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How to Fix a Pinhole Leak in a Copper Pipe — by Home Repair Tutor

How do you cook a copper pinhole disclose in lessthan 10 hours? Well, today Im going to show you how todo it in this video, and remain chanted until the end because Im going to have a surprisefor you. All claim? So causes got to get it. Im going to show you how to fix this copperpipe if its leaking in your ceiling or under your sink. Before you know it, its going to be fixed, and itll give you some time to call the plumber.Well, you might be wondering why Im doingthis tutorial outside even though it has to do with copper tubes. Well, its a beautiful day here in Pittsburgh, and I figured Id do the tutorial outside. So there you have it. Let jump into it. “Its what” a copper pinhole leak looks likein a copper piping. As “youre seeing”, its got a green recognize inthe middle-of-the-road, a reverberate around it, and it is likely to be spilling spray. Now how did I set mine? So there was one right here.I abused the Fixit Stick by Oatey. And this is great because it accommodates a temporaryfix to the hole in the tube. Now you got to wear mitts when you mix thistogether because it is in two parts. Youll realize there is a putty in it, and theputty has a light gray exterior to it and a light grey-haired interior portion to it. So you want to mix them together until itsa light-colored gray uniformity. And the reason why you want to do that isbecause a chemical reaction will happen when with this Fixit Stick, and it will becomenice and rock solid on the pipe. So heres what it looks like whenever itsproperly desegregated together. And the cool thing about this Fixit Stickis you precisely articulated it right over the copper pinhole hole, and itll buy you some time to eitherpermanently fix it or call in a plumber. So the Fixit Stick, you want to mold andshape it around the copper pinhole leak so that its watertight and originates a niceseal.But again, the cool persona is, it buys you thattime, right? So even if you temporarily sterilize this, so thatovernight you can be rest assured that that pinhole divulge isnt leaking, you can thencall the plumber the next day or you can fix the pipe yourself. And you can store the Fixit Stick later on. It becomes rock solid and watertight in justa few minutes. Then you can turn the water back on to yourhouse. So here is where that piping used to be.It was up in my ceiling, as you can see. The pinhole opening is so small that it was barelynoticeable. I actually conceived the subfloor above wasleaking spray from the shower, but it wasnt; its this tiny little pinhole leak. And what I needed to do was turn the wateroff at the water mainso thats what youll want to do. Made to ensure that the piping is cool; wipe it offwith a rag. Mix up a 1 x 1 clod of the Fixit Stick, and mold and mold it around the copper pinhole leak. And this, again, will allow you to turn thewater back on in simply a few moments and be able to use your house.You dont have to shut down your entirehouse just for this copper pinhole leak. And then if you want to, the next day, ifits like midnight and you find this, you can either cut out this section of hose orcall the plumber to do that for you. But I exactly cut this tube out because therewere several reveals that looked like they were going to form. So there you have it. This was a beautiful, temporary repair that allowedme to continue to use my house. Of course, I changed the piping and replacedthe ceiling. Thats a whole other story. Well, there you have it. Thats how you secure a copper pinhole leakin a tube, right? Its super simple. And with the Fixit Stick by Oatey, youllbe able to do this, buy yourself some time either to be able to fix the copper tube yourselfor call in a plumber.So heres the astonish. Im going to give away three of these sticksback over on Home Repair Tutor. So check out HomeRepairTutor.com. Click on one of these buttons over here. Itll make you over to the site. That acces youll be able to check out thelatest tutorial and register the random giveaway to win one of these Fixit Sticks, all right? So I hope you enjoyed todays video. Take care, and Ill talk to you soon. Theres Meg. Shes my daughter. Hi, Meg. Wave! Meg, Meg, wave! There she goes ..

How to Grout Ceramic Tile Bathroom Floors with Mapei Flexcolor CQ (Step-by-Step)

So heres the question of the day: How doyou grout a tile storey? Well were going to share with you one of the most wonderful grouts thatsout there on the market. Youre not going to find this in your neighbourhood home storage, butyou will find it in a really great tile specialty store. And this grout is announced FlexcolorCQ by Mapei. And this is great because its colorcoated quartz grout, and its alreadypremixed for you so you dont have to mix it up.So there are a few things that were going to go over today to made to ensure that your installationof the grout becomes smoothly and that the tile storey looks great after youre done.So you will need a few things for the Flexcolor CQ.Were going to use a boundary trowel.I are well aware says its premixed, but you still have to mix it up a little bit. You simply donthave to mix it up with liquid. Youre going to need a clean-living rubber hover like this. Abucket of ocean. A leech. And then if you dont have knee pads that are clean, likeme, you can use a towel for your knees. Before we get started, Im just going toshare with you exactly what were going to do because you do have to move a littlebit quickly with the Flexcolor CQ.Were going to spread it onto the tile now. Weregoing to use our float. Were going to spread it into the grout joints at a 45 angle.Were then going to remove that grout at a 90 inclination with this grout float. And thenyoure going to do that diagonally to the tile. So formerly youre done removing mostof the grout, youre going to take a damp sponge, like this one now, and youre goingto move that diagonally across the tile and clean off the top of the tile. This is superimportant. And you should only spread enough of the Flexcolor CQ such that you can removeit in about 5 to 10 minutes. Now the other thing is were going to moistenthe top of our tiles before we settled the Flexcolor CQ on it with the mute leech. This is notgoing to be super wet or anything, merely dampen enough that you soak the top of the tile.Lets open this up.Oh, the second thing I want to mention is make sure you have aclean margin trowel. I was just going to get mine, and it has thinset all over it. And I was like, you know what, this is $ 5. Im just going to go and buy a brand-new one.So were just going to mix this up a little bit. Its previously premixed to the rightconsistency, which is really nice. So theres no judge activity on your proportion to figure out, Oh, is this the right consistency? No, this is the right consistency.The interesting thing I want to mention is the temperature has to be about 50 to 90 F in order toapply this. And your tiles and your grout seams should be absolutely clean and freeof dusts. So step one is to dampen the tiles. You dontwant irrigate are in conformity with the grout joints, but you obviously require the tiles to be damp.And then what were going to do is just drag this; were just going to move thisinto the grout seams at a 45 angle. So again, youre just packing the joints.So now were just going to scrape off the grout at a 90 slant diagonally to the tile.And exactly leech this off.This part is super duper important because you dont want thisgrout to be sitting on top of the tile. Now you can also influence the grout seams withyour rinse. So feel free to do that. You dont want any excess spray in the groutjoints. So simply lightly go over this with your sponge. Okay, thats good enough forthere. Were going to move on to the next division now.So again, were just going to delicately dampen the top parcel of the tile. So as I movefrom right to left here, Im just going to scrape that grout off the top of the tileat that 90 direction. So Im kind of moving the grout from right to left and moving itinto the grout seams. And the nice thing is if you see that you have any grout jointsthat are missing the grout, you can only pack it in there and then move the grout in thedirection that you need it to go. So now were just going to wipe this off.And, you are aware, you can wipe it off once and then you can flip your rinse over and wipeit off again in a oblique direction.Then you was necessary to clean-living your leech. So wipe downonce with one area of the rinse. Flip the sponge over and do the exact same thing. Butagain, dont go crazy with this. You only want to get most of the grout off the topof the tile, but you dont want to remove the grout from the tile grout joint.So you see how my bucket sprays going foggy? This is a good time to switch out thewater or to have a second bucket if youre really wanting to do this quickly. Again werejust going to place a soften sponge on top of the tiles.All right. So again, were just going to wipe down like we did before. And at thispoint, you should be getting the hang of it. So again, were just working our way outof the bathroom here.As “youre seeing”, I dont need a ton of grout.Maybe, you are aware, if youre feeling in terms of cooking, about of a cup to a goblet ofgrout. I dont know any other way to kind of express it.Now underneath this entire tile floor is DITRA. So theres DITRA underneath this. We waterproofedthe entire lavatory storey. So if theres water that does is behind this grout jointor the tile, its waterproofed with the DITRA.Here we have at this transition here.This is the tile, obviously. This is the carpet.And this is a Schluter profile right here. This is Schluter RENO, I believe thatswhat it is. If I “ve given you” the wrong specify, I apologize. But this is a really great transitionstrip by Schluter. All right, so what it does is if youre going from a higher elevationto a lower hill by time a little, you can use this. And it eases that transition.So I wanted to say about this great transition strip right here.So again were just working the grout into the floor. And when we get to the transitionstrip now, theres a little grout joint. Its like literally 1/16, and we aregoing to work grout into that. And then if you do have some additional grout onthe tile, you are eligible to really pick it up like that with a boundary trowel. And yeah, you definitelywant to get any of the grout off of this RENOV Schluter profile as well.You dont wantto let it sit here. So what can you do for the gap thats betweenthe tub and tile? You can use Keracaulk S. This is Mapeis premium sanded siliconizedacrylic caulk. So you can use this between the tub and the tile. The nice persona aboutthis sealant is it will parallel all of Mapeis sanded grout colours. So if you want to tryto match the sanded grout colouring, you can use this concoction now. For pattern, the colorof the Flexcolor CQ was in chocolate. And this specific Keracaulk S is in chocolateas well. I likewise want to say that you do not have touse painters tape on the bathtub or the tile if youre very comfortable abusing a sealant.I just wanted to show it as an example of what you could do.Cut the tip here at an slant, and this will help you work the sealant into the joint.Also, its nice to have a little cup of spray or leech adjacent so you can dip yourfinger in it and manipulate the silicone, or whatever youre using, into the joint.So what you do is just get your sealant going here.Fill in the area. Again, you can just take your paw and really succeed that into the joint. Once youredone requesting the sealant, you can pull back the strip. Im going to give myself a littlebit of leeway here because Im the camera guy and the sealant applicator, so sometimesits a little tough to do both. So this turned out pretty good. You can seehow the seam here is nice and tighten to the tile and to the tub.Once youre done grouting with Flexcolor CQ, you can give yourself about an hour andyou can wipe down the top of the tile again.But there really isnt much residue leftover when you use this, and thats whats really great about it. You was necessary to waitabout 24 hours before you have illuminated paw commerce on it. Follow the directions on thecontainer, and you should be good to go. What we really like about it is: its premixed, easy to put down into the grout seams; theres not a lot of residue that sits on top of itif you follow future directions; you dont have to seal it; and you can quickly grouta bathroom floor, move on to your next project.Thats important if youre a home owneror if youre a contractor. So continue that in knowledge when you select your grout, and yourFlexcolor CQs a great alternative for you. By all means, its not the only grout thatwe consume, but we really, really like it for storeys, and we wanted to share that with youtoday. If you experienced todays video, you can subscribeto our YouTube channel right here. You can also watch our DITRA installation right hereas well. Thats what you want to put down underneath a shower tile flooring because youcan waterproof the entire floor, and you can prevent your tiles from cracking over go, and thats super important.So again, you can watch the DITRA video right there.Thats it for today. Let me know if you have any questions down in the comments, andIll talk to you soon. Take care ..

How to Install the Best Door Sweep for Exterior Doors

Hey there. I’m Jeff with Home Repair Tutor, and in this video I’m going to share with you how to replace your doorway wipe. Now whydo you want to do this? Well, a doorway broom is the simplest thing that you can do to yourentry door or to your exterior doorway that will help lower your heating and cooling bills.So that’s a good reason to make love, right? And it doesn’t cost very much money2 0 max.So let’s get to it, and before you know it, you’re going to learn how to do this simplerepair and your heating and cooling monies will be much lower. Let’s get started.As you can see here, my entryway is besieged with snow. So I it is necessary applied a entrance scope onthis entryway doorway that goes into our garage. Now here’s the batch. This is the best doorsweep in my view. Now you can challenge this on the comments section, but it’s a Ushapedor Uchannel door wipe that you can put on the bottom of the door.And it’s got lipson it so that it protects the full margin of your doorboth on the inside and the outside.I know I needed this doorway embroil because, well, there’s sun coming in from underneath it.And I taken away from the aged one in the summer. To position a Ushaped door move, you shouldremove the door from the hinges. You can use a tack rectify and a hammer to do that. Just placethe nail specify underneath the bolt and sound it with the hammer.If you can’t attract the bolt out by hand, you can use a duo of path fastenings or pliersto snatch it outkind of like a tooth. Oh, and by the way, I wanted to give you ahot tip. Keep the door in the closed positionso, in the door jamwhen you draw the pins.It’s so much easier to do it that way.Now I could remove the door and target it onthe storey Good thing I chew my Wheaties today, right? So there are three things that it is required to dothree thingsbefore you buy a brand-new doorsweep. Number one, you need to pick out a doorway expanse that will accommodate the gap betweenthe bottom of your opening and the top of the threshold. So in such cases, it was about 7/16 of an inch. The second calculation that you need is the width of the door. So in thiscase, it’s about 32 inches. The third measurement that you need is the thickness of the door.So in this case, my doorway thickness is about 1 inches thick.You could use some diameter to cut your doorway scope to size. Or you could dry fit the doorsweep onto the bottom of the door. And precisely commemorate where you need to cut it.Now you can use a hacksaw and a miter box to cut the door sweep.The one thing I’m going to do to make sure that this installation is really good andgoing to be super secure is add a bead of caulk to the bottom of the door.That room, the door sweep will stick to the caulk. And I’m going to screw it downI’m going toshow you that next. Place this bead of caulk herea delightful, thick bead that’s big enoughsuch that it will touch is not simply the bottom of the door but the top of the door sweep.Okay, the next step is to make sure that when you arrange your entrance extent onto the bottomof the door, the holes for the screwings are going to be on the inside portion of the door, or thein other wordsinterior portion of the door that will be inside your house.So residence the door sweep into the bottom of the door, and just lightly sounds it into placewith your hand. And because this is a metal door, I’m going to predrill some holes intoit. Anywhere that there’s a defect in the door sweep, make sure that you predrill. So here, down now, down now … And if you need an extrahole, like I do right here, just go ahead and instruct one right through the door sweep.And that style you’ll have an extra bolt on the leading edge where you need it.Now the second thing I’m going to do is drill holes into the bottom of the door sweep becausethere’s already caulk in the center.What I want to do is have fuckings go through thatcaulk and secure the bottom of the sweep to the door.So again, anywhere there’s a flaw on the side of the door, I’m going to put one on the bottomso that they partner up and really, certainly make this door sweep super secure.Now all you need to do is add your shafts starting from the center and making yourway outward to both sides of the door. Oh, as a area memorandum, I’m employ 3/4 inch no. 6 metal screwspin front clamps. Once you’re done appending all those screwsto the side of the door, supplemented the fuckings to the bottom of the door sweep.Okay , now all you have to do is articulated the door back in placeeasier said than done, right? All right.Looks like it labours. Lookings like the door sweep jobs and it’s maintaining allthe cold aura from coming underneath the door and into the house.Well there you have it. That’s the best door clean that I think you could put one over your entrydoor or exterior door. Let me know what you think in the comments, but again, it’s a Ushapeddoor sweep. And I like it because, peculiarly if you got a metal door like this one or evena grove door, it protects both the interior and the exterior fraction of the door so thatit doesn’t corrode or simply waste away over day because of the elements outsidelikerain and snow. So let me know what you think in the commentssection. And if “youve been” own hot gratuities, please add them there because we all want to learnas a DIY group. And remember, if you haven’t already doneso, you can join me over on YouTube. Are contributing to my YouTube channel. And you can sign upfor my email newsletter over at HomeRepairTutor.com’ induce every single week you’re going to geta new tip that’s going to help you save money, go, and again, retain, prevent you frombeing overtook when you do your own DIY project.So until the next video, I hope you have a great day.And I’ll talk to you soon .[ Outtakes] Well, there you have it. That’s what I thinkis the best kind of door scope to put one across your enter doorway or yourthe door isn’t closed.< giggles> Woo! It was like 6 when I started, but nowit’s warming up. I didn’t even reduce this morning’ generate I wanted to preserve some facialheat ..

How to Wire an Elecrical Outlet (Important Tips) — by Home Repair Tutor

Hey, everyone! Today Im going to show you wire an electricaloutlet or install an electrical outlet. This is for my friend, Denise, and your best friend, Heather. They recently asked me to do this tutorial. So guess what, here it is. So Ive got a special surprise for you atthe end. Stay chanted, and I hope you enjoy this. So gives jump into it. Grab yourself a tour analyzer or a receptacleanalyzer like this one now because it will tell you whether or not your store is wiredthe right way. So plug it into the outlet, and look at thetwo flames that are yellow. That indicates that it is in fact cabled properly. Then go ahead and turn the electric off atthe panel of fuse box. Grab yourself your noncontact voltage sensor. Doublecheck the electrical is off. And you can see how this outlet is jiggling. Its a nono. and Im going to show howto fix that next. So you can take the outlet window-dressing off. And you be seen to what extent the outlet moves back andforth? Grab yourself or go out and buy some of theseplastic implants, these plastic spacers.You can fold them over themselves, and thenput them down over the fucks on the top and the bottom of your outlet nails that attachthe channel to the electrical chest. And what thatll do is provide a spacerso that the shop will not wiggle. In this case, the box wiggles a little. Now if you have an outlet that has the tabspainted over, you can score the invoices with a utility pierce. That route, the outlet will not tear the paintoff the wall. Again, doublecheck that the electric is offwith the voltage tester. Pull the outlet out with your hands usingthe tabs.Then as you can see here, I want to show youthe insularity is stripped off too much from these cables. The insularity, when its stripped off toomuch, it discloses too much copper, and the copper wire could touch the electrical box, creating an electrical problem. All liberty. So what is necessary do first is unwire thehotwires. Again, now I wanted to show you something. The wire loop-the-loop isnt properly looped, andthats risky because the hotwire couldve came off the terminal screw. Then erase the terminal bolts that hold thewhite neutral wires onto the outlets. There “theres going”. And then the last thing you want to do isunwire the anchor wire. Again, only counterclockwise, turn that screw, and then pull the sand cable off the outlet. The next stair is to choose the correct kindof outlet.So in such cases, I have a 15 A store. Im going to replace it with, you guessedit, a 15 A store. I chose to get a Pass& Seymour 15 A tamperresistantoutlet. And these days, you should always buy a tamperresistantoutlet, specially if “youve had” kids. And a great deal of regional codes require it. So make sure you check your neighbourhood code. Now “theres going”. Heres the channel. There are the brass bolts. Nows the back of the store where youcan push the wires into it. And then you have your silver screwing for yourneutral cables. And then your light-green foot nail. Now in such cases, I wanted to show you theresa little strip gage on the side of the outlet.This is really handy because what you cando is put your wires up against that piece gage, and you are eligible to trimmed them to size or youcan divest the insularity off according to the gage. Once you do that for one wire, you are eligible to simplyjust give the wire up against all the other ones and strip off the suitable amountof insulation. So as you can see here, there “theres going”. My neutral wire is appropriately sized, andthen I precisely cut both my hotwires to the same size as my neutral wire.I wanted to show you this. Inside the electrical chest, you have your groundwires. They should all be pigtailed together andthen have another wire coming out of that pigtail. So there you go. Theres the wire nut, and theres thepigtail. Take some emery cloth and wipe all the barecopper wires with the emery cloth. That road you can be certain that youregoing to get great electrical contact with the bare copper wires, and that youre goingto have a really good contact with your channel. So wire up the anchor cable firstly to the greenterminal pin. Make sure its looped around clockwise. Then tightened down that dark-green terminal pin. The next wires that I like to wire up arethe neutral wires, and they go with the silver terminal nails. So slackened the terminal screwings by turning themcounterclockwise. And in such cases, for this Pass& Seymouroutlet, I precisely propagandized the cables into the slots at the back.And I nursed the cables down with one entrust whileI tighten down the silver-tongued terminal bolts with my screwdriver. Make sure those terminal jailers are certainly, certainly tighten if youre not going to loop them in different regions of the terminal bolts, okay? You can be found in theres just any copper wireshowing. I do this precise same thing for the pitch-black hotwires. They go with the brass bolt. So push them into the back of the shop, and then tighten down the brass screws.All privilege. Make sure again those terminal bolts aresuper, super tight with your screwdriver. Then the last thing that I dowell, almostthe last thingis I take my vacuum-clean, and I suck up any of the debris thats in theelectrical box simply to make sure that its safe. Push all the cables into the box. Plug your receptacle analyzer into the outlet. Turn the strength on. Be carefuldo not touch bare cables. And doublecheck that your stores wiredcorrectly.In this case, it is. Its indicated by the two yellow lights. Screw the electrical outlet to the electricalbox with the two jailers that came with the channels. There “theres going”. The outlet doesnt move. And then you are eligible to set the covering plate on. Do not overtighten the fasten to the coverplate because the cover plate will divulge. There you go. Thats how you install an electrical outlet. Really simple. Follow all the basic tips-off that I have in thistutorial, and you should be good to go. So heres the startle. Head on over to Home Repair Tutor and theresgoing to be a giveaway related to this video. So head on over to HomeRepairTutor.com. Check out the post, the tutorial associatedwith this video, and youll ensure what that stun is.So I to be expected that you liked the video. You can always subscribe to the Home RepairTutor YouTube channel. And if you dont mind, when you go overto HomeRepairTutor.com, sign up for the email newsletter because that channel, you wont missout on all my tips-off and giveaways that I have for this year. So check it out. Take care, and Ill talk to you soon ..

How to Waterproof Bathtub Drywall — by Home Repair Tutor

So do you have a water problem next to yourbathtub like this? Well if you do, Im going to be doing anexperiment today apply Schluters KERDIBAND to see if I can waterproof this drywall andprevent this from happening again. So tells dive into the video. Again, this is a total experiment, but I thinkit might work. And I was get some help from Schluterstechnical people. So Im pretty stoked to do this experiment. Lets get it on. First things firstly, what were goingto do is cut any silicone thats on top of the baseboard and the quarter round here. So Im just going to slice that. And this is just going to come right off, which is good.Now Im going to use a razor scraper tocut off any existing silicone sealant thats up against the tub surround. Now what Im going to do is start righthere and slice all the silicone thats up against the tub the whole way down becausethis is where were having a water problem. So thats what Im going to do. Not really that hard-handed. And Im just going to cut across. Now theres paper strip here. Im going to remove all that paper tape. Again Im going to run the razor scraperalong the side of the tub.This is Schluter KERDIBAND. This is waterproofing band that you usuallyuse to waterproof the KERDIBOARD. But for today were going to use it to waterproofthis section. So this is what KERDIBAND looks like. Its orange. This is 5 wide, and its waterproofingmaterial. So I cut a piece of the KERDIBAND, and whatwere going to do is just employed it right over top of the drywall here exerting unmodified thinset. So “youre seeing” I precisely cut it down to sizeso it comes out to the edge of the drywall. We only crave the thinset to be thick enoughso itll stick to a trowel or stick with a putty knife. I just wanted to make sure that I got theright piece of KERDIBAND before I start putting in the unmodified thinset. So Im going to start at the top and workmy highway down with the thinset.This is a awfully, very tight space. Oh, and the other thing I wanted to pointout to you is I couldve taken out the drywall here and supplant it with brand-new drywall. Or I couldve repaired it with cement boardand done this. But for right now, this is solid enough, soIm just going to employed thinset right over and embed the KERDIBAND. So now “theres going”. Im just going to embed the KERDIBAND. Now Im just going to embed the KERDIBANDinto the thinset. And obviously squeeze out any excess thinset. Thats what you was necessary to do. Clearly make sure you get all the thinsetoff the tub. You dont want this drying. For right now Im going to clean up theexcess thinset, let it dry, and then come back and settled seam deepen over it. But were going to let this set up and thencome back. Were on Day 2 now.The thinset has put together. And the KERDIBAND is completely dry. So what were going to do for the next stepis apply a thin membrane of settingtype joint deepen. Before you do that, though, simply make surethat any loose thinset, you wipe it off the top of the KERDIBAND and off the side ofthe tub if you have a tub surround like this one. The KERDIBAND is pretty welladhered to thelatex paint and the one of the purposes of the drywall that was damaged. Yeah, its in good shape. In such cases, Im going to be using EasySand 20, so it should set up in about 20 to 30 times. Again this is settingtype seam complex. You dont want to use premixed joint compound. Id mixed up the joint deepen to havea consistency of a dense milkshake. Itll stick to the putty knife now. Im going to use my trusty 6 knife toembed the seam combination onto the KERDIBAND.So Im just going to go up and down theKERDIBAND like so. Then what Im going to do is make my knifeand run for your lives up the drywall exactly to smooth this out even more. Were going to let that dry, be coming, sand it, and then prime it. Now if your joint complex doesnt lookabsolutely perfect, you can always leant another hair on top of it. I want to stress that this is an experiment. Knock down any high spots on your joint compoundwith your bayonet. Then you can sand it smooth working a sandingsponge, my favorite tool for sanding down seam deepen. Then you want to apply Kilz 2 Latex primerto the joint compound. Thats superduper important. I love exploiting Purdy paint cleans. Once you get all the primer on, it bone-dry, they are able to apply your latex colour. Once this dye dehydrates, Im going to runa bead of silicone sealant between the drywall and the fiberglass bathtub smother to make surethat its waterproof at that junction.Well this is my experiment on how to waterproofdrywall thats right next to a bathtub. Now ideally you would have waterproofing herealready and then tile over. But I have a fiberglass surround, so it wouldkind of simply look spooky in this case. Now this is an experiment, so I dont knowif its going to work. Ill prevent you posted on it. I just wanted to do this and see how it turnsout. Let me know what your thoughts are in thecomments here on YouTube or over on Home Repair Tutor.I actually want to get your feedback on thisone. But Ill certainly let you know how itgoes. All liberty, thanks for watching the video. Take care. Ill talk to you soon. So as a side greenback, my new renters are movingin in about 10 dates. So thats why I wanted to fix this ASAP. Theyre awesome chaps. Im provoked to have them on board. Being a landlord is not easy. And finding really great tenants, thatseven harder. Trust me. Ive had really bad holders before. So these people Im provoked to have. Wes, Dan, you guys are awesome ..

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Chainsaw Wont Start? Chainsaw Repair How To – GardenFork

Chainsaw will not start gain knowledge of easy methods to fix it proper right here keep tuned whats up each person welcome backyard fork i’m Eric Racha this can be a garden fork rapid tip we will name this one does your chainsaw now not going for walks has your chainsaw sat all iciness and you’re pondering I’ve obtained to wash up that particles in the back there that’s happening to me right now I received a few chainsaws and neither considered one of them needs to start and i am considering I must give it like a quickie tune-up and there is two matters that you can do particularly conveniently to help this factor higher and that is to alter the spark plug and alter out the gasoline ok so we will exhibit you to vary spark plug alternate out the gasoline to start with get this kind of turkey baster things ask permission first from the character who possesses the turkey base for the duration of your household you want to open up your fuel here suck out all of the gas it’s in definitely the gasoline oil blend take this all out put it into a gas safe container then get your self anything that measures obviously exactly one gallon like a milk jug don’t retailer gas on this but you would fill this up to the one gallon mark pour into a gas riskless container then get recent oil I quite like these these are these squeezy matters so you can have the measuring right here and it says for one gallon it at fifty to one which is most chainsaws it’s 2.6 ounces so you squeeze the backside and the top Oh loosen the cap here the top fills up like that beautiful neat correct I imply that’s way an excessive amount of but that you could it’s type of like a magic eight-ball the way in which you progress it back and forth anyway it can be 2.6 oz to a gallon of gas is a 50 to 1 ratio k clean oil smooth fuel take the historic gas out of here you have to shake it around use the turkey baster on account that there may be a line that goes from the tank up into the engine right here you wish to have to get that out as best that you could 2nd factor you wish to have to do is exchange the spark plug on this the spark plug on these we’ll have to take off these outer cowlings to do it so i am chainsaws the spark plug is relatively obvious it is this black wire that goes the spark plug here we go let me exhibit you on this one methods to get to the spark plug this is the air filter on this one you supply this a little turn and then this slides up and that covers the air filter this air filter wishes to be cleaned that you can either purchase a replacement one or clean it off that you can take a stiff brush easy these off or go buy a substitute oh don’t get this down there in the throat duvet the throat the carburetor throat with some tape and which you can smooth this area up you don’t want any particles happening in there that is a foul factor outer duvet comes off like that here is your spark plug this can be a three quarter and spark plug wrench I purchased a set of three spark plug socket wrenches makes like lots less difficult when you consider that there’s distinct sizes yeah that is pretty that’s lovely credit up go right down to your local retailer get your new spark plug k don’t over-tighten this form and then a little tight like that recollect to switch this very foremost spark plug wire all proper right here we go time to go begin work incidentally if you are like what you see in right here click on the subscribe button we received a bunch of DIY cooking gardening videos videos of the Labradors for those who like that kind of factor and we also have a whole web site of cool pictures and how-to stuff like that garden for tv in case you prefer to signal up for our electronic mail factor electronic mail factor e mail publication ship an e-mail to news at garden fork tv or click on on the hyperlink beneath and in case you wanted to e-mail me it can be Eric at garden fork television we’re on each social media community they’ve invented we’re on Google Pinterest fb you already know there may be so all of them something it is we’re there just form in garden for Popeye to find us all proper right here we go incidentally we have now made some other garden floor movies about chainsaw safeguard and methods to curb trees tips on how to reduce fire logs that sort of thing which you can click on the hyperlinks here click on the hyperlinks below and watch these as good numerous enjoyable Eric chainsaw vigor tools

Gas stove burner repair. A DIY home repair for everybody

Right here in this video i’ll make restore on a gasoline range burner. A fuel range burner is an extraordinarily long-established kitchen appliance to be had at each house. I am working on this fuel range burner. As the correct hand side burner is faulty and it is not getting on at all. The left hand aspect larger burner I repaired just a few days again and now it’s working good. Before it was also unhealthy and it refused to work. We will make restore on the smaller burner as it’s faulty.Their main issue is normal most commonly. They’ve most often defective valve in them. These valves are normally referred to as rail cock. This valve is established right here under this knob. At the same time we are rotating to this knob, actually we’re controlling the fuel variety from this knob. We will be able to change the valve along with the knob because the valve is faulty and the knob can be damaged. We will be able to be installing the new valve and the brand new knob. These valves and knobs are low cost and low price alternative constituents which you could purchase each for a $ from any fuel home equipment retailer.The precaution even as installing a new valve is you will have to smooth the entire grease lubrication from the inside of the valve. You must smooth the gasoline passage utilising a rag. For the cleaning you will have to put the valve in the on function and then cut a section of rag. Now the valve is in open role and the gasoline passage manner is now opened. You will have to put the rag throughout the fuel passage and rotate it making use of a small screw driver to make it absolutely cleaned. With the aid of rotating you could smooth the interior of the valve and will clear the gasoline passage from the grease. If the grease will likely be there inside the gasoline passages, it’ll avoid the go with the flow of gasoline to the burner. And you’ll no longer be competent to manipulate the gas therefore is not going to control the flame. You will have to smooth the other gas port additionally to make it perfect cleansing. So via this way you are going to smooth the whole gas passage which is the proven distinct field from the inside. On the entrance of this gas valve there is a nozzle with small aperture.That is making the fuel go with the flow in a twig pattern. That nozzle as you will see that shouldn’t be there with this valve. We will reuse the nozzle from the prevailing valve from the burner. The older nozzle can do the job with perfection. That you would be able to even use a brand new nozzle as good. You may want some normal tools to do the job. To begin with we should cast off the knob from the valve. For the knob removing we must cast off its screw utilising a small screw driver. Bring this screw on your front and then free it utilizing the small screw driver. The screw you can find in this new valve unit.This screw you’ll will dispose of from the existing one the old valve. The way is we can bring the knob screw in our front and then unscrew it making use of a small screw driver. As you will find now the screw is grabbed by way of the screw driver and we can unscrew it with no trouble. Bring the screw within the down role once more and wiggle the knob somewhat to dispose of it from the valve shaft.For the valve elimination you will have to unscrew the nut right here. This nut is protecting the valve in the burner. Utilising a big dimension pliers you could unscrew this nut readily. Get rid of the nut when it’s absolutely unscrewed. The you will have to get rid of this pipe and burner meeting. Often there are two screws there you will have to unscrew them to get rid of this burner part. The older valve had been are available in pieces.Make house within the pipe and rail. This may occasionally need adequate force to do it. Use your mussels drive to create space for the valve removal. You should make the ample house so that you are going to be competent to put on the new valve in. Now un thread the present or historic valve from this pipe. Use your tools if required. Unscrew the older valve with care so that nothing should breakdown. Use you palms or your tools to unscrew the older valve. By using this manner that you would be able to put off the older are current valve from this pipe rail. Here is that nozzle with the small aperture which is required to be shifted to the next new valve. For this cause unscrew it from the older and screw it within the new valve unit.Look on the aperture and it will have to be open. If now then make it open by means of cleansing it utilizing a small screw driver or a drill bit. Use a tread or Teflon tape to make the treads gas tight. Screw the nozzle on the new valve with care and tight it up using a pliers. There is no significant strain on this nozzle which have a fear but in any case just a little care is excellent anyways. The small screw and nut also you will have to remove from the valve. On the opposite valve port additionally you will have to make treading. So that it is going to provide a leakage free contact with the pipe rail. We will be able to care for the leakage so that it’s going to preclude any fuel wastage. Make this new valve threaded in the pipe rail. Take care to make leakage free connection. Gently tight the brand new valve within the pipe rail. Don’t over tight it or do not preserve it free. Now’s the time to fix this valve in its place. You will have to furnish adequate force to repair it in its location. Now put on the nut and tight it to cozy the valve in its position.Use the pliers to tight then nut. Repair the knot on the valve shaft and at ease it with the small screw. Now fix the elements which had been eliminated in the course of dis assembly of the burner. On these two holes we can repair two small nut bolts to secure this section to the burner. Down side fix the pipe on the nozzle in order that it should take gasoline from the nozzle. Without these nut bolts or screws even we are able to test and use the range or burner. All the parts we will put on their places. I will exhibit you the trying out of the unit with the new valve fixed. For trying out we should open the gas valve first. Then switch on the burner manage valve to on function. Now the range or burner works very properly. Also we are able to control the flame from the knob..

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