inside that mortise and flush with the doorframe itself. In order that might be an obstacle for you. It might be an limitation for me right here. Butlets see if itll shut. So it shut. No problem. Im just right to head.And i dont must groove out a mortise on the jam either. You just put this hingeshield overtop your existing hinge. The next move is to do the identical thing forthe bottom hinge.Once more, check to look if the door will shut. Boom, it does! All right,all right! So now Im going to install the jam protect.And what you have to do is notice the role of your strike plates. Heres the dead boltstrike plate. Heres the door lock strike plate, k? So there are numerous distinct knockoutson the jam protect. And so what you wish to have to do is make certain that you locate a knockoutthat corresponds with every strike plate. So look, Ive got this one and this knockoutthat i will be able to quite simply eliminate with my thumb, k? All right.All proper. So now that i know i’ve the whole lot lined up, you wish to have to shove within the jam shieldas a ways as feasible so it virtually fits behind this insulation strip, okay? And then whatyou do is mark holes with a pencil like so.So I get a gap right here and here and up here.And that you could pre-drill or use an influence driver to get screws into those marked holes.Alternatively of pre-drilling, Im simply going to put this screw in right here perhaps about and backed it out, okay? Then what Im going to do is slide the jam preserve again into placeand stick a screw in right here.And once more, this is a three screw, all correct?K, there are two more spots on the backside right here that have to be secured with screws.And there are two more holes on the prime of the jam plate. Again, comfy them with two3 screws. And then once youre executed, simply examine tomake definite that the door closes with limited interference.Not unhealthy. No longer unhealthy.When you line up the strike plate on the existing dead bolt or door handle, make sure that thisslot lines up with the slot on the handy Armor plate, okay? Otherwise, the door won’t closeproperly. Which you can set up these door shields over thedead bolt and the normal door lock right here, ok? Now earlier than you do this, I enormously recommendthat you test to peer whether or not or now not this may clear the door jam.Now what I did first used to be I put the jam safeguard on. With the jam shield in situation, what youwant to do is slide this door look after over the lifeless bolt and notice if its going to clear.And it doesnt on this case.So theres now not adequate room, and Im no longer going to beusing these, all correct? Nonetheless, as a last hotel, we will do is takeout the tiny screws that maintain this in placeboth these locks thats in placeand use the2 screws that include the convenient Armor package that have been supposed for the door look after, ok?So easily just take out these screws, ok? Take out both of these tiny screws and installthe 2 screws. Do the same thing down here.All correct. Thats it. Thats how you put in the easy Armor door reinforcement kit. I hopethat this video helped you out. Let me understand you probably have any questions in thecomments part. Identity be more than completely satisfied to aid you together with your possess assignment.Visit HomeRepairTutor.Com. 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How to Replace a Cracked Tile — by Home Repair Tutor

Hi there. I am Jeff with home repair Tutor.And on this video, i’ll share with you how one can exchange a cracked tile. So when you’vegot porcelain or ceramic tiles in your kitchen, rest room, or maybe on your laundry room andone of them has come free or it’s cracked or broken, this video is going to walk youthrough the best way to change that tile step-by-step. So keep tuned. I’ve acquired a lot of first-rate tipsfor you. And you’re going to save lots of yourself some money by DIY-ing this yourself. So let’sget to it. I know it’s tough to tell but this tile isdamaged and i need to remove it. However the first step is to cast off all of the grout that surroundsthe perimeter of the tile. There are a mess of tools that you can use to dispose of the grout.You may have got manual grout saws like these.You actually have a carbide tip knife, like this onehere, you should utilize to attain the grout. However my ultimate favourite instrument is an oscillatingmulti-instrument like this one here through Bosh with a grout removal attachment on it. This isthe quantity one method to eliminate grout. However in case you are not able to come up with the money for this or in the event you do not haveone, no longer a enormous deal. It’s just going to take a little bit longer making use of these tools.Now earlier than you do away with a cracked tile, you’ve got bought to take some safety precautions. So protectyour eyes with either goggles or safeguard glasses like these ones. Put on some gloves. And weara lengthy-sleeved shirt considering while you smack a tile, shards of it go in every single place and wherever,and the shards will cut your dermis.So protect your epidermis. And in addition preserve your lungs bywearing a respirator like this one. Now i’m going to show you why i admire oscillating multi-toolsfor eliminating grout. Oops! I nearly forgot another protection precaution,and that is hearing protection. If you’re going to use an oscillating multi-tool, make sureyou put on some listening to security ’cause it gets loud speedy.Discover how the multi-instrument turns the grout into a first-rate powder. It does an extraordinary jobof eliminating the grout. And if it gets too dusty, you should utilize a vacuum at the same time you are usingthe multi-tool. Or that you would be able to activate the bathroom air flow fan to support out with the dust.It took me about 5-7 minutes to cast off all the grout around this tile utilising the oscillatingmulti-software, and that’s why it’s so tremendous.Anything device you employ, just be careful notto gouge any of the neighboring tiles. What you ought to do subsequent is drill some pilotholes into the center of the tile. You should use a " carbide-tipped ceramic drill bitfor this job. Now what I cherish to do is position some blue painter’s tape into the core ofthe tile so that the drill bit can grip into the tape and go down by means of the glaze thatis on the ceramic or porcelain tile.I am most effective drilling about a " down through the tilebecause the tile itself is simplest ". You can take your hammer and which you can takea chisel. Now in this case, it is a 3/eight" chisel. And what i will do is poundit down into these holes and pry up the tile from the inside working my method to the outsideperimeter. That way i am no longer going to damage the surrounding tiles. So again, begin inthe holes that you simply simply drilled. Oh, and leaving the blue tape on helps decrease the splinteringof the tile. Once you get a large ample gap, that you can switchfrom the smaller chisel to a higher chisel. Now the opposite factor that I wanted to tellyou about is you already know you’ve gotten long past deep sufficient when you start to look ridge marks within the substrate.The ridge marks are from the skinny set mortar that was once used to adhere the tile to the substrate.So that’s whilst you understand you have got long past some distance sufficient and you do not need to go any deeper.And for those who relatively want the approach to be loads turbo, that you can go with a chisel of thissize, ok? And this may increasingly help particularly chip into the tile and do away with colossal chunks of it.Historic thin set on top of cement board or some thing back or substrate you may have needs to be removed.Or else, your tile won’t sit even with the encircling tiles.So that you may both chiselit out utilising a hammer and chisel , or which you could try to use the reverse finish of your hammerto pry if off. I will be frank with you. Attempting toget the mortar out is an actual suffering within the you-know-what. However you are able to do it, and whenever you get to thepoint whereby you feel you’re able, you should dry-fit the tile after vacuuming intothe space. That appears to be lovely just right. You must take one additional step. Use a level.So place the level on the tile and be certain that the tile itself is pretty stage and justslightly depressed such that it can be cut down than the adjacent tiles considering whilst you go toput the thin set mortar on below the tile, it’s going to raise the tile up only a slightbit.So you always want the brand new tile to be relatively minimize than the encircling tiles.Now that i’m sooner or later achieved smacking that tile to pieces, i can roll my sleeves up and applysome mortar to the bottom that we will put the tile on. Unfortunately, you mightdig out some divots within the cement board. So no large deal here. I imply, obviously you wouldprefer now not to try this.However what you can do is put some mortar in its place and also you shouldbe good to move. With the intention to furnish a best substrate for the tile to rest on. So what I did wasmix up some mortar utilising a margin trowel, k? And you wish to have the consistency to be prettythink like so. It has to barely fall off the trowel. And what i’ll do is placesome of this mortar into the depressions that I made with my chisel. So i am simply going toreplace the cement board that I broke aside. In an ideal world, i’d let this mortarsolidify. But given that it’s a bit bit tricky exchanging a tile, I need to really now not dothat. And i’ll trowel some more thin set on utilizing a " x " trowel. What thatmeans is the space in between the notches is " and the depth is ".And i’m usingthis type of trowel since the tile i am utilizing is " excessive or " deep.So along with your trowel at a 45 perspective, that you may move it across the mattress and create these ridges.Admittedly, the ridges in the core are usually not that great so I have got to go back over that.However the ridges should rise up on their own. That’s how you understand that you’ve combined yourthin set the correct approach. Now the opposite factor that you are able to do to ensurethat your tile is not going at any place is again-butter it. What this means is solely without difficulty applyinga skinny coat of the mortar to the again of the tile.With the tile back-buttered and my mortar in location, i will set the tile. While you havethe tile set. You will have to dispose of any mortar that oozes up out of the grout joints becauseit is an actual agony within the rear end to get it out once it dries.So you can use any kindof device. You should use a screw driver. You could use whatever you need to dispose of that mortarbut ensure you get it out instantly after you set the tile. Then you should utilize a papertowel to only get the rest of the mortar off the tile.And the final thing you must do is be certain all the corners of the new tile line up. Andyou can use tile spacers for this. Even though in my case, i am just going to eye it becauseI best have one tile to interchange. However again make sure all four corners are lined up evenwith the opposite grout joints. After waiting about 2-3 hours for the thinset mortar to installed, now it is time to add grout. And you need your grout to have theconsistency of thick peanut butter. What I like to do is to scoop the grout ontothe tile. Right here you go. Then you need to use a rubber drift like this one right here to spreadit into the joints. Oh and by the way, if you are not certain whatcolor grout to use, that you would be able to take a pattern of the existing grout to the store and theyhave these little grout samples.That you could try to suit it up based on the samples. And that’exhibit I did it for the grout that we now have right here in the toilet. And continually wear chemicallyresistant gloves when you’re spreading the grout ‘rationale it will possibly dry out your palms.Now due to the fact that this is just one tile, what i will do is clearly smoosh the groutinto the grout line. And then, i’m going to transfer the grout float at a forty five attitude acrossthe grout line. And to be able to add the mild despair within the grout that i want and removea just right part of it off the surface of the tile.If you want to entirely get a niceclean sweep, that you could maintain the grout go with the flow at a ninety perspective.Let the grout established in line with the instructional materials on the bagso anywhere from 15-20 minutes,most often. You’ll be able to boost a haze on the top of the tile, which you’ll be able to then do away with, andI’ll exhibit you that next. Once the grout has installed, it’s time to usea sponge, like this one here, to clean it up. So take a bucket of water. Dunk the spongein. Wring it out. And wipe off the outside. And normally what I find irresistible to do is device thegrout strains so they are a little bit bit concave with the grout sponge. And it’s super importantto get all of the grout off the tile. Or else, if it dries, it’s a multitude ‘purpose certainly,grout hardens up lovely good. Do get the grout off any of the tile surface.And dry it off.After waiting about 60 minutes, what you must do is buff the surface of the tile. And whatI like to make use of is a microfiber fabric. You can also like something else a little bit better. Butin my experience, microfiber cloths are great. And so they do a pleasant job of cleaning off glazedsurfaces like this tile. And the ultimate step is so as to add grout sealerto the grout. All correct. That’s the way you exchange a crackedtile. It wasn’t that dangerous, right? And these ability sets will serve you good to your homeownership journey, proper? So saving yourself $50 here, $seventy five there, it adds up over 30 years,proper? So in case you bought any questions about this particularproject, please let me know in the feedback. Identity’ be more than happy to aid you out. Andremember, if you haven’t already accomplished so, which you could signal up for my electronic mail e-newsletter bygoing to HomeRepairTutor.Com. 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Home repair pro or handyman: Which should you choose?

Welcome to the HomeServe hints blog. When confronted with the dwelling repair, the one questionthat desires on the spot awareness is do I hire a neighborhood handyman or restore professional. And typically talking, a handyman shouldbe ready to fix simple issues, like swapping out electrical fixtures or clearing cloggedsinks. And jobs that seem more in-depth, fixing lightsthat most commonly dim, burst interior water pipes, or heating issues, will probably requirea repair professional.If a trouble falls between these extremes,some speedy research can aid you investigate the best direction of action. Residence repair plans from HomeServe are a smartinvestment for home owners looking assistance within the case of future surprising emergencies. Thanks for looking at..

Tiling Tips and Techniques for Bathroom Remodeling (Quick Tips) — by Home Repair Tutor

K, so at present were going to be talkingabout some random tiling guidelines and tactics. So why do you need to watch this video? Youwant to watch your video if youre going to be redoing your toilet and striking tileon the shower encompass or youre going to be putting tile on the ground, even in thekitchen. If youre going to be tiling the kitchen, have been going to provide you with guidelines onthe form of tile to use on walls and flooring, what kind of thinset to make use of for massive formattiles so they dont slide down the wall, what sort of instruments will help you out, andso much more. So it this a comprehensive video? It’s not. Is it a video thatll make yousmarter in relation to tiling? I definite hope so. Due to the fact these are pointers that Ive learnedover the final twelve years remodeling my own condominium houses here in Pittsburgh and tipsthat Ive learned from my chum, Steve White, who is a reputable grasp rest room remodeler.So hold on. Had been going to offer you some splendid recommendations right here. Lets jump into thevideo right now.The first tip that I desired to offer you hasto do with the tubs and showers. Now my individual preference is to have massive format tile. Sothese tiles right here are 12 x 36. Theyre beautiful gigantic. And incidentally, anythingthat has it longer than an 18 edge to it’s regarded a huge layout tile and needsspecial thinset such that it wont slide down the wall each time you go to stick it.Why do i like giant format tiles? Theyre method less difficult to wash, principally if you getlarge layout tiles which have a sleek surface to them.You just squeegee them down, youregood to move. You can also disagree with me on this, and that i wholly get it, that its an aestheticthing, and possibly you adore subway tiles, so go for it. In case you like subway tiles, go forit. However in my expertise, in case you hate cleaning up the lavatory, significant structure tiles are theway to head. What about flooring? Whats a good tile forthe flooring? Specifically in the bathroom? My individually preference for flooring tiles in bathroomsare tiles that have a little bit bit of grip to them. That method, while you step out of the showeror the bath, youre not going to slip and fall to your rear end. And thats whatthese tiles have. Theres some special grip to it. And i entirely get you can also no longer likethis on the grounds that you would make the argument that youd ought to smooth them somewhat bit more,and thats totally proper.However I suppose its now not a bad inspiration to have grippiness to the tilesso you dont slip and fall. In any case, the lavatory is going to be moist. Equal factor goesfor the kitchen or mudroom. So just preserve that in mind when youre opting for your tile.One other high-quality, stable tip is every time youre tiling in the bathub or the bathe, make sureyou tile the entire way up to the ceiling. Now why do you want to try this? You want to dothat considering that it actuallyagain, that is simply my opinionis extra work to go away thatsection of drywall going around the top of the bathtub or the bathe. Plus, drywall isntwaterproof. Although you set a latex layer of paint over high of it, it’s going to still bubbleup over time chiefly if youre taller and the entire water splashes off of you andgoes onto the drywall.So spend the extra $50, $one hundred, $150 to buy the tile for the tophere for the top element of your tub or your bathe.Now Im going to offer you a technique to avoid wasting money to your tile. Keep on one secondhere, I wish to exhibit you anything. So this tile here has a steel profile that appears justlike this before you place it behind the tile, and this is made by way of Schluter.Schluter makesa ton of profiles like this one in many exclusive colours, and its way more rate effectiveto use this than pencil-trimmed tile or bull nostril tile. So hold this in mind whilst you wantto do a tile in your bathe or your bathtub. Now I wish to provide you with some accent tile guidelines.Its consistently just right to select an accent tile that is the particular identical thickness because the surroundingtile. So with the aid of that I imply this tile, as you’ll find right here, is set thick. This tileis thick. When you go to place each tiles in your waterproofing membrane or waterproofingboard, that means theyll be exactly the equal thickness. Itll be first-rate and flush. Thiswont be sticking out. Now if this tile is thinner than the encircling tile, whatyou do is put a bit of Schluter DITRA at the back of it since the DITRA is only about 1/8thick. So you set this in the back of the accent tile, and in an effort to pull the accent tile out tomake it flush with the encompassing tiles.So now Im going to give you three tipsthatll give you high-quality watching grout joints. Tip # 1 is to use a excessive great thinset mortarfor vertical tile, specially in case your vertical tile is a enormous layout tile. Which thinsetsdo we like? We like Ardex X 77 especially for significant format tiles when you consider that it preventsyour huge tiles from sliding down the wall, squooshing your tile mosaic. We also likeMapeis Kerabond considering that its a first-rate thinset on your tile flooring. And these thinsetscombined with horseshoe shims and the Tuscan Seamclips will support you get effective lookinggrout joints.You want to use horseshoe shims in between your tile mosaics. Positioningthem in between the tile mosaic grout joints to preclude those tiny little grout jointsfrom being smooshed. That you can also use these in between tiles. The Tuscan Seamclips areused to avert tile lippage. That is particularly foremost both on vertical surfaces and onhorizontal surfaces. So examine them out for your self. These are 1/16 horseshoe shims.You can combine two of them to give your self an 1/eight grout joint, which is the size ofgrout joint i admire on the grounds that its small sufficient that its not too seen, but no longer toobig that it appears weird and itll accumulate grim and dust and all that jazz. So the smallerthe grout joint, in my view, the you might be. Tuscan Seamclips, be certain youchoose these based upon the thickness of your tile. In poor health put a link down within the descriptionso that you would be able to investigate it out for yourself. Or which you can take a seem at this video proper here,which I made on the Tuscan Seamclips and the Tuscan system mostly.I almost put out of your mind, you should utilize the Tuscan Seamclips both on vertical tile surfaces and horizontalsurfaces, like floors.Do the precise identical factor with the horseshoe shims.This subsequent tip is concerning the design of giant structure tiles, in particular elongated tiles.These 12 x 36 tiles, we staggered them in thirds and the purpose why, for those who dontdo that youll get tile lippage, and thats now not just right. You need to do the unique identical thingwhen it involves 12 x 24 tiles or tiles which can be elongated on the floor. You wantto stagger them with the aid of thirds in order that, again, you dont get tile lippage and stub yourtoe on the tile. So what about grouts? What are a few of thegrouts that would make your existence loads simpler? Well one in all them is known as QuartzLock.Thisis by way of Bostik. And whats great about it is its a urethane-based grout. Its alreadypre-blended, so that you dont need to mix it. Its obtained special colour consistency. Andits going to last for a year or two to your garage. So in case you ever have a challenge,which you could at all times simply fill it in with this.Thats the other first-rate thing. While you useBostiks QuartzLock, when you leave out a spot, that you can simply take some and fill it in andwipe it off. Now you must work speedily with a urethane-established grout. However now not onlyis the color consistency there, it’s stain-resistant. You dont have got to seal it. And also you donthave to mix it up. So thats lovely wonderful. One more style of grout that you simply must checkout is by Ardex. Ardex, spelled A-R-D-E-X, they make best sanded and non-sanded grouts.So verify out the Ardex line of grouts. That is what some professionals like to make use of. Butagain, you determine out Ardex. That you may examine out Bostiks, spelled B-O-S-T-I-okay, groutline and notice which one will suit your needs. You constantly want to use silicone sealant ifyou can within the corners of your shower or bathtub. The purpose why is this corner is subjectedto growth and contraction.So if youre now not using silicone and you utilize grout, thegrout will ultimately pop and crack over time, which isnt just right. So in the corners, usesilicone. And likewise, when it comes to bathtubs, itsgood to position one hundred% silicone between the bathtub and the backside of the primary tile.All correct, so those are the recommendations and techniques on tiling for today. I completely get that thisis not comprehensive. Its extra common to get your brain style of churning and get yousome suggestions in an effort to support you out together with your possess tiling project. If youre planning yourown DIY rest room transform, you must investigate out BathroomRepairTutor.Com, especially ifyoure looking to tile a ground, a shower surround, put in the bathtub and do the plumbing,and a lot more, well aid you out with that.Just discuss with BathroomRepairTutor.Com.That is it for today. Sick see you down in the feedback. Identity be completely satisfied to answerany questions you could have. Take care. Well talk to you soon.Man, we dont get too many days like this in Pittsburgh. It is out of the ordinary. I figuredId show you what its like. Its March. Its just about 70 external. Topnotch!.

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