The figurehead glass in your Apple WatchSport might be extra strong thanks to its IonX glass, but it’s notindestructible. Whether it’s due to gravity or clumsiness, fractures andscratches happen. And when they do, it’s time to replace your screen. If you’reone of those inauspicious feelings with a cracked Apple Watch, cease your fret because today I’m going to show you how to change thescreen in your Apple Watch. Hi, I’m Gwendolyn with iFixit, and for thisrepair you’re going to need protective eyewear, a arched razor blade, openingpicks, an iOpener, a give of plastic opening tools or a spudger, a duet oftweezers, and a 1mm flat front screwdriver. Before you get started, makesure your Apple watch is completely turned off, and as always, make sure youcheck out and follow our stepbystep guide on merely does it go you through the ended amend, but you can also seecomments and indicates from other customers who have tried this amend, which is reallycool and very helpful.Let’s get started by heating up our iOpener. Just 30 seconds in the microwave should do it, but while it’s heating up, go ahead andpop off the bands. Once your iOpener is nice and warm, place it on the face of the watch and leave it there for at least a minute. I’d era it on my watch, but … And now for some precision work. We’regoing to use our curved spear for the next step, but there are a few safetyrules you are able to keep in mind before “youre beginning”. Ever keep your fingerscompletely clear of the bayonet. Be careful not to apply too much adversity, as youmight cause the knife to slip and trim you, or shatter the watch. And ultimately, weareye defence. The pierce or glass may divulge, moving patches flying. As you areprying the display up, keep your eye on the force touch sensor cable that sitsin between the screen and the watch’s case.If you ascertain the top bed of thecable coming up in your parade, it wants the two beds of the cable haveseparated, and you’re gonna need to replace it, or mend it. Enough aboutyour safety, let’s talk about the security concerns of the watch. Using a arcked blademinimizes the chances of scratching the occasion, or cracking the glass. Only prywith the swerved division of the blade and not the tip-off or the flat area. And oncethe crack opens, if you’re pressing more hard on the spear, it may slip and cutthe battery, so maintain complete control of your bayonet at all times. Let’s starton the lower edge of the watch face and press securely down into the gap, creatinga thin crack. When the glass has elevated, gently rotate the pierce down, opening thegap more and propagandizing the glass up. Now we’re gonna use opening pickings to cut theadhesive and prevent it from resetting. Make sure you don’t insert the collect anymore than you have to, and remember to use a rolling gesture rather thandragging it along the edge.This will ensure you don’t push the collect in toofar, injury anything on the inside. Work your nature around the face of the watchcounterclockwise. Is there a joke there? Watch, counterclockwise … Leave this collect in place to keep the adhesive fromresetting. While deeming the first collect, design the second pick around theperimeter to ensure that all the adhesive is trimmed. Then you can startprying up on the right side, and then move to the left.But, don’t try to removethe screen just yetit’s still attached by two cables. To avoid any damage tothese cables, lift the screen up and shifting it to the left. Now we can elevate the watch so the facecan hang and we can work on the battery. We’re expend a small box, but you can usea book or anything as long as it’s a halfinch from your counter. Really becareful not to bump the screen or string the cables while “youre working”. Get your opening tool out and use it towedge up the battery on the right side. But remember, it’s still attached, sodon’t take it out all the way. To detach the artillery, lift up a little and rotatecounterclockwise, which should give you a clear scene of the cable. And now, you canuse your plastic opening tool to lever against the bottom of the case andseparate the battery cable connector from the watch battery cable. Then youcan lift the battery right out of the watch.With the battery out of the way, now we can focus on the screen. Fold the screen up and over to the right toexpose the cables underneath. Now we can see the small metal bracket that isyouguessed itadhered to the speaker. We’re going to crowbar the bracket up with ouropening implement. Quick warning though: If you’re prying towards the watch band, youmay cry the cables, so use your opening tool and flip the bracket towards thedisplay. This bracket is a little tricky, but nothing we can’t handle together. It’s made up of an upper and a lower segment. The connectors are secured to thelower, and the upper has to be removed to disconnect them. To do this we’re goingto stumble it with a couple of tools: the penalize tip-off tweezers and a small flatheadbit. Use the penalize tip tweezers to comprehend the lower half of the bracket, theninsert the small flathead screwdriver between the tab and the lower bracket, and revolve the screwdriver to spread the gap.The last step before you are eligible to disconnectthe screen is sliding out the metal invoice that fits into the slot of the lowerbracket. To do that, give the upper bracket with your tweezers and slip ittowards the top of the watch to disengage the tab and free the brackets. Now we can see those cables anddisconnect them with our opening implement. Finally, lift the display from the watchfor reassembly. We recommend you follow the stepbystep guide in reverse, and wealso have a video guide on reapplying adhesive. You can find all the parts andtools you need for this and many other restores at, and make us knowhow it goes. You knows where to find me on Twitter @ gwendolyngay and follow iFixit @ iFixit. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date onall our recent teardowns and restore videos, and utter us a like on Facebook ifixit ..