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Repair Intex Home Theater One Speaker is Giving Humming Sound-Home Theater से हुम्मिन्ग कैसे ठीक करे

Friend I Shahbaz Welcome you Electric PointIn this video i will show you to repair Intex music system one SUBSCRIBE of this music system functioning properly but second speaker is developing vibrating reverberate its PCB has three 2030 IC But the left IC has burnt as you can see in video now we are assured that this IC has been damaged due to high voltage so we will change this IC first of all but if you want to check this IC, you can click the video in description you have to check all the rectifier diode before superseding the IC2030 so detail you multimter to measure continuity all the rectifier diodes are ok so we can replace IC2 030 we have changed the IC but still we receiving very low volume now we will check its loudnes controller as we bypass the publication controller we received the sound at full volume now we will replace its volume controller too Dont forget to LIKE

How to Remove a Fiberglass Bathtub and Surround — by Home Repair Tutor

How do you remove a bathtub and a fiberglassshower border? In this video, my sidekick, Steve White, fromSRW Contracting, is going to show you step by step how to do this. And in the end, weve got an awesome surprisefor you, courtesy of DeWalt. So learn Steves talents in this video, andin the end check out the astonish that we have in store for you, all right? Let jump into the tutorial right now. Were going to go ahead and get this fiberglassunit out and set up the onepiece fiberglass unit which was installed before the framingof the lavatory weve throw in. So theres no way to get this out in onepiece. And it would be pretty tough to get down thesteps and everything else, too.So the first thing I do is turn off the waterand take out the fragments off. Each one is a little bit different. So Im going to have to check out whatsneeded. And this one simply threads out. Then I have two fucks set up over here. Take the administer off. Take the two fastens off the trim. Take the shower head off. Okay, and then sometimes you get the showerarm out of the wall with a screwdriver in the end. Just wind it out. It gives people a bit of the leverage. So, and you usually want to try to make thedrain assembly apart so that when youre pulling out the tub, youre not destroyingany plumbing underneath.Sometimes this can be tricky if its prettyold. Sometimes some of this nonsense doesnt wantto thread out. And theres not much you can do about that. Sometimes I just take a grinder and end upcutting the tub area out around it precisely to make sure that you dont have a problem. If you have access behind it, you can takethe drain assembly apart behind it sometimes.But more seasons in life youre going to beable to get this unthreaded. Sometimes that little removable tool for thedrain assembly is with a tube wrench. Pays you all of the leveraging to change itout. So this freighter piping, I cant get out. So Im just going to use my grinder andjust cut off the pipe. It doesnt have to be quite. Okay, then you can see actually it has a tilesurroundedtub. So Im going to remove parts of that first. Okay, so now you got that all kind of exposedall the way around the tub. Okay so theres a little flange that thatdrywall sits down onto. And that goes all the way around this tubas well. Now if I were obstructing this bumpout of wall, I would saw this all down along the two sides of the tub as well to cut this flange becausethe flange goes all the way down here. Well Im not continuing this corner, so itdoesnt actually matter because Im turning this into a walkin shower.So I dont have to worry about put thisdrywall angle. And honestly, even on the other side, I woulddo the same thing if I were hindering the drywall, but Im redrywalling the chamber. So that wont actually difficulty either. So its really just as simple as gettinga encountered is all. I use like a wood/ metal blade. Multipurpose. I frequently just go with something What is this? Like 6, 8? Oh, this is 9. So its something not extremely, too long or itsall going to be bind up or whatnot. But always shut the irrigate off because younever know exactly how the plumbings done until you get into this. Ive seen it where sometimes even waterlines are behind the tub, feeding it. So running the saw along the region, you canpotentially trimmed that. So shut the spray off before you even do this. And you are well aware, just were pluming the walkinshower, any plumbing that it is possible existing there over place.So Im going to show you how much an areathere is behind it. Thats why sometimes plumbers only extended alltheir substance kind of loose behind the tub because there is space there. So as simple as sawing the area. Like I said, I dont actually care about thatcorner. When I use that Sawzall, I always kind ofangle it down a little bit because you can see how theres cables in that wall. You dont want to have it too far in a wallwhere you might chipped the wires. So I always kind of angle the Sawzall downa little bit. So now we got the drain assembly out and stufflike that.We can just simply pull out the tub. So this is kind of a perfect precedent of whatyou might run into when “youre trying to” do a tub conversion to a walkin shower. You can be found in the vent load thats insidethe shower arena where the tub was able to cover that area. So were going to have to reroute the ventstack to be inside the wall and run through.So thats actually an excellent example of whatyou might run into when you remove the tub. All right, I hope that was helpful. I make, theres truly nothing jolly aboutdemo, but you just really have to muscle through it and use a Sawzall and work through it. Again, thats why I actually enjoy thatwhy let me say that again. And thats another reason why its bestto kind of demo everything. The more epoch that you have to kind of considerdrywall areas and trying to pull things out, the longer its going to take reallyto do everything because, fortunes are, when youre turn to a walkin shower, youregoing to be able to make that a little bigger to be able to finish the drywall alot nicer. In this bathroom alone, were already takingout the reflect, were rerouting the plumbing for the submerges, were rerouting this forthe shower. It certainly sees no smell just to leave threepieces of drywall to stay in now to finish. So make everything down with the saw, andstart from scratch.It realizes it a good deal easier. So hopefully it was helpful. Thanks. Well there you have it. Thats how you remove a bathtub and a fiberglassshower environment. If youre doing a bathroom remodel project, these the expertise and tips can really come in handy. And expressed appreciation for, Steve, for showing us how todo it. So here is the surprise. DeWalt is partnering with us, and theyreproviding a brand new 20 V Max lithiumion reciprocating saw. So theyre going to give away one with uson Home Repair Tutor. So go to HomeRepairTutor.com, check out thelatest tutorial, and youll be seen to what extent one random, lucky person is going to win thisreciprocating saw. Its phenomenal. Its a implement that comes in handy wheneveryoure doing a fiberglass shower circumvent demo activity or removing ornaments, you need areciprocating saw, and you need one that is strong. And the 20 V Max reciprocating saw by DeWaltis fantastic. So I to be expected that you liked this video today. Again, check out the giveaway back on overat HomeRepairTutor.com.And for all DeWalts latest implements that arecoming out, you can go to DeWalt.com as well. Thanks for watching. Take care, and well see you in the nextvideo ..

Getting your House Ready to Sell, PREPARE AND REPAIR!

Are there any reparations you should build when you’re getting ready to put your house on the market? That’s what we’re talking about today and we are starting right now! Hey Everyone, Welcome to my path. My name is Cori and I’m a fulltime realtor right here in Monmouth County New Jersey with RE/ Max Central and Monmouth County Dream Homes. If this is your first time here go ahead and click that subscribe button below and sound on the buzzer to inform when new videos are affixed. I “ve been trying to” clear videos every Monday and I talk about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that has to do with Real Estate and Monmouth County. A Staged home is very important when you’re getting ready to sell, but a serious buyer will take a very close look to be sure that the house looks like it’s in good good condition really beyond the things that the eye can see. Now are a list of 8 simple, immediate, easy fixings that you are able to take care of prior to getting your room on world markets.# 1 Touch up all baseboards in your house.They take quite a beating from everyday living. Simply rub them down with a sorcery eraser and if they’re really in rough contour a nice hair of draw will help spruce them up.# 2 scavenge and re caulk all bathrooms and prides. These are other areas that take quite a beating from our everyday living. Don’t be afraid to get down on your hands and knees and give it a good scrub.# 3 Fx all disclosing faucets. If a serious buyer notices a leak in a faucet, they may start to wonder what other parts may you not have addressed and are there any other leaks in the members of this house?# 4 Clean all gutters. Even though you can’t ever see inside a gutter from the first floor, that’s not to say that a possible customer won’t take a quick peek out of one of your upstairs windows and notice that your sewers may be full of leaves. Give them a quick-witted cleanse before putting your home on world markets.# 5 Be assured to do a immediate power soap on your room. You would be surprised what certain differences it offsets, and how it could be such a turnoff for a possible customer to see dark patches or even mold growing on the side of a mansion,# 6 Go around the house and patch and fill in all holes. Another enormous tip again use Magic Eraser and try to rub down and get rid of all scratch differentiates throughout the house.# 7 Scrub down and give a good cleaning to the front door. It’s a little dull, you are eligible even consider computing a fresh hair of paint.Don’t forget the front door is the very first impression a potential residence purchaser interprets when entering your home.# 8. If a area is really looking dull and you need to spruce it up a little, consider opening it a fresh coat of depict. Paint is always the most inexpensive method to give new life to a apartment. Keep in imagination going your house ready to sell and placing is critical. But you need to be sure you address all little items as well. You need to repair and prepare your house to welcome all possible buyers. I Hope you attained these speedy 8 gratuities supportive. Again. My name is Cori. I’m a local realtor here in Monmouth County New Jersey, Thank you so much better for stopping by. I’ll catch you on the next one !.

Complete Home Theater Repairing Tutorial – Step By Step

Hello friends i am Shahbaz Malik and you are welcome at Electric Point In this video i will tell you step by step procedure to restore Home Theater I will interpret about every factor in Home Theater you can mend any faulting in Home Theater by going through this video so makes start the video first of all transformer coverts 220 V to 16 V it outputs in 3 cables dark-green cables contain 16 V and yellow cable contain 0V so mostly transformer alters 220 V to 16 0 16 voltage right two 2030 ICs is for speaker and left two 2030 ICs for woofer we have already made a video to check IC 2030( join is in description) but now you will learn a new method to check IC2 030 16 0 16 voltage from transformer will receive at IC2030 right IC4558 increase woofer bass whereas left IC4558 increase speaker sound same voltage from transformer 16 0 16 V are able to obtain at IC4558 this 16 V will go to mp3 placard by this wire.

How to Remove a Bathroom Floor (Step-by-Step) – by Home Repair Tutor

Ugh! Check this out. Not good. Not good! So there are at least five or six beds of flooring on top of the original subfloor inthis 100 year old bathroom. Today Im going to be removing all those mantles of flooring, display you how Im going to do it. You may have different tips-off that have helped you outwith your own project. So add those down to the comments at the end of the video. Ivealso got a surprise tool giveaway for you, so dont miss out on that. Thats at theend of the video. So lets dive into this project right now.Always wear a respirator, some goggles, and mitts when removing a storey. I tried to removethe top bed firstly. So the top mantle was a linoleum, and the linoleum was on top ofwood luan. Any bolt or tacks protruding out of the floor, you want to remove themwith your hammer or a super bar. Put them in the can so you dont step on them.So the top seam, again, was just linoleum over a luan.You can also try to removethe top bed with a scoop or a storey scraper. Now fortunately in such cases I did not haveany tile. I have to admit it manufactured the process a lot easier. And Im using the claw ofmy hammer to remove the multiple seams of trash thats on the floor.Actually Im going to show you something and how laughable this flooring is. It actuallyImsorry to say thispisses me off quite a bit because all parties did was just lay floorover floor over storey over floor.Think about all the weight on the joist because of thatfloor. But let me show you something. Check this out. This is like cardboard approximately. Thisis ridiculous! Garbage. This is the original subfloor. “Its what” I need to get downto. There is all the linoleum. “re gonna have to” make that out and get down to this badboy right here. Its not a bad project to use one of theseHusky contractor handbags to propel information materials into after you remove about 3 or 4 sq ft offlooring.Pound any nails back into the floor. Then I found that the super prohibit and the clawportion of the hammer operated enormous to coming up underneath the aged flooring and removingit. See that area right over there? Right there? This was in the area. Inspections like a prehistoric torture manoeuvre. This is tongue and grooveflooring so Im just going to pitch this and replace it with some 2 tongue and grooveoak hardwood flooring. So I really figured out what the heck this is.This is like peg committee. They settled peg council on top of the original subfloor. Can you believethat ?! Ugh! Unfortunately, there were some bolt. SoI really removed those with an impact driver. The ones I couldnt remove I cut off usingmy oscillating multitool. Once you get all the clamps out, then youcan get up underneath the old flooring with a super forbid or a larger pry bar. I dontwant my larger pry bar with me today, so Im simply expending my super bar.Now in such cases I lucked out a little bit, and a big chunk of the old-time linoleum luan pulledright off the floor.Thank goodness because this was getting tiring. And that allowedme to access the variou seams underneath the old-fashioned linoleum. But I encountered a problem.I ran into a little bit of a number of problems. The linoleum and aged storey rolled underneath thebathtub. Im keeping the bathtub. I know it seeks in rough condition, but its not abad tub. So I need to cut a succour right here exerting my multitool. I just got Feins newStarlock Plus in the mail. So they communicate me the Fein Starlock Plus. Im going to givethis a shot exerting a metal blade and only cut along now so that I is available to remove all ofthe age-old subfloor.One of the things that I really like aboutthe Starlock Plus is the fact that they eliminated the rod. There used to be a pin now thatyou would draw out and then put your accessory and then situated the bolt in and situated the leverin place. That bar used to catch my digit or fingerit hurt like heck! So what theydid is they eliminated the pin. Now they have a brand-new mechanism here. And all you do is releasethe bar and push in the accessory. And it locks into lieu, and you situated the lever backdown. So thats truly handy. You know sometimes implements do make it a lot easier.Believe it or not, this old tub is grade. But as I approach the door, the gap betweenthis portion of the tub and the subfloor is getting narrow or smaller.So I have to switchout to this Starlock accessory right here because it allows me to reach underneath thereand cut. Its hard to see, however a screwhere. Im going to use my super table in this direction. Now heres a little tip: If thescrew is hard to get out, you can put your foot over it while drawing the super bar.That room the clamp or the tack doesnt fly up into your face.Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! That was the last piecewell, approximately thelast article. I have to take out the bathroom and remove the rest. But for now, that wasthe rest of this floor. So I hope that you liked this video seminar. Hopefully it helpsyou out and gives you some tips for how to remove a lavatory floor.Now here is the surpriseIm out of breathso were going to be giving away the brandnew Starlock Plus MultiMaster by Fein.How do you enter into the giveaway? Whoo! Well, down in the comments here on YouTube, tell me why you need the Starlock Plus MultiMaster, what projection youre going to be working onmaybe its something like this or somethingelseand you will be randomly entered into the giveaway, and well pick a winner oneweek from today. If you miss this giveaway, and its too late for you, its a goodreason to subscribe to our email newsletter over on HomeRepairTutor.com and subscribeto our YouTube channel here on YouTube. So again, hope that you liked todays videotutorial. I wanted to make sure that I testified you all the details so that it helps you outwith your programme. So thats it. Ill see you in the comments.Take care. Have a great day ..

How to Tile a Shower Floor (Part 2: Setting 2×2 Tiles)

how to repair ups/inverter fault 3 in urdu हिंदी | ups fault f3 | inverter fault 3 | homage fault 3

aslam o alaikum This is gold star ups inverter which is showing fault 3 today we will learn how to fix repair fault 3 ?. not just Gold star likewise you can fix fault 3 in adoration inverter this behavior. let’s start chiefly fault 3 was used in ups due to short circuit in production movement of blame 3 can be damage in DC to AC converter part or can be damage in DC to DC converter slouse this is DC to DC converter area DC to DC converter slouse converts DC 12 volts to 310 volts DC 310 volts DC are supermarkets in this capacitor now DC to AC converter proselytizes 310 volts DC into 220 volts AC DC to AC converter slouse can also be mar. due to that fault 3 can be appeared if we look carefully there is no component seems to bad we can see in PCB backside in DC to DC converter section here are some boundaries detriment we research mosfet’s with multimeter these mosfet’s are bad you should check resistors connected with mosfet’s GATE.If spotcheck bad resistors satisfy supersede you must replace ic sg3 525. it will save your precise day beep beep beep beep beep you should check resistors connected with mosfet’s GATE. if detect bad resistors delight change you must replace ic sg3 525. it will save your precise era After substitution of irf3 205 with gate resistors along with sg3 525 now it is time to check Dc to Ac converter section if encounter any mosfet shattered supplant that mosfet with new one. i detected two mosfet’s bad in DC to AC converter i supplanted Remember if you find mosfet BAD in DC to AC converter then you should check SMD resistor is linked to mosfet gate if you find any resistor bad then check SMD transistor and supersede otherwise all replaced factors can be damaged if you perceived this video beneficial then satisfy like it and share with friends and don’t forget to Subscribe my canal you should check charging division mosfet in this ups blaming mosfet’s was ok if you find bad then please supersede now BAD areas has been replaced let’s experiment ups after connecting it with artillery look ups has started operation and at this time i have connected 200 watt bulb in output of ups now we have connected ups with mains now it is charging

DIY Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes | 7 Quick Tips for Homeowners

Today I want to discuss seven common mistakespeople build when remodeling their lavatory, and no. 7 is something I ensure all the time.So watch perfectly, and make sure you dont conclude these mistakes.So the no. 1 mistake is not shutting off the irrigate to your shower before demoing anythingin the shower, including removing a lavatory or removing a pride. You never are well aware oldthe valves are that youre going to be shutting off, and a lot of periods they end up leakingjust by turning them.So I always shut off the water before I start any demo in the bathroom.Now, you wonder: What do you do if you do have a revealing faucet or a leaking valve? What can you do to quickly remedy that so that you can continue remodeling the bathroomand get the water turned on for the rest of the dwelling? SharkBites are a great option.A slipon type of pushon fitting truly streamlines things and constructs it a lot faster to move onwith your project.The second mistake that I investigate very commonis not having your ornaments, after you tear out the lavatory and in preparations for your brand-new showerand bathtub encircle, is to having your framing 16 inches on centre even with one another.And thats super important. You dont want to be putting a patron board up thatsgoing to have a bow in it. It compiles it that much more difficult to actually tile thatsurface. So making sure that theyre even and plainly plumb. Plumb would make it easierto install shower openings. Itll make it easier for all the tile layout in process. So makesure that you have your ornaments 16 inches on hub and that everyone is ornaments are even with oneanother. The third biggest mistake is not having aclean and sound subfloor before installing a brand-new shower system or tile floor. Too manytimes I recognize parties trying to go over existing vinyl floors where they peel off the vinylfloor there are still all this glue thats still on the subfloor, and even more severe, aroundthe lavatory field where the subfloor might be dampened by water shattering. You want to makesure you have a solid foundation for your tile and your shower, or tub structure for thatmatter.You want to make sure that mainly that “youve had” joists that are 16 inches oncenter and that you have a minimum of a inch thick plywood layer.Okay, so the fourth one I determine generally is when youre installing a brand-new shower or atub smother, trying to keep the old-fashioned valve that was existing there. Some people thinkthat its very difficult to replace; it costs too much money. Youll end up havingproblems with it, really threw it that way. You will have problems with that old-fashioned valve. Mostlikely youre remodeling your lavatory because its previously 15 years old. Dont leavethe existing valve in. Made to ensure that you adjusted it to the correct depth and youre preppedfor the brand-new shower. Number five big common problem is just usingcementitious ally cards or HardieBacker and not waterproofing it. Those two itemsare not waterproof.They need to be sealed with a liquid sheath or a expanse membraneof some sort. So always have a waterproof tub encircle or waterproof shower before youbeing to tile. Number six is in the tiling installing portionnotmixing your thinset to the proper water ratio of that manufacturers definitions. Youalways want to make sure that “youre reading” the back of the bag of the thinset that youreusing and use the right amount of water for the amount of thinset. Some of my favoritethinsets are made by Ardex.They actually can allow you to mix smaller parts ofthe pulverize and water assortment rate. For speciman, one of my favourites is X 77. You can use twopartspowder and onepart water, and its at the right rate. Too often I recognize tile failureswhere none of the thinset is actually at the back of the tile, and a good deal of thats becausethe combination was too dry. So you always want to make sure that you use the proper extent ofwater when mixing thinset. So, and finally number seven, the worst mistakethat I naturally see in a lot of beautiful showers that mightve been simply built ayear ago is examining mastic used as the adhesive for the tile. Mastic, the stuff that comesin a pail thats premixed, is not concluded for soaked expanses. Its not concluded for showersor tub environments or shower floors.Its an organic matter. It will mold. So if yousee mold coming through your grout cables, chances are somebody mightve applied masticbehind that tile and developed that trouble. So please do not use a premixed mastic foryour shower. So you only want to use a thinset, somethingthat you mingle ocean with. Modified thinset is usually elevated for most of these newporcelain tiles. You want to use directional troweling, and you want to make sure thatyoure getting a 95% bond to your tile in a soaked expanse. The coverage is really going tobe trial and error. I make frequently its applying the claim trowel length and using directionaltroweling so that you can achieve that coverage. Its ever a good notion on the first tile, pull it off, make sure that you look at the back of the tile, make sure its gettinga good bond. And then you can feel confident about remodeling or continuing with the tilethroughout the rest of the bathroom.If these tips-off help me out here out, please giveus a thumbs up. Leave us a comment below if you have any questions about any of your bathroomquestions, anything that you might be involved in remodeling. Were now to help you out.So leave us a comment below. Thanks !.


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How to Install PEX Pipe in Bathrooms (Quick Tips) — by Home Repair Tutor

So Im going to ask you a quick question: Are you afraid to solder? Solder copper tubes that is? If “youre gonna”, then PEX could be a really, really great option for you. And in this quick video, this really quick tips video, Imgoing to share with you some real basic opinions about how to use PEX and how to use SharkBitefittings instead of soldering. Now I will say this: Before we are starting, you need to makesure that PEX is allowed in your local township. So you need to check on your plumbing codesbefore you use PEX, but I certainly do think its a great option for you. So letsdive into the gratuities right now. So here are all the tools that you need forPEX. You have your crimp reverberates. You have your PEX fittings. This is just a 90 elbowtheymake a whole bunch of different fittings. These are SharkBite fittings; you dontnecessarily needed here for PEX. These are the PEX pipes.So youve got red, white, andblue. Red generally symbolizes hot. White is just kind of neutral; you can use it for hotor freezing. And then you have blue, which is for cold. You have the PEX crimper. This isby Shark Bite. You have the SharkBite fitting depth tool. You have the Go/ no go gauge forthis, which Ill get into in a second.You have your PEX cutter; this is by Milwaukee.And then you have your crimp echo removal implement. And then a simple Sharpie marker.Using PEX is extremely easy. The first step is to slide your resound on, and you crave thisto be about 1 /8 from the leading edge. Then you slither on your fitting. The next stair isyou precisely apply the crimp echoing tool to the crimp resound, and make sure that this is ata 90 slant. When you hear that pop, thats when you know youre done. And as a matterof fact, this is actually maybe a little bit very far in from the edge. You know, it shouldbe 1/8 to. So if you had to cut this off, heres what you would do.Oh, but before I do that, I wanted to show you the Go/ no go gues by SharkBite. So thisis going to be hard to see, but this is go.Basically, you slip this over the fitting.And if it croaks over the fitting or the crimp ring, youre good to go. Now the no gothisis the no goit should not slide over the crimp echoing, and it doesnt. And thatshow you know that your crimper is working correctly.But if you didnt like how this glances, you is taking your PEX cutter, and you chipped thispipe as close as you can to the fitting. Then you take your removal tool and you slither itin like so, and youre just going to cut the crimp resounding. Now be careful. You want towear goggles for this. Then you invent it 180 and you do the exact same thing on the otherside. And it simply various kinds of comes off like that. So you want to ensure that your fitting isin good shape.You time kind of inspect it, then you can reuse it.So like I said, you can actually use PEX with SharkBite fittings. In seek to do that, youslide the magnitude tool over it, and you residence a mark on the piece of PEX. Then you slideyour SharkBite fitting onto it. Now I will point out this: The SharkBite has a littleplastic insert in it, and thats to go inside the piece of PEX. And it performs this connectionnice and rigid. Now heres the slew: The SharkBite fitting will revolve, and thatsperfectly normal. If wishes to get the SharkBite fitting off, you only slide theremoval tool on, and you press in on it and you pull it off.All right, so there you go.That is how you use PEX. Now before you stop watching thevideo, Ive got a question for you: Would you be more willing to use PEX than copperpipe at this quality? Tell me down in the comments. And if you would be willing to use PEX, howwould you go about doing that within your residence? And if youve squandered PEX before, giveus some tips down in specific comments as well because the tips-off from you cure our entireDIY community.So thanks so much better for sharing. Thanks forwatching the video today. You can always subscribe to the Home Repair Tutor channel. If yourelooking to do a shower remodel, one that youre going to plan, renovate, and wellI guess do on your own, you may want to check out BathroomRepairTutor.com. Thats wherewe have over a hundred video seminars on shower remodel with stepbystep guidancefrom a professional bathroom remodeler. And you can check that out at BathroomRepairTutor.com.All liberty, Ill see you down in specific comments. Take care.Here comes my second daughter. Check her out. Whats up? Theyre really cute ..

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